The Ultimate Amsterdam Stag Do Guide 2019

The Dutch capital of debauchery is tailor-made for stag dos. It’s quick and easy to get to, has epic activities and a proper rowdy nightlife scene - all to a backdrop of loose rules, beautiful women and relaxed coffee shops.

Amsterdam – Europe’s Stag Do Capital of Drunken Debauchery

Amsterdam is the original city of two halves – you’ve got the relaxed ‘coffee shop’ culture by day, and an illustrious party scene by night. Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Dutch courage’, this adult playground is where stag do dreams come true, illuminated by the world-renowned Red Light District. With a serious lack of inhibition, liberal sex scene and legal highs - are you ready to get Amster-damaged?

A nighttime shot of the exterior of some bars in Leidseplein


This central square, on the southwest end of Leidsestraat, is one of the very busiest 24/7 entertainment hotspots in the whole of Amsterdam. Apart from being home to cinemas, discos, theatres, a casino and Holland’s most famous ‘coffee shop’, The Bulldog, it’s also a lively nightlife hub. Whether you catch the rays with a drink in the summer sun, or hit this area’s nightclubs when darkness falls, you and your mates will be swept up in its laid-back vibe within seconds. Whenever Ajax FC wins the Dutch league, the players stand on the balcony of Stadsschouwburg Theatre, cheered on by thousands in the square.

See the Leidseplein's top 10 stag friendly bars and clubs here.

People drinking on terraces of bars in Rembrandtplein


The mellow, chilled-out and coffee shop-heavy Rembrandtplein area is so well suited to stags, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d made it up. But nope, it’s real, and it’s waiting for you to explore on your stag weekend. The former market square is now a real goldmine of late night bars, massive clubs and laid-back coffee shop goers, attracting Erasmus students and chilled-out locals in their masses. The main square is lined with back-to-back bars and restaurants, many which have clubs attached. The majority of these stag friendly bars have live sports screened throughout the day and offer huge drinks selections at reasonable prices. If you wanted to hit it hard from breakfast until 5am (drink responsibly, guys), Rembrandtplein is your best bet.

See the Rembrandtplein's top 10 stag friendly bars and clubs here.

A canal illuminated at night in De Wallen

De Wallen

AKA The Red Light District, De Wallen is in a league of its own. Centred around an old church named Oude Kerk (Dutch for ‘old church’, would you believe?), De Wallen encapsulates everything that springs to mind when you think of Amsterdam – erotic shops, live sex theatres, X-rated bars and those infamous red light-lit windows. Close to Centraal Station, you’ll be able to crash land into De Wallen and tick a few stag do boxes before you’ve even dropped your bags at your hotel. No matter whether you’ve just tagged along to see what the fuss is about, or you’re hoping to delve a little deeper into experiencing The Red Light District for yourself, De Wallen is the district of debauchery that you need to tick off your bucket list.

See De Wallen's top 10 stag friendly bars and clubs here.

Build Your Amsterdam Stag Do

Add accommodation to your adrenaline pumping and X-rated activities, to complete your Amsterdam stag weekend.


Top 10 Stag Friendly Amsterdam Pubs & Clubs 2019

Amsterdam’s drinking scene has two juxtaposed sides. There’s the ridiculously laid back bars and ‘coffee shops’ versus the multi-level mega clubs. With that in mind, here are our top 10 recommended stag do bars in Amsterdam.


Coco's Outback

14, Thorbeckeplein 8, 1017 CS, Netherlands

The interior of Coco's Outback

G’day mate. Fancy a swift one with your crazy Australian cousins? Good onya, mate. Coco’s ranch is the closest you’ll get to the Outback this side of the equator. Celebrating everything Aussie, Coco’s Outback is a thriving spot for stag dos, backpackers, Erasmus students and locals – it’s a proper lad pad. There are around 30 large screens dotted around the bar, so you’ll never miss a live sports game, and there’s even pool tables and darts to keep you occupied during half time. The bar never runs dry (challenge accepted?) with a huge range of beers from Down Under and ice cold Heineken in frozen mugs (served by the fittest waitresses known to man, fact), as well as an open fire pit to drink them by. If you’re hungry, you can trust the Aussies to rustle up some sweet meats on the barbie, and Coco is no exception, with beef, pork, ribs, kangaroo, alligator and even emu on the menu. Watch out mate – as you’d expect, this place gets chockers. Get here early though and you’ll be sweet as.



