The Ultimate Budapest Stag Do Guide 2019

If you’re Hungary for crazy stag do antics, you’ve come to the right place. Brimming with quirky ruin bars, super cheap booze and heaps of beautiful, semi-naked women - when it comes to rowdy, loud and proud stag dos, Budapest is the Buda best.

Budapest - Europe's Biggest Stag Do Destination

If you’re considering a stag do in Budapest, you obviously love a cheap night on the drink and a right laugh with your mates (you’re our kind of guy). The Hungarian capital is constantly creeping higher and higher up our top stag do destinations, seriously popular with stag groups from all over Europe. Boasting huge, open-air ruin bars, stunning Eastern European women, filthy cheap booze (pints costing the equivalent of less than a quid) and some of the biggest and best activities in Europe – it’s no surprise why.

A 300 year old tree in the courtyard of Doboz, one of Budapest's biggest ruin bars

Top 10 Stag Do Pubs and Nightclubs in The Jewish Quarter

Budapest’s District Seven, also known as the Jewish Quarter, is where you’ll get a true flavour of the city’s nightlife – and experience the new wave of ‘ruin bars’. Occupying formerly dilapidated buildings, squares and courtyards, these quirky bars are now a massive draw on the Budapest nightlife scene. Filled to capacity with upcycled furniture, eccentric bric-a-brac and even sawn off Trabant cars as seats – there’s nothing quite like getting ruined in a ruin bar.

See Budapest's Jewish Quarter's top 10 stag friendly bars and clubs here.

Build Your Budapest Stag Do

Get your stag do activities and accommodation sorted for a wild one in legendary Budapest. This is going to be one epic weekend.


Top 10 Stag Friendly Budapest Pubs & Clubs 2019

With open-air nightclubs, party boat cruises and pints for less than a quid, Budapest is the jewel in the crown of the Hungarian nightlife scene. Here's to getting ruined in the ruin bars...


Szimpla Kert

Kazinczy u. 14th, 1075

Image of people standing around a painted vehicle outside with bar stools and tables and bikes attached to an outdoor metal frame

If you haven’t already heard of them, ruin bars are taking over Budapest’s nightlife scene, not that we’re complaining. They’re basically quirky old spots like buildings and courtyards that have been done up in a hipster-before-hipster-was-a-thing way. The biggest and best of all the ruin bars has to be Szimpla Kert. It has to be said, it’s szimply exquisite (and not only because we can make that joke every time we talk about it), it really is the ‘Mecca’ of all ruin bars. The massive, former factory has bric-a-brac lining the walls and ceilings and is not just a bar, but a live music venue, a theatre events space and even an open-air cinema. You’ll even be sitting in sawn-off Trabant cars in the huge courtyard.


Hello Baby

Andrássy út 52, 1062 Hungary

Image of a massive open room filled with people with glass ceilings and green blue and red lights in different parts of the building

Why, Hello there Baby… Located on Andrassy Avenue, right on the Jewish Quarter’s perimeter, the high-end Hello Baby is a gigantic preserved 19th century palace, and one of the most characterful and charming clubs in the whole city. Living for the weekend (we hear you) this monster of a club only opens its doors on Friday and Saturday nights, adding to its hype and exclusivity. This epic club is spread is over three floors and has impressive acrobatics, stone balustrades, balconies, projector displays and huge transparent balloons suspended in mid-air. To top it all off, there are dozens of semi-naked girls dancing in the windows. Hello Baby, indeed.


Fogas Haz Complex

Akácfa u. 49-51

Image of a dj playing music to a bar full of people with blue and green flashing lights

As far as quirky drinking haunts go, Fogas Has is truly on another level. The psychedelic, multi-coloured Wonderland has recently undergone a huge refurbishment and is now an amalgamation of many different clubs which used to rub shoulders in the city – making it Budapest’s largest ruin bar complex and one of the largest party spaces in Europe. The complex has a total of four bars, meaning you won’t be queuing long for drinks (beers are less than a pound, just FYI) and there’s even a beer garden terrace that you can spill out onto and enjoy a bit of drinking in the bracing open-air. The merge has done wonders for the city’s nightlife scene, with longer opening hours offered and brand new musical projects popping up on different nights of the week.



