Top Stag Do Activities 2024

A completely up to date list of over 5,000 daytime and night-life stag activities across 60 Locations - UK & Abroad - we've got all the ideas you could possibly need to create the ultimate Last Night of Freedom. The lads are going to love you!


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Top 10 Stag Activities 2024

  1. 1. Karting

  2. 2. Beer Bikes

  3. 3. Bubble Football

  4. 4. Bar Crawls

  5. 5. Quad Biking

  6. 6. Shooting

  7. 7. Knockout Team Games

  8. 8. Paintballing

  9. 9. Lapclub Entries and Strippers

  10. 10. Beer Tasting

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Stag Do Activities Guide

Finding the most epic activities for your stag weekend is not as easy as it sounds. You have to learn the ins and outs of an unfamiliar destination, work out what’s on offer, and cater to all the tastes and personalities of the group. And then there’s planning a seamless itinerary to avoid a mad dash from the hotel or long, boring transfers. That’s where we come in. At Last Night of Freedom we offer over 5000 tried-and-tested stag do activities across 60 locations UK and abroad, so you can build your weekend around guaranteed, quality experiences.

Not sure where to start? With this activities guide you’ll be sure to find something to make your weekend unforgettable.

For the Adrenaline Junkies…

So you’ve had a look at our Crazy Stag Ideas and now you’ve got the adrenaline bug. Or maybe you just think your pick up game’s getting a bit stale (those smarmy well-travelled lads always do well with the girls). Either way, you’re not alone – high-octane sports and off-road antics are some of the most popular stag activities out there. So throw away your exaggerated near-death-experience stories, because you’re about to get the real deal.

Fast & Furious – You’ve seen the film and now you want the real deal. Yep, we’re sure you’ll be just as cool and impressive. Driving activities are available in almost every city so that your stag do can speed off to an immense start. And if you think the circuit rally driving and off road 4x4 experiences sound fun, just wait till you hear about our Military Fighter Jet Flight in Prague. Or how about Bob Sleighing in Riga?

Adventure – Does the groom-to-be think himself a Bear Grylls type? Have you been waiting for the opportunity to take him down a peg? See how he fairs as you speed along the treacherous rapids with White-Water Rafting or walking along the steep cliffs on a Gorge Walk. Or put his survival skills with a Bush Craft session, where you will learn all the skills needed for life in the wilderness.

Shooting – You’re a man. You want to make some loud noises. You want to show off how big your gun is. We understand. Hugely popular in Eastern Europe, our shooting activities range from handguns to AK-47 rifles. But if this isn’t enough, with Shooting Plus you get to test out four different lethal firearms under the tuition of an expert instructor. And just in case you ever forget how manly you were, you even get to take the target sheet home – the missus will love it over the fireplace.

For the Day Drinkers…

Daytime antics don’t have to involve jet skis and bungee jumps to be unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the city’s coolest bars and events with our city-centre stag activities.

Sightseeing – We get it. You need those Instagram shots, that new Tinder pic to make you seem worldly and well-travelled. But jokes aside, you’d be daft not to take in at least a few of the sights during the day. If regular city tours don’t sound like your thing, then Beer Bikes are a great way to see the city while enjoying a refreshing bev on the go.

Alcoholic – It’s never too early to start on a stag do. If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of sunshine then get the daytime drinks flowing with a beer garden crawl, where you can enjoy the city’s best outdoor watering holes like a true local. If you consider yourself a bit of a drinks connoisseur then you’ll love one of the brewery and distillery tours we have on offer. And then there’s the drinks tasting experiences, of course.

Classy – Why not ditch the ‘classic lad’s stag’ stereotype and inject a bit of class into your weekend? Impress the father-in-law to be and get scrubbed up for a Day at the Races. Or go a step further with a private boat cruise, where your own mini bar will make sure you’re all very well catered for while touring the city from the waters.

For the Party Animals…

You’ve been partying all day, and you want more. We know your type - you’re the kind of guy that makes sure everyone’s already steaming when they show up to the club, that refuses to go home unless you’re physically thrown out. Luckily for you we have all the best VIP guestlist entries and Bar Crawls lined up so that your stag night lives up to your reputation.

Clubbing – You’ll never be far away from the most insane Nightclubs on a Last Night of Freedom stag. We can get you guestlist and VIP access to all the top bars and clubs so that you don’t need to worry about getting those bookings sorted. Have a good browse through out club activities because some will include multiple clubs and even strip club entry.

Casinos – So you fancy yourself as the next 007? Well you better start practising your poker face and card counting skills because we can get you entry into all the best casinos. Great for both starting and finishing your night, a casino stag will have the drinks flowing as much as the cash.

Party Cruise – What better way to enjoy a session than from the comfort of a private boat?. Riga’s Private Yacht Cruise will let you enjoy the views in a little more luxury, and even includes its own on board stripper for the finishing touch.

For the XXX…

We get it. You’re a simple man, with simple tastes. You don’t need a hiking trek in the Pyrenees to make you feel special on your big weekend. Our X-Rated activities will make sure the groom-to-be has a proper send off.

Strip Shows – You’re a typical lad with one thing on your mind. Okay, two things. Two very big things. Well don’t worry; we’ve got your back. We offer a huge range of strip shows to suit every man’s tastes. From a cheeky Sexy Wake up Service to a full blown Lesbian Strip Boat, we have everything you need to properly celebrate your last night of freedom.

Stag Humiliation – There’s always one in the group that has to take things too far. If this sounds like you, then we applaud you (you’re our kind of man). If you really want to embarrass the stag in a way he’ll never recover from, then you need to book a Roly Poly Stripper on the sly. These larger than life ladies really know how to make a man’s stomach churn, so you can bet that this strip show will be etched into his memory for years to come.

Getting Messy – Sometimes watching just isn’t enough. If you’ve fallen down the slippery slope of X-Rated activities, and now need to actually get in on the action, then you need to try Naked Mud Wrestling. That’s you against two beautiful girls in a big dirty tub. But be warned – these girls are professionals, so you don’t stand a chance. Not that you probably care.

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