Rembrandtplein 11, 1017 CT

The interior of Escape, Amsterdam

Located slap bang in the middle of Rembrandtplein, beneath a huge, glossy billboard (Amsterdam’s answer to Times Square), you’ll stumble across the deceptively huge nightclub, Escape. This one really is a clubber’s dream, with multiple floors of massive tunes, wild strobe lighting and smoke machines, creating an Ibiza-megaclub vibe, right in the heart of the Dutch city. Escape has seen the likes of DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta, Paul van Dyk, Kevin Saunderson and Todd Terry hit the decks and sweep crowds up into a frenzy, so if it’s big name DJs you’re after, look no further. Attracting attractive young things from across the city and further afield, there’s a front beer garden, the DeLux bar, the Cafe, the Studio and the Lounge, a smaller, more sophisticated venue.



The interior of Belushi's

Putting its heart and soul into good food, drink, music and sports, Belushi’s couldn’t be more of a stag do classic if it tried. Located on the outskirts of the Red Light District, Belushi’s has a 350-capacity and fills up pretty quickly every single night of the week. With a huge reputation preceding it, this is a haven for tourists, Erasmus students, backpackers (there’s a hostel upstairs) and stag groups – so make sure this is a party you definitely don’t miss out on. There are huge screens showing live sports (no more refreshing Sky Sports and draining your data), pool tables, live DJs, a smoking room and a nightclub attached, taking you seamlessly from day to night celebrations. Pocket friendly, the food and drink will leave you with plenty of cash left to splash in your red-lit surroundings.


Three Sisters

Rembrandtplein 19, 1017 CT

The exterior of 3 Sisters in Amsterdam

Have you ever spent the night with two sisters? How about three? Now you’re talking. This place is the ultimate lad pad, with 128 seats around the bar area, including 16 plush Chesterfield armchairs. There’s a suntrap of a drinking terrace around the front of this bar, where all walks of life come to catch the rays, have a bite to eat, people watch and start their nights early. The Three Sisters’ kitchen is open from 10am until midnight, when those munchies kick in, they’ve got your back.



Weteringschans 6-8, Weteringschans 6-8 1017 SG

A crowd of people, watching a band

Welcome to Paradise… the number one place for your music fix. Housed in a huge old building, Paradiso is one of Amsterdam’s largest music joints, with a checkered history to its name. In its 50+ years, Paradiso has been a church, a spot for squatting hippies in the 60s and now, it’s home to the best music around. The Rolling Stones, Adele, The Killers, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Daft Punk and Guns ‘n’ Roses have all performed on its iconic stage – and if it’s good enough for them, it’s sure good enough for us. However, this whopping venue only holds 250 people (including the balconies), making gigs just about as intimate as they come – getting up close and personal, you’ll feel like you’re pretty much on stage with the acts. Just a word of warning: this place sells out really quickly, so make sure to book up early if you want to guarantee your ticket.


Banana Bar

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37

The interior of Banana Bar with two girls on a pole and one sitting at a bar

Make sure to get one of your five a day on your Amsterdam stag do (your mother would be proud, sort of) in the world-renowned Banana Bar. In case you hadn’t already noticed, De Wallen is a pretty X-rated area and certainly not for the faint-hearted, so if you’re easily offended, look away now. Simply follow the glowing neon banana and head up the stairs, into a parallel universe you will never forget. Like any regular erotic bar in the area, you’ll be served your drinks by scantily clad, attractive and friendly girls who will ensure that your glass is never empty. Singlehandedly keeping Tesco’s fruit and veg department in business, this bar’s unique selling point is the *ahem* tricks that the girls perform with their bananas. We’ll leave you with that thought. Whether you decide to treat the stag to a lap dance or just want to sit back and enjoy the scenery is up to you, but one thing’s for sure – you’ll never eat a banana in the same way again. We can even sort your guestlist and unlimited drinks, if you fancy.



Leidseplein 22, 1017 PT Amsterdam

The interior of Luminaa

For a massive dance night in the heart of Leidseplein, look no further than Luminaa. Slightly classier than the bars surrounding it, Luminaa is the reason you brought your best shirt on your stag do, attracting local A-listers, affluent students and in-the-know tourists. What really sets this place above its counterparts is the acutely trained bar staff; if you know what you like and don’t like when it comes to drinks, you can’t fail to be impressed by Luminaa. The professional mixologists (the PHD students of the bar world) welcome feedback and constantly challenge themselves to make the perfect drinks. Don’t be afraid to push them to their limits. Go on, they dare you. Tell them the base flavours that you’re looking for and rest assured, they’ll work their magic to shake, blend and mix your new favourite drink. As if that wasn’t enough, Luminaa even has a large and adventurous food menu, blending recognisable flavours with completely unique ones. You won’t get this sort of experience anywhere else in Amsterdam, let alone Leidesplein.