Image of people in a bar with brick walls

Kicking off the bouncing block of party venues on Akacfa Street, Liebling is a great place to begin any Budapest bar crawl. With fairy lighting, sculptures, quirky wooden panelled staircases, shabby-chic walls, indoor plants, live music and craft beer, Liebling encapsulates the very essence of hipster haunt. This neat rooftop ruin bar is widely known as the ‘warm up act’ before party animals head to its larger sister bar, Fogas Haz. Whether you’re a lover of a fine wine, or just want to get tanked up on vodka, rum or whiskey, Liebling (literally translating as ‘my darling’), is sure to please all palates.


Mazel Tov

Akacfa Utca 47, 1073

Image of apeople sitting around tables on chairs with a bar with people stadning around and ivy on the walls

Fill up my cup… Mazel Tov. This awesome Aladdin’s cave of a bar is slap bang in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, surrounded by other like-minded bars, ideal for any stag do celebrations. The intimate Mazel Tov has a roof made entirely of glass and a floor of white pebbles – making it the brightest bar in the entire district. Deceptively small from the exterior, stumbling across this bar is like stepping through the wardrobe into the enchanted, mystical maze of Narnia, and trust us, you won’t want to leave. Not only is it a great spot to sink a speciality beer and grab a bite to eat, but it’s also the home of the annual Jewish Summer Festival – which is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the city during May.



Budapest, Klauzál u. 10, 1072

Image of people standing in a massive open bar with a big tree in the middle of the room and multi coloured doors and windows

Literally translating as ‘The Box’, you’ll be surprised at how intimate of a venue this is, despite its size. Doboz is probably the most tourist (and stag) friendly bar in the whole area, which says a lot. The pub, club and cultural hub is so huge, we wouldn’t be surprised if you got lost within its labyrinth – but you’ll be in no hurry to find its exit. With over 3,000 visitors through its doors per day, this huge space is not only a popular ruin bar, but a tourist attraction in itself. Boasting eight rooms, all playing different styles of music and even laying claim to housing the oldest tree in the district (at a staggering 300 years old), it’s a Budapest must see. There’s even a huge metal gorilla climbing the tree's branches – first to spot him gets a drink bought for him from each member of the group; at least, that’s our rule.


Peaches 'n' Cream

Nagymezo u. 46-48, 1065 Hungary

Image of people dancing in a bar with big disco balls and confetti coming down from the ceiling

Only open Fridays and Saturdays, Peaches ‘n’ Cream lives for the weekend, and can you blame them? Located in the heart of Budapest’s self-acclaimed ‘downtown’, Peaches ‘n’ Cream is popular with R’n’B loving locals just as much as it is with tourists. Unlike the edgy, grungy and hipster ruin bars, this haunt has a seriously VIP vibe and is more like the clubs you’ll be used to from back in the UK, with exclusive lounges, high-end drinks (with none less than sparkler canons in them) and an elite crowd of thrill-seekers to match. This nightclub is so much of an institution, it even has its own ‘I like peaches, I like cream!’ merch on sale – which certainly beats your average fridge magnet or keyring.


Bar Pharma

Kazinczy u. 35, 1075

Imasge of a selection of spirits on a bar counter

We don’t mind if you make bad chemistry puns about this place, because all the good ones argon (see…). Like nothing else on the Budapest nightlife scene, Bar Pharma combines everyone’s favourite tipples with a complimentary side of science. Refreshingly different to all of the other bars within the Jewish Quarter, this one specialises in seriously quirky cocktails, rather than beers and traditional froccs, which are popular in extremely popular in Hungary. Showcasing specialist shots in medicine bottles and periodic tables lining the walls, the bar offers state-of-the-art drinks with a chemical twist.


Amigo Bar

Hársfa u. 1, 1072

Close up of a wall full of pictures of the king of swing elvis presley

You may have chosen to celebrate your stag do in Budapest but you’re about to take a pit stop in Spain – hola amigos. Not just a poor man’s Hard Rock Cafe, this multi-level bar has foosball, billiards, live music, rock and roll artefacts on the wall and unbelievably cheap beer (or should we say, cervezas?). It’s a great place to get tanked up - and practice your GCSE Spanish - before heading out into the majestic ruin bar scene.


