Things You Don't Hear in a

We're bringing back Things You Don't Hear In A Normal Office *crowd cheers* So, here's some of the nonsense our bunch have come out with recently. Enjoy!

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Let's get right to the crazy comments

  • "If you think of the worst thing to invest money in during covid, it’s probably thousands of gimp suits"
  • More like best investment
  • "You should bring your tortoise in to the office and tie a balloon to him, so you always know where he is"
  • Pretty good idea tbh, who doesn't love an office pet?
  • "The penis piñatas have caused such a buzz in the office"
  • Why wouldn't they?
  • "I’ve never seen a banana that big"
  • It was pretty big
  • "You don’t look like you don’t like eggs"
  • Try say that 5 times fast
  • "A Harry Potter Stripper? Isn’t he a child?! He’s not a child when you see his kegs come off"
  • Perfect for a Potterhead hen/stag do
  • "We’re making a human centipede with t-shirts"
  • We sure did! Check it out here
  • "Yeah, you can be comfortably cuffed to a table"
  • Product testing is paramount
  • "Love starting a Wednesday morning with a "
  • Who doesn't?
  • "I don’t want any sad dwarf pictures"
  • What about Sneezy or Dopey pictures?
  • " - it’s polite pain"
  • You get what it says on the tin
  • "If your dick has arms, you should probably go see a doctor"
  • You might even be recruited by the X-men with a mutation like that

Last Updated - 14/08/2023

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