Casa Rosso

Casa Rosso, Oudezijds Achterburgwal , 1012 DS

Two women with one licking the others finger

You know you’re no Casanova. You scrub up well and your chat is epic – if you do say so yourself – but for some reason those girls never seem to stick around the morning after. You, Sir, need a visit to Casa Rosso. Located in the heart of De Wallen, Casa Rosso is the oldest live sex theatre in the whole city, marked by the huge neon elephant above its doors. Here, you can have a drink with your mates and watch live (and seriously impressive) sex shows unfold before your very eyes – including strip tease acts, light S&M, various tricks involving bananas and pens, and, of course, the well-choreographed, live sex shows. Some acts even have audience participation, which have the stag’s name written all over them…


AIR Amsterdam

Amstelstraat 16, 1017 DA

The interior of AIR Amsterdam

Just off Rembrandtplein, but well worth the couple of minutes’ walk to get there, Club Air plays cutting-edge electronic tunes to thousands and thousands (no exaggeration) of house and dance music fans every single week. There’s a unique, multi-tiere dance floor, state-of-the-art VOID acoustic sound system, LED wall displays and a whopping five bars, all under one roof. Commercial and underground DJs perform their sets on different nights of the week, with the biggest name acts closing the shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus, attracting some of the city’s best looking girls, Club Air has an excellent male to female ratio - just saying…


Door 74

Reguliersdwarsstraat 74I, 1017 BN

A group of men in Door 74, Amsterdam

If you think of yourself as a bit of a Great Gatsby on the side, Door 74 is your new stag do stomping ground. This clandestine bar exudes cool from every orifice and is the ideal backdrop to a sophisticated stag weekend. Amsterdam may not be short of speakeasy-style bars, but you’ve seen nothing ‘til you’ve unearthed Door 74. This throwback to the Prohibition era is rated among the World’s Best Bars, with smartly dressed, vintage looking staff, antique barware, dark wood, dimly-lit interior, unbelievable drinks and an exclusive guestlist as long as your arm. Offering outstanding ales, premium spirits and top quality cocktails - including the intimidating White Zombie Doctor – you’ll be all too pleased you found Door 74. But shh, keep this one under your hats, or this little gem won’t be one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets for much longer.

Stag Friendly Bar Crawls in Amsterdam

Amsterdam nightlife's reputation precedes it; it's bold, brash and illuminated by a hazy red neon light. From quirky coffee shops, to big-name music venues and X-rated explicit venues, here's a few places to hit for an unforgettable Amsterdam stag do

Amsterdam Stag Do Activities

We've got dozens of stag activities in The Dam - from Beer Bikes & Brewery Tours to Red Light tours & Canal Cruises

View All Activities in Amsterdam

Top 10 Amsterdam Stag Do Activities

Boasting almost a hundred stag do activities, you’re going to be pretty busy on your weekend in the child out city. Amsterdam activities are in a world of their own, with some even centred on the infamous Red Light District and in the legendary Banana Bar and Casa Rosso. Amsterdam activities take debauchery to another level, and that’s just the beginning…

Some boats travelling into the main port in Amsterdam1. Canal Cruise & Unlimited Drinks - 1.5 hours

With more than 100 kilometres of canals and 1,500 bridges, Amsterdam is famed for its glorious maze of waterways. Why not explore them on your stag do, whilst making the most of that free bar? All aboard.

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An empty, green bar in the Heineken factory2. Heineken Brewery Tour

Stroll around the birth place of the famous lager on your stag weekend In Amsterdam. Helping you fight the urge to stick your head in the keg and down gallons of the stuff, you’ll get two beers thrown in during your tour. Located close to Leidsplein, once you spill out, your search for more booze to keep yourselves topped up will only take a few minutes.

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Close up of a naked man kissing the neck of a naked woman3. Red Light Tour & Casa Rosso Sex Show

This is the ‘Big Daddy’ of Amsterdam stag do activities. Not only will you be spending time in the notorious De Wallen (the main Red Light District) and checking out the 300 rooms illuminated alluringly in red, but you’ll be taken to Casa Rosso and watch an X-rated sex show.