Legenda Sorfozde Pub

Kövirózsa utca 8/c, 1068

Image od a bar with beer bumps and a menu with the bars name framed on the back wall

If you haven’t already heard of them, ruin bars are taking over Budapest’s nightlife scene, not that we’re complaining. They’re basically quirky old spots like buildings and courtyards that have been done up in a hipster-before-hipster-was-a-thing way. The biggest and best of all the ruin bars has to be Szimpla Kert. It has to be said, it’s szimply exquisite (and not only because we can make that joke every time we talk about it), it really is the ‘Mecca’ of all ruin bars. The massive, former factory has bric-a-brac lining the walls and ceilings and is not just a bar, but a live music venue, a theatre events space and even an open air cinema. You’ll even be sitting in sawn-off Trabant cars in the huge courtyard.

Pubs, Clubs and Bar Crawls in Budapest

If you’re after cheap pints and quirky, late-night bars – Budapest is the city to deliver. Filled to capacity with open air ruin bars, as well as huge, three storey superclubs and premium lap clubs – it’s a stag do paradise. So, if you’re Hungary for a party – here’s exactly where to head…

Budapest Stag Activities

Budapest regularly scores the highest from all our customer feedback. this is due, in no small part, to the fantastic quality of our Budapest stag activities. We've got everything from Kalashnikovs, exclusive strip club hire, thermal baths and Trabant Tours. Have a look at our full list.

View All Activities in Budapest

Top 10 Budapest Stag Do Activities

With over 75 (seriously mental) stag do activities, there’ll be no rest on your Budapest weekend. Boasting some of the craziest shooting activities in the whole of Europe, seriously humiliating stag do pranks and epic strip cruise packages, as well as bar crawls among some of the most beautiful women in the country – Budapest’s stag do activities are a cut above the rest. You can even eat your dinner off a naked lady… each to their own.

A man wearing camouflage and aiming his gun just beyond the camera1. Kalashnikov Shooting

Get your hands on some of the most powerful hand-held weapons known to man, including Kalashnikovs, Glocks, Magnums, Rugers and shotguns. We’ll even get you a beer each afterwards, to take the edge of your adrenaline rush.

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The exterior pool of Szechenyi Thermal Baths, crowded with people, with buildings in the background, during the day2. Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Make the most of your time in the ‘City of Baths’ with a hangover curing visit to the world-famous thermal springs, the Szechenyi Thermal baths. With outdoor and indoor swimming pools, saunas and whirlpools – there’s more than enough to keep your stag group occupied all day long.

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Woman posing on and around a blue Trabamt car3. Trabant Trek

Forget Lamborghinis and Porsches, you’re taking part in 50 kilometre round trip of Budapest in an iconic Trabant car. Made from lightweight Duroplast, your bone-shaking fleet will tour through the Pilis Hills. Leave your nerves at home for this one.

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Some girls on a beer bike outdoors, drinking beer 4. Beer Bike - 1.5 hours

20 litres of beer, a communal bike and your stag group – what could possibly go wrong? This is sight-seeing with a difference. The difference being the booze. And lots of it.

A man driving a quad bike into the wilderness5. Quad Biking - 2 Hours

It wouldn’t be a proper stag do without getting behind a seriously powerful engine with your mates. Capable of reaching between 45 and 70mph, these 250cc quad bikes will hurl you around challenging obstacles on Budapest’s toughest terrain. There’ll also be beer afterwards (a common theme in Budapest).

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Seven small glasses of beer, differently coloured6. Brewery Tour & Tasting

Hungary is known for its production of fantastic beers – which is why you need to get yourselves to a brewery, and get drinking ASAP on your stag do. Built in 1290, the Kaltenberg Brewery is steeped in history, and produces ‘beers fit for a king’. Note: that’s you.

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A boat travelling through the water, under a cloudy sky 7. Private River Cruise - 2 Hours

All aboard. Take your stag do to the open waters of the picturesque River Danube, with hire of your very own private boat. With a fully-stocked cash bar on board, you’ll never want to set foot on dry land again.

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A woman lying on a bed, wearing navy lingerie, and holding some glasses to her mouth in a seductive way8. Exclusive Strip Club Hire

You have to be careful not to get drawn into risky strip clubs in Budapest, which is why we 100% recommend having our English-speaking guide take you and the boys to the most luxurious, exclusive and safe Gentleman’s club in the city. With up to 20 girls dancing at once, and 25% off your drinks and dance bill – you’ll never forget a night here.

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A man carrying a tray full of alcohol9. Guided Bar Crawl

Get to grips with Budapest’s buzzing nightlife scene (and avoid getting ripped off in dodgy areas), accompanied by your very own friendly, English-speaking guide. And even better, the first round’s on us.

