The Most Extreme Stag Dos

There’s a lot more to the modern stag do than beer, babes and banter. The stag do is a time to step out of your comfort zone, push yourselves to the limit and venture where you’ve never ventured before. We’ve rounded up some of the most extreme stag do activities out there. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

North Pole Expedition

It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for stagkind. For the ultimate in stag do adventure, you’ll not find anywhere more hardcore than the North Pole and you’ll begin by flying across the Arctic on an Antonov-74 aircraft to the Barneo Ice Base Camp. Because of the climate, time is of great importance here - the camp is set up at the end of March each year for one month, as by the end of April the ‘warmer’ climate starts to melt the ice. The northern winds also cause the camp to drift south-east at 0.5mph, meaning that this camp on the Arctic Ocean has to be rebuilt from scratch every year.

extreme sports at the North Pole

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The stag weekend will see you fly in helicopters over the breathtaking landscape, ski in awesome conditions and – literally - trek across the top of the world. If you really wanted to push yourself to the limit, you’d have to sign up to the North Pole Marathon – literally the ‘coolest’ marathon on Earth. Are you strong enough to run 26.2 miles in extreme sub-zero temperatures across Arctic ice floes, with only 6-12 feet separating you from 12,000 feet or Arctic Ocean? However, you’ll relax as well as battling the elements in extreme conditions, and will spend a night at a luxury hotel and end the trip with champagne and caviar, making this stag experience as luxurious as it is hardcore.


It's the taking part that counts

What better way to celebrate a one’s upcoming nuptials than by donning some outrageous fancy dress and launching yourself, in a homemade flying machine, off the edge of a pier and into the sea?! It might be minimal in terms of danger for an extreme stag do activity, but it scores major points for hilarity. This is the sort of thing we daydream about when we’re at the office, the sun is shining, and we want to be outside playing with our friends instead. This one’s for the big kids out there.

Bull Running

Traditionally, this was a way to move the bulls from outside the city into the bullring in the city centre, where they would fight that evening. The bull running part is the practice of a group of insane individuals who run in front of the cattle, that have been let loose on a course of closed-off streets. The most famous of these is the Pamplona Encierro (from the Spanish ‘to enclose’), which still runs annually. But fear not, in honour of this cultural tradition, there are many much gentler ways to embrace this custom and we offer a baby bull running activity in Valencia.

bull running in pamplona

Our version is a lot tamer than this...

First off, no animals are harmed in this - LNOF is an active opponent of any cruel sports. Secondly, these bulls are just little calves that will weigh less that you and can’t do more than bruise you if they headbutt you in the arse. This ‘bull running’ takes place in an enclosed ring with a pro bull fighter present, keeping everything under control. And rather than ending in violence, the activity ends with paella in the sun, which is much more civilised. For extra stag do points, get the stag all dolled up as a flamenco dancer for the occasion. Do you have the bulls for this?

Water Jet Pack

This is the definition of never having to grow up

Sure, there’s no danger involved in this, but it’s got a helluva lotta cool and you’ll feel like the leading man in an action movie. This Jet-Lev will momentarily give you the power of flight, and you’ll find yourself thrust into the air by the powerful water jets. It’s fun, liberating and will make you feel completely invincible.

Zombie Nation

Thanks to The Walking Dead and films like 28 Days Later and World War Z, the zombie craze is sweeping the nation, and now you can be part of the action. If you’re not into the zombie thing, you might think it has a bit of a nerdy vibe, but don’t be fooled – these intense nightmare experiences have been designed to take you to ‘a new level of terror’ whilst putting your physical endurance to the test. There’s a whole host of companies doing this sort of thing these days, and we've teamed up with Zombie Boot Camp in Birmingham.

Nope, not at all, definitely not scared...

There are two different types of riot training, before moving onto the missions: Zombie Riot and Search and Destroy. These seriously distort reality and mess with your sanity, and you’ll be in almost darkness with screaming zombies as you aim to defeat your enemies to ‘survive’. It’s fight or flight, guys, but the adrenaline will get you through. This is the definition of stag night bonding. People are power in this game and the sense of

Sky Diving

If you’re looking for an extreme stag do activity, then you don’t get more extreme than throwing yourself out of a plane. This is the ultimate rush and a once in a lifetime opportunity (unless you’re in the habit of jumping out of planes on the regular). There’s a whole sky diving world out there, but the average beginner’s experience would be either a tandem sky dive or flying solo, and will have you jumping out at around 15,000ft and freefalling for about a minute – it might not sound long, but trust us when we say that this will be the longest minute of your life! Exhilarating, breathtaking and totally out of this world.

Icelandic Escapades

Reykjavik has long been one of our bestselling stag weekends for its combination of hardcore nightlife and hardcore adventure action. For starters, the Golden Circle Safari Tour will show you some of the world’s most impressive natural beauty, with volcanic craters and spouting geysers, soaring glaciers and towering cliff faces – and of course you have the breathtaking Northern Lights. However, this extreme location extends far beyond its extreme beauty – Reykjavik stag dos are seriously hands-on.

extreme sports in Iceland

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Snowmobiling here will hit you with an unrivalled adrenaline buzz. You’ll be flying at high speed over the Langjökull Glacier and soaring over vast ice-filled volcanic craters against a backdrop of enormous volcanos. Snorkelling in Reykjavik is a world away from the snorkelling you may have done on your summer holidays – Silfra is a world-class diving location where you’ll be diving into an expanding fissure between the American and Eurasian continental plates, and the water is clear as crystal. You can go ice climbing, white water rafting, feast upon epic Viking dinners, and balance out all the action with by chilling out or partying in the famous Blue Lagoon. The fact that Icelandic women are absolutely stunning just happens to be a bonus…

Last Updated - 26/07/2023

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