A view over the pitch and stands at St James Park

You can't go on a stag do in Newcastle without experiencing the electric scenes of NUFC on their home turf. We’ll sort you out with the best seats in the house - leaving you to sit back and get swept up in the unrivalled atmosphere.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Three military planes flying in the sky

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, you can take to the skies in an Aero L-39 Albatros Military Fighter Jet. Soaring through the clouds with your very own pilot, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fight or flight? You decide.

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Stacks of wooden barrels with information on relating to the production of Guinness

Designed in the shape of a massive pint glass, Dublin’s Guinness Factory is the ultimate place to sink pints of the good stuff. With everything from the original 9,000 year lease, to years of archived Guinness advertising on show, it’s no wonder it’s Dublin’s number one attraction.

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A man aiming with a gun directly towards the camera

Every stag do in Budapest goes shooting, it’s basically a rite of passage. With Shooting Max, you’ll get your hands on AK47 Kalashnikovs, Glocks, revolvers, rifles, Rugers and shotguns, and fire a whopping 124 bullets at various different targets. Plus, the beers afterwards are on us…

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A man jumping on another man during a wrestling match

Sweat out last night’s booze by enrolling in Liverpool’s famous American Wrestling Academy. You’ll learn how to perfect slams, suplexes, strikes, clotheslines, bumping, top rope free falls and even how to ‘fall’ without injuring yourself. Bright yellow hotpants optional.

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A man in a black suit, holding a handgun whilst driving a boat

Crank your stag do in London up a notch, by becoming MI6 spies (as you do). If flying over the Thames in a speedboat, to a backdrop of the 007 theme tune doesn’t do it for you – we don’t know what will.

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A woman wearing pale pink knickers with water droplets on her stomach

Two female wrestlers + litres of oil + your stag do = carnage. You’ll have three rounds of oil wrestling shows, with the stag’s participation in the third round. You’ll even get two rounds thrown in for good measures.

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Close up of a naked man kissing the neck of a naked woman

Kick start your Amsterdam stag do naughtiness with a tour through the famous windows of the Red Light District (just try to take your eyes off the beauties on show), and stop off for a live sex show in Casa Rosso. It doesn’t get much more X-rated than this...

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A vandalised car in front of a graffiti wall

Smash up a car on your stag weekend, without getting arrested. Seriously. We’ll sort you out with a car, some sledgehammers, and, without further ado, let you unleash a bit of tension on that unsuspecting vehicle. Cheaper than therapy, and a lot more satisfying…

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The back of a man driving a hot rod in the streets

Take in all the sights and sounds of Hamburg, from a truly surreal vantage point… behind the wheels of your very own Hot Rods. You’ll have two hours to fly around the city, driving these classic American cars, modified for linear speed. Any excuse to put your foot down and feel the roar.

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Close up of people in a blue bobsleigh at the top of a track, with a man stood behind and pushing them

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time. You and your mates will feel like the dog’s Baltics when whizzing down the 1,200 metre Olympic standard bobsleigh track. Reaching speeds of up to 70mph, you’ll have deserved a pint or two once you’re done.

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Four people in a tank, riding into battle

Paintball is a stag do classic. But, if you want to take your stag do to another level – embark upon a paintball battle in none less than a turreted FV432 tank, in an ex-World War II bombing range. With a 40mm cannon in the turret, it’s an absolute beast – and it’s coming for you...

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