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Image of a woman sitting in the back seat of a hummer wearing black underwear and suspenders with her legs up against another seat10. Strip Hummer Airport Transfer

It’s a well-known fact that some taxi firms in Budapest will rip tourists off and can be unsafe. Don’t leave anything to chance – secure yourself a seriously stylish arrival with a Hummer airport transfer. We’ll even include beer, bubbly and two gorgeous strippers…

Best Stag Do Hotels in Budapest

Budapest may be the merry land of stunning strippers and budget booze, but you and the lads need somewhere to rest your heads between partying. With lots of apartments and hotels throughout the city, there’s plenty of space to disco nap before the next night out.

The exterior of Ibis Styles Budapest City1. Ibis Styles Budapest City
3 Star Rating

Slap bang in the heart of the city, Ibis Styles is located within a grand, 19th century building, just 100 yards away from the Blaha Lujza Square – and is fast becoming synonymous with stag and hen groups.

The building exterior of the Mercure Korona at night2. Mercure Korona
4 Star Rating

Stay in the classiest and best located hotel in the whole city – with over 400 fully equipped rooms, a snazzy bar and a heated indoor pool – it’s a perfect spot to recharge your batteries after a heavy one the night before.

A twin room with wooden flooring, and brown curtains over the window in the background3. Thomas Hotel
3 Star Rating

Catering for all group sizes, this hotel boasts spacious rooms, a fantastic bar and an even better location. Surrounded by trendy bars and cracking clubs, you can roll straight out of bed, and get on it again. Ideal.

Building exterior of Mercure Museum Hotel, Budapest, during the day4. Mercure Museum
4 Star Rating

Just over the road from St. Stephen’s Basilica and the National Museum, this lavish hotel has a wide range of rooms available and even an in-house bar which rustles up a mysterious ‘Drink of the Day’, just to keep you on your toes.

The kitchen area and seating area in an apartment 5. Mango Aparthotel
3 Star Rating

This sleek and stylish aparthotel overlooks Budapest’s skyline, providing a little more comfort than a hostel, with all the freedom of a hotel. Within easy walking distance of all stag do necessities, these apartments are a must for an action packed stag do.

A bedroom at the Atlas City Hotel, Budapest6. Atlas City
3 Star Rating

Seriously spacious and well-equipped, these 3-star hotel in central Budapest is comfortable and welcoming – ideal for your stag do in the city. With a lobby bar open until midnight and loads of bars on your doorstep, you’ll feel right at home here.

Two beds in a hostel room, with a desk topped with flowers in the foreground7. Marco Polo
No Star Rating

Just 400 yards from the nearest Metro station, this hostel is ideally located. There are twin, quad and dorm rooms available – and the bar is also open 24 hours a day (handy).

A coffee table with coffee on and beds in the background8. Krisco Apartments
No Star Rating

Seriously swanky, and just a short walk from the city’s central bars, pubs and nightclubs – this is a stag do haven. The rooms are spacious and clean with exclusive Valentino bathrooms with huge bathtubs – ideal for relaxing in style.

Bunk beds in a large room, with red curtains and storage space9. Adagio 1.0
No Star Rating

100 yards from the nearest tram and Metro stop, you and the lads will have bars, restaurants and cafes all within easy reach when staying here. There’s even a large common room with a TV, computer and Xbox where you can chill out between partying.

A room with dark green walls, beds and lockers with numbers written on10. Adagio 2.0
No Star Rating

With no curfew or lockout, you can come and go as you please from this newly renovated hostel. Well within walking distance of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, you won’t have to worry about negotiating taxi fees after a skinful.

Build Your Budapest Stag Do

Get your Budapest stag do sorted, starting with a browse through our top activities and accommodation.


Tick the Cultural Box on Your Budapest Stag Do

The Hungarian party capital may be renowned for its cheap booze, beautiful women and wealth of world-renowned ruin bars, but it's easy to tick the 'culture' box here, too. From natural jacuzzis to eye-catching memorials and iconic bridges, here's a little bit of what Budapest has to offer.


City Park

Budapest, Kós Károly stny., 1146 Hungary

City Park

The largest park in Budapest has its main entrance at Heroes’ Square (named after you guys, obviously), one of Hungary’s World Heritage sites. Boasting the Municipal Grand Circus, an ice rink, Szechenyi Baths, Vajdahunyad Castle and the Palace of Art in its grounds, it’s a fantastic place to take a breather from an action packed stag do.


