Things You Don't Hear in a

We can't even count the ridiculous quotes anymore, but we're trying hard... And, we've got a whole load of quotes for you to read this month.

"It's staff training - promise."

  • "Can I read this to you and see if you think I’m promoting obesity?"
  • Yup. She was
  • "I’ve got a customer who can’t decide whether he wants to be a Ninja Sanitary Towel or a Pepperami"
  • It's a tricky one
  • "I’ve hit the archery wall. Nothing more to say about archery… or is there?"
  • #medievalproblems
  • "Right-o, let’s sign off this massive nob"
  • Not a euphemism
  • "What’s the difference between harness-zorbing and body-zorbing?"
  • A lot, apparently
  • "You’ll never guess how much we’ve spent on cocks this year"
  • More than you've had hot dinners
  • "Great news, guys. Ricky Martin – not THAT Ricky Martin – but a different Ricky Martin, has just made a bold gimp costume purchase"
  • Well done, old chap
  • "What can we say about paragliding? Can we say pant-shittingly high?"
  • Probably not
  • "Is it okay to describe the Adult Baby Costume as ‘creepy as balls’?"
  • No. Do not write that. Do not bring balls into this image
  • "Can you take those double-headed beer bongs downstairs when you get a sec?"
  • Obviously
  • "ww no! Have we discontinued Grow Your Own Toyboy?"
  • Don't worry, everyone - we haven't
  • "Last time I tried that I was sick in the street"
  • It's better if we don't explain it

Last Updated - 14/08/2023

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