A group of men riding on a beer bike4. Beer Bike

Get to grips with sights and sounds of the Dutch capital whilst getting tanked up at the same time, on a limo beer bike. You’ll have to work hard to get this limo bike moving (it’s Leg Day times a hundred) but once you’re up and running, you’ll be rewarded with 20 litres of booze.

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A lookout tower in Amsterdam5. Amsterdam Lookout Tower

Experience a different kind of high on your Amsterdam stag do, from the top of the 20 metre A’DAM Lookout Tower. Zoom up the Heavenly Elevator, from 0-20 metres in 22 seconds and behold the marvellous 360° views over the historic city.

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A woman with face paint on, blowing fire out of her mouth 6. Fire Breathing Workshop

As far as bragging rights go, learning how to fire breathe in Amsterdam is definitely up there with the best of them. You’ll have a practice session with water, then it’s time to get all hot under the collar, breathing fire like actual dragons on your stag do.

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A dishevelled-looking man in makeup and a tiara7. Red Light Photo Shoot - 1 Hour

If you need ammo for the best man speech, listen up. Get the stag acquainted with Amsterdam's Red Light District in the best possible way, from his very own illuminated window. You’ll get exclusive use of a former Red Light District brothel, and he'll be posing with costumes and props for photos, which will be emailed to you after your weekend. He’ll never live this down…

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Close up of a man's hands handcuffed behind his back8. Stag Arrest

Stag Arrest is one of our most popular stag stitch ups. You’ll be just happily enjoying a few beers and a bit banter when boom – our actress, dressed up as a policewoman, will burst in and arrest the stag. He’ll be taken into an adjacent room where a stunning stripper will make up for the shock he’s just had. He’ll thank you later.

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A woman on a pole dressed in a police uniform9. Banana Bar Guestlist Entry

Banana Bar’s reputation precedes it. Not your usual adult bar, there are no stage or barriers, just very friendly waitresses with lots of tricks up their oh-so-skimpy sleeves. Think dances, massages with oils, vibrators and the world-renowned ‘banana routine’. You’ll have unlimited drinks for an hour (to block out what you’ve just seen) and will be able to spill out into the notorious De Wallen afterwards.

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Close up of a woman in a red vest and short, sat on a suitcase, trying to hitch a ride by the side of a road10. Hitch Hiker Stripper

Stag dos are all about pranking the Groom-to-Be. During the journey from the airport to your hotel, your driver will pull over and invite a ‘hitch hiker’ on-board. Little does he know that she’s a plant, and that she will perform a surprise strip show – setting the bar for the wild weekend ahead…

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Top 10 Stag Do Hotels in Amsterdam

Our accommodation for your Amsterdam stag weekend is first class. We’ve got something to suit every group, from high-end, 4-star hotels, to the quirkiest of hostels and everything in-between, with many set slap-bang in the centre of the city.

A triple room in XO Hotel1. XO Hotel
3 Star Rating

Located in The Red Light District

Just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station, Dam Square and within the notorious Red Light District itself, you’ll never be far away from the action in XO Hotel.

Exterior of Floris France2. France Hotel
3 Star Rating

350 yards from Amsterdam Centraal Station

Located on the banks of Oudzijds Kolk, one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam, you can relax on the waterside terrace and soak up the atmosphere before heading out to experience the world-renowned atmosphere that the Dutch capital has to offer.

A double bed in a hotel room, set against a wall with a mural hanging above3. Westcord Art Hotel
4 Star Rating

10 minutes out of the city centre

Set directly on the border of Spaarndammerbuurt (try saying that in the taxi home…), this hotel has an outdoor terrace, an Art Brasserie open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks and cool pieces of artwork above every bed – so you can pretend you took in a bit of the local culture, whilst you’re at it.

A bunk bed and two single beds in a room with white bedding and red towels on the bed4. Meininger City West
No Star Rating

20 minute drive from the city centre or a 23 minute cycle

Just out of the city centre, in the Sloterdijk area of Amsterdam, you can get a good night’s kip in one of the 250 modern en-suite rooms which Meiniger City West has to offer.

White bunk beds in a room, with a colourful mural on the back wall5. Generator Amsterdam
No Star Rating

A five minute walk from The Red Light District

This grand, four-storey, 1900s building is steeped in history and is an excellent spot for your stag do. There’s a chill-out lounge and bar and even a secret, late night bar in the original boiler room.

The exterior of NH Amsterdam Schiller6. NH Amsterdam Schiller
4 Star Rating

Five minutes from Rembrandtplein

This former haunt of writers, artists and creative Amsterdam locals is now a stop off for your stag weekend. Located in the heart of the city, you’ll be just on the edge of the vibrant Rembrandt Square, one of the busiest nightlife areas in the entire capital.