Margaret Island

Margaret Island, Budapest

Margaret Island

The largest park in Budapest has its main entrance at Heroes’ Square (named after you guys, obviously), one of Hungary’s World Heritage sites. Boasting the Municipal Grand Circus, an ice rink, Szechenyi Baths, Vajdahunyad Castle and the Palace of Art in its grounds, it’s a fantastic place to take a breather from an action packed stag do.


Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary budapest-szechenyi-thermal-baths/

Szechenyi Thermal Baths

You can’t visit the ‘City of Baths’ without a trip to the world famous Szechenyi Thermal Baths, the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Thousands of litres of healing hot water bubbles from deep underground, supplied by two natural thermal springs – reaching temperatures of over 75°C. This is where every savvy stag heads after a heavy one the night before.


Hungarian Parliament Building

Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3, 1055 Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Building

On the banks of the Danube, the Hungarian Parliament Building is the tallest and most magnificent building in the whole city – you’ll probably recognise it as the backdrop for the Hungarian votes on Eurovision (you’re cultured like that). It’s an iconic landmark in the city and a seriously popular tourist attraction – where the country’s crown jewels are housed.


Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Allatkerti krt. 6-12, 1146 Hungary

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Unusually for a zoo, Budapest’s Zoo is located in the city centre – and is one of the oldest in the world. The nature reserve opened its doors in 1866 and has over a thousand species of animal living within its grounds – including the Komodo dragon and the wombat. Looks like you’re not the only animals hitting Budapest this year.


St. Stephen’s Basilica

Szent István tér 1, 1051 Hungary

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Named after the first King of Hungary, the spectacular, Neo-Classical St. Stephen’s Basilica is the third largest church building in the whole of Hungary. Completed after 56 years of construction, it’s pretty special – and attracts visitors to climb the 364 stairs for a 360° panoramic view of Budapest. Not recommended on a hangover. It’s also slap bang in the heart of District Five, meaning you can tick the cultural box while staggering between bars. It’s a win-win.


Fisherman's Bastion

Szentháromság tér, 1014 Hungary

Fisherman's Bastion

Bright white, contrasting against the blue Budapest skies – you can’t miss Fisherman’s Bastion. Situated on the Buda bank of the Danube, on Budapest’s Castle Hill, the castle-like, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Romanesque terrace with fairy tale towers, offers tourists panoramic views of the Danube, Margaret Island and surrounding areas. And, the best part is – entry is completely free, leaving more money for those less-than-a-pound pints later on.


Chain Bridge

Széchenyi Lánchíd, 1051 Hungary

Chain Bridge

The glorious suspension bridge connecting Buda and Pest is one of the city’s finest landmarks. Measuring 375 metres in length, with two iconic towers supporting it – it’s widely known as one of the modern world’s engineering wonders. You’ll probably pass over it on your transfer from the airport to your accommodation.


Hungarian National Museum

Múzeum krt. 14-16, 1088 Hungary

Hungarian National Museum

Founded in 1802, this impressive museum based in District Eight and showcases history, art and archaeology of Hungary – dating back through Roman times, WWII, Soviet State and freedom. If you’re into your Hungarian history (what do you mean it’s already your Mastermind specialist subject?) it’s a must. There are a few bars and pubs dotted around the museum too, and nothing says embracing local culture like a few beers, right?


Shoes on the Danube

Budapest, Id. Antall József rkp., 1054 Hungary

Shoes on the Danube

When walking along the banks of the Danube, you’ll spot several pairs of shoes. These are a memorial sculpted by Gyula Pauer, to honour the people (mainly Budapest Jews) who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during WWII. They were ordered to take off their shoes, and were shot at the edge of the river – as this haunting tribute depicts. They’re located on the Pest side of the city, which is where you’ll be spending most of your stag do anyway, so we’d recommend taking a look.

Getting to Budapest

Plane icon

Budapest’s award winning airport is located just under 10 miles out of the buzzing city centre and is one of the busiest in Europe - seeing over 11 million passengers arrive and depart in 2016 alone. Jet2, Ryanair, Wizz Air, British Airways and Norwegian Air Shuffle airlines all run services into Budapest from major locations in the UK – taking less than three hours even from Dublin and Edinburgh. It’s relatively cheap to fly to Budapest (admittedly, not as cheap as the budget prices you’re going to encounter once you’re out there), with flights costing as little as £150. Getting from Budapest Airport to the centre of town couldn’t be easier, as there are taxis, buses (route 200E) and Metros departing every few minutes. We recommend pre booking taxi transfers, for your safety and peace of mind – which will typically cost around €30.

Birmingham Airport BHX2h 30mWizz Air
Dublin Airport DUB2h 55mAer Lingus Ryanair
Edinburgh Airport EDI3h 0mJet2
Leeds Bradford Airport LBA2h 45mJet2
London Gatwick Airport LGW2h 25measyJet Norwegian Air Shuttle
London Heathrow Airport LHR2h 30mBritish Airways
London Stansted Airport STN2h 25mRyan Air
Luton Airport LTN2h 20mWizz Air
Manchester Airport MAN2h 40mJet2 Ryan Air

Getting Around Budapest

Totally walkable (luckily for you), getting from bar to bar in Budapest will be a piece of cake. However, if you’re finding it hard to put one foot in front of the other after too many 70p pints, there are Metros, buses and taxis to the rescue.

Walk icon


Notoriously easy to get around on foot, Budapest’s main cultural hotspots (read: bars) are well within walking distance of each other. The main nightlife area (where you’ll spend the majority of your stag do) is in Pest, on the eastern side of the River Danube. The nightlife hub of the Jewish Quarter is a concentrated collection of the very best bars, pubs and nightclubs – meaning you can stumble from bar to bar pretty easily.

Metro icon


The oldest electrified underground railway system on the European continent began its operation in 1896, and now has four Metro lines spanning across the city and its outskirts, with 52 stations throughout Budapest. The most central stops include Oktogon, Daek Forenc ter and Kalvin ter, which all lead into the heart of the city. A single Metro ticket in Budapest will set you back as little as 350 HUF (£1.14) and a 24-hour travel card costing 1650 (£4.73) per person.

Bus icon


Budapest is also served by numerous bus lines, departing from several stops across the city. All buses are blue, numbered 5-289 with express buses marked with an E at the end, and shorter lines marked with an A. Most tourists will use the 7, 7A and 107 buses, which connect the busy Keleti railway station to the centre of the city. There are also many trolley buses which are much like regular buses but they’re powered by electricity – with numbers 70 – 83 particularly useful for tourists. All regular buses stop serving around midnight, which is where the night bus (blue with black marked in the schedule) comes in pretty handy on your stag do – replacing Metros, trams and buses frequently in inner areas every 10-15 minutes.

Taxi icon


Not to beat about the bush, taxis in Budapest have a little bit of a dodgy reputation preceding them. And for good reason (Google it), which is why we always recommend arranging transfers or using safer forms of public transport. All of our stag do activities come with transfers and guides who will collect you from your accommodation – taking the risk element out of getting around.

Average Prices in Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe's cheapest stag do destinations - getting ruined in those ruin bars never felt so good...

Average Price of a Beer

350 Ft (>£1)Average Price of a Beer

Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

3500 Ft (£10)Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

Average Price of a Kebab

890 FT (£2.50)Average Price of a Kebab

Average Price of a Lap Dance

5350 Ft (£15)Average Price of a Lap Dance

Budapest Weather

We’ll be honest, Budapest’s weather is a little bit hit and miss (you’re not really here for the weather, are you?) Still considerably hotter than the UK, average temperatures under the Hungarian summer sun reach a daily 26-30°C and in the depth of winter, average temperatures reach a brisk 6°C.

May 2019

Weather icon for the current month

A Budapest stag do in May is ideal. At around 21°C as the daily average, it’s hot enough to feel like a holiday, but not unbearable.


Weather icon for January1°C


Weather icon for February4°C


Weather icon for March10°C


Weather icon for April15°C


Weather icon for May21°C


Weather icon for June24°C


Weather icon for July26°C


Weather icon for August26°C


Weather icon for September22°C


Weather icon for October16°C


Weather icon for November7°C


Weather icon for December3°C

Random Budapest Facts

LNOF in Budapest

Looking for Budapest Stag Activity Ideas?

Budapest is renowned for its cheap booze, epic ruin bars, beautiful women and epic stag do activities. Check out our daytime and nightlife activity ideas and find out exactly why Budapest is so popular with stags.

View All Activities in Budapest

*We take pride in our work and all of the information in the guide was correct at the time of publication - 01/01/19. Probably.

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