Things You Don't Hear in a

We're bringing back Things You Don't Hear In A Normal Office *crowd cheers* So, here's some of the nonsense our bunch have come out with recently. Enjoy!

A group of men in a line cheering on Newcastle Quayside
Let's get right to the crazy comments

  • "If you think of the worst thing to invest money in during covid, it’s probably thousands of gimp suits"
  • More like best investment
  • "You should bring your tortoise in to the office and tie a balloon to him, so you always know where he is"
  • Pretty good idea tbh, who doesn't love an office pet?
  • "The penis piñatas have caused such a buzz in the office"
  • Why wouldn't they?
  • "I’ve never seen a banana that big"
  • It was pretty big
  • "You don’t look like you don’t like eggs"
  • Try say that 5 times fast
  • "A Harry Potter Stripper? Isn’t he a child?! He’s not a child when you see his kegs come off"
  • Perfect for a Potterhead hen/stag do
  • "We’re making a human centipede with t-shirts"
  • We sure did! Check it out here
  • "Yeah, you can be comfortably cuffed to a table"
  • Product testing is paramount
  • "Love starting a Wednesday morning with a "
  • Who doesn't?
  • "I don’t want any sad dwarf pictures"
  • What about Sneezy or Dopey pictures?
  • " - it’s polite pain"
  • You get what it says on the tin
  • "If your dick has arms, you should probably go see a doctor"
  • You might even be recruited by the X-men with a mutation like that

About the Author

Starting her career at LNOF, Hannah knows the ins and outs of the stag and hen world. Having visited 11 (and counting) LNOF destinations, Hannah is passionate about travelling and partying hard- the pinnacles of a stag or hen do. Her first year as part of Team LNOF, Hannah completed her Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with a distinction. Meaning she learnt how to write and advertise for Stags and Hens before anything else.

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