The World’s Worst Best Man?

Was your best man a total flop? Did he let you down on your big day? If so, Last Night of Freedom wants to hear your horror stories.

We Want Your Stories

Be it a speech that sparked a riot at the reception, or the stag do from hell, we are on a quest to find the world’s worst wingmen who caused chaos on the run up the big day – and even at the ceremony itself.

Did your best man lose the rings? Did he snog the bride’s mum? Or even go a step further?!

If you are both still on speaking terms, we’d love to hear about your antics – and there’s a cash prize for the person with the most shocking story.

What are we looking for?

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Stag Do Failures

Someone who managed to take a group of mates to the likes of Prague or Benidorm– with beer, banter and strip clubs – and still managed to have a stinking time.

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A Shocking Speech

A best man who delivered a speech so utterly abysmal, horrifying or offensive that the mic had to be cut off midway through just to avoid anyone else bursting into tears.

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A Letdown on the Big Day

The sort of mate who promised the bride that he’d get the groom there in one piece – only to spend that morning trying to bail him out of a police station.

What’s in it for you?

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Cash Prize

A nice wad of dosh to split, which should pay for a pub crawl to help you mend that shattered relationship.

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Last Night of Freedom will share your story and pictures with the British press, in order to inspire furthers generations of blokes NOT to follow your example.

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An official, one-of-a-kind Last Night of Freedom t-shirt for the best man – which will acknowledge that he really is the worst one going.

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How to Enter

Submit your story (max 500 words) using the link below.

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Last Updated - 22/08/2023

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