The Strangest

The requests at a stag and hen company can make for very interesting reading. In our 16 years in the business, we’ve heard and, most definitely, seen everything that can happen on a stag weekend – and it’s about time we round up some of the strangest things we have ever been asked. Buckle up, gents...

Rack 'em Up

Two tiled images, one of a man relaxing in a deck chair in a fat suit with fake boobs, and one of a man stood in a crowd wearing a blue fat suit with fake boobs

We’ll start as we mean to go on – and this is possibly one of our strangest requests to date. Whilst booking the Groom-to-Be’s stag do, the best man enquired about hiring a fake boob (perfectly normal) for the man of the moment to milk and… drink from. As we all know, it just isn’t a stag weekend without the Groom milking a plastic boob in a packed club whilst dressed as a giant penis (we believe that to be an ancient Chinese proverb). You’ve got to respect the bloke’s dedication to the stag party, but unfortunately, at such short notice – this product can be hard to come by (in fact, we are not even sure it exists). However, we do have big inflatable boobs available on our website, if this prank has inspired the creative in you.


An image of an inflatable sheep wearing sunglasses, a man dressed in an as a penis and a piglet in a cowboy hat and red bandana

For all of our good intentions when planning the ultimate stag weekend, animal requests are, most of the time, a little too far even for us open-minded souls. One of our groups, flying out to bustling Barcelona for the stag, enquired about sourcing a piglet for the Groom-to-Be. But, it’s not what you think, the Best Man just wanted to handcuff the piglet to the lucky lad, take him bar-hopping for a couple of hours, go for a beach-side stroll and have him back home for tea by six. Unfortunately, for the Best Man, we had to veto this idea immediately (animal welfare and all that). But, we do offer a lovely inflatable sheep for those who appreciate the quiet company of a sheep on a stag weekend.


Two tiled images, one of a tall woman holding her arms above four men and the other is a Photoshopped image of Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian

We’ve all heard about dwarf strippers on a stag do, but for this chap – that just wasn’t good enough. One of our sales execs took a call from a Best Man who was after a stunningly beautiful seven foot giant to handcuff to the Groom-to-Be to on his stag weekend in Wroclaw (nothing quite completes a stag do like a giant). We’ve got to be honest, as much as we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate last night of freedom, a giant is just a little too hard to come by in Poland – so the answer was a sorry, yet firm, no. However, we do admire this guy’s commitment to showing up the stag – so give us a shout if you can point us in the direction of a giant.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Two tiled images, one of Marvin Humes handcuffed to a dwarf and the other of Jamie Lomas handcuffed to a dwarf dressed as Mr T

Whilst on the subject of dwarf strippers, we have seen a fair few in our time. One of our customers, heading to Eastern Europe for a stag weekend, took this classic to the extreme and attempted to put on a show for the Groom by organising a troupe of dwarves, dressed as the characters from Frozen, to greet them at the club. There’s nothing like singing dwarves to send-off the stag in style. And, for those whose interested has been peaked, we can handcuff the stag to a dwarf practically anywhere in Eastern Europe – just let us know if that’s the stag’s (read: your) kind of thing.

Stripper Ball

Two tiled images - including one of two people sat in a van wearing paintball overalls, and holding paintball guns, and one of men staring at woman's legs on the bar

There’s nothing like running around a paintball battlefield, brandishing a powerful paintball gun alongside a naked stripper, and splattering the Groom-to-Be with neon-coloured paint to celebrate a stag do… wait, what? It’s not your average day out, but one of our stag dos thought this to be the case. But, as you can imagine, running around a paintball field naked is going to hurt. A lot. And, this idea was put to bed. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t arrange for a drop-dead gorgeous stripper to accompany you on your action-packed activity. Just make sure she’s clothed – health and safety and all that.

Catch Me if You Can

Two tiled images, one of three men wearing balaclavas and pulling a person out of a black car, and one of a man gaffa taped to a bin with a penis strapped to his head

Stag kidnap is all the rage these days. The mark of a traditional stag weekend consists of this terrifying, cruel and absolutely hilarious (if you’re not the Groom) prank – that typically sees him ambushed as he is travelling to his accommodation. He is then handcuffed and blindfolded whilst some big fella shouts in his face, bundles him into a van and waits for you to reveal your evil plan. So far, so normal. But one of our customers decided to take this hardcore activity to the absolute extreme – and wanted to carry on the joke for three whole days. Needless to say, it didn’t happen, which is, perhaps, the best outcome – particularly if they had wanted to go to the wedding and, you know, remain friends with the Groom after the stag do.

Last Updated - 22/11/2017

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