Why Choose Budapest for

As far as stag do destinations go, Budapest is the Buda-best. Overrun with quirky ruin bars, cheap booze and drenched in beautiful Eastern European women - it’s no surprise why bouncing Budapest is steadily climbing the ranks of our top stag do locations, coming in at third in 2016.


You’ll spend most of your stag do in the districts of Pest, on the Eastern side of the Danube, where ruin bars dominate the nightlife scene. Lining the streets of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, ruin bars are a unique wave of venues occupying run-down buildings and courtyards - filled with quirky bric-a-brac, graffiti and even some sawn-off Trabant cars as seats. They’re great for relaxing, outdoor drinking and sampling the popular local drink, froccs, a potent fizzy wine.

Three tiled images of some of the most popular ruin bars in Budapest

District 6 houses the renowned 4Play Lounge, the finest strip club in the whole city with even finer girls to match. You’ve also got the likes of District 5, where Hello Baby runs the show - a more sophisticated stag do haven hidden away in the courtyard of a non-descript building. Lavishly sprawled across three floors of a palatial Georgian mansion, there’s artwork projected on the walls, dancers in the window frames and giant, translucent bubbles suspended in mid-air above the central quadrangle.

After you’re all partied out on dry land, you can even take your stag do to the picturesque River Danube. Party cruises can take place through the day or at night and have cash bars on board. You can even have your very own stripper on board with you, to make the cruise extra memorable for the stag. If you'd like to know more about Budapest's nightlife, have a look at our Stag's Guide to Budapest Nightlife.

Three tiled images of Hello Baby club in Budapest


Not to beat about the bush, Budapest’s booze is filthy cheap. A standard pint in Budapest will cost you around €0.58 (47p), and a premium lager just €1.31 (£1.06). When you’re coughing up mere pence for your pints, you’ll be left with plenty of cash to splash on other stag do essentials… Our three night party packages also start at just £105 per person - your Budapest stag weekend certainly won’t break the bank.


We offer everything from go karting, quad biking and paintball packages, to the more unusual Trabant treks and bobsleigh toboggan runs. If you’re after the hangover cure of Kings, Szechenyi Thermal Baths are ideal – detoxing in thermal springs over 75 degrees and using the water streaming, whirlpool and massage water. They even throw pool parties during the summer.

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Shooting in Budapest warrants a section all of its own. You can’t go to the Hungarian capital and not get your hands on some lethal weaponry. Get behind the triggers of AK47 Kalashnikovs, Glocks, 357 Magnum revolvers, rifles, Rugers and shotguns, all before a refreshing pint.


Three words: Eastern, European, beauties. Need we say more? In the Hungarian capital of debauchery, you can watch lesbian strip shows, get involved with mud wrestling and even eat your lunch off a naked woman.

Three tiled images of strippers


Our accommodation in the Hungarian capital is first class. We’ve got heaps of centrally located 4-star hotels, aparthotels and hostels to crash in on your Budapest stag do. But, don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself…


It’s not just the beer that’s cheap – getting about on your stag do won’t cost you much at all. A daily ticket, costing only €5 (around £4.04), allows unlimited travel on buses, trams, undergrounds, trolleys, the cogwheel railway and local trains in Budapest. There are also regular, reasonable flights to and from Budapest from many UK airports, including Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

A stag do in Budapest is going to be wild. To start planning yours, have a look on our Budapest stag weekends page.

Last Updated - 27/11/2018