Two single beds with white bedding, in a room with a window in the background7. Inner Hotel
3 Star Rating

Five minutes’ walk to Leidseplein nightlife area

Located in the Museum Quarter, home to the Van Gough Museum and the iconic Vondelpark, this hotel has a wide range of dorm and private rooms available to keep everyone happy on your stag do.

The exterior of Stayokay Hotel in Amsterdam8. Stayokay Zeeburg
No Star Rating

Minutes from The Red Light District

Located in the Bohemian borough of Zeeburg, this hostel has excellent transport links into the centre and even an in-house restaurant to help you sort out those hangovers in the morning.

9. Hans Brinker Hotel
No Star Rating

A few minutes’ walk to Leidseplein

With the motto, ‘you get what you pay for’, this place is unashamedly basic – but in a good way. This hotel houses single, twin, triple and dorm rooms, as well as an underground club and bar.

Two single beds in a hotel room with a black polka dot wall, facing a desk, chair and TV on the wall10. Hotel De Paris
3 Star Rating

15 minute walk from Amsterdam Centraal Station

With a French influence - it’s all deep red, chandeliers and dark furnishings – this and ideally placed cosy hotel has regular trams heading straight into the centre. It’s also just minutes from Leidseplein with its bouncing bars and clubs.

Build Your Amsterdam Stag Do

Add action-packed activities and top accommodation to your Amsterdam package, and let us build your bespoke weekend


Tick the Cultural Box on Your Amsterdam Stag Do

Culture in Amsterdam is anything but boring. You've got sex museums, shops dedicated to condoms and the birthplace of Heineken. Even between boozing, you're in for a treat on your Amsterdam stag weekend.


A’DAM Tower

Overhoeksplein 1, 1031 KS Amsterdam

A’DAM Tower

A stag do in Amsterdam is all about getting high… so how does 20-storeys above ground level sound? Just over the water, behind Amsterdam Centraal Station, A’DAM Lookout Tower offers glorious 360° views over the historic city centre, the thriving port, impressive Centraal Station, IJsselmeer Lake and many of the hundreds of canals running around the city centre. You can travel up the Heavenly Elevator and make the 22 second journey to the top of the tower. Once you’re there, there’s even a swing where the bravest of you can put your inhibitions behind you and fly ‘over the edge’ of the Sky Deck, swinging out over the city.



Warmoesstraat 141, 1012 district, Amsterdam Centrum, 1012 JB Amsterdam


Stroll down the quaint, cobbled Warmoesstraat and you’ll stumble across the Condomerie. If you’re into practicing safe sex (‘wrap it in latex or she’s gonna get your paychecks’ and all that), this place is Mecca. With all manner of lubricants, edible gifts, sex toys, and, of course, a huge range of condoms, your Netflix and chill sessions will never be quite the same. When it comes to wrapping the willy, this place has it all – glow in the dark, extra-large, extra-small, hand painted, animal shaped (with ears, tusks, trunks etc) and even personalised Johnnies.


Sexmuseum Venustempel

Damrak 18, 1012 LH Amsterdam

Sexmuseum Venustempel

The world’s first and oldest sex museum takes you on a journey through the ages, looking at all aspects of sex through the ages. We’re talking erotic pictures, recordings, photographs and interactive demonstrations (we’re not saying anything more). Aptly located slap bang in the centre of The Red Light District, you’ll be able to head straight out and discuss/black out what you’ve just seen with a few pints. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two and impress the missus when you get home…


I Amsterdam Letters

Hobbemastraat 19, 1071 XZ Amsterdam

I Amsterdam Letters

Behind the Rijksmuseum, the ‘I Amsterdam’ sculpture is a tourist friendly hub of people absorbing the culture and people walking, but mainly taking selfies. It’s the classic ‘I have been to Amsterdam’ photo opportunity which you can’t miss out on. At more than two metres tall and 23.5 metres wide, the huge slogan has become a local landmark and a universal meeting spot should you get separated from your group.


Heineken Experience

Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam

Heineken Experience

Nothing ticks those stag do boxes better than a brewery experience; they’re cultural, you’ll learn a bit and you’ll get to neck some beers. You can’t possibly lose in this situation. The birthplace of Heineken takes you through the popular beer’s history in the former brewery, and is located close to Leidesplein, meaning that you can spill out in search of more beers to keep yourselves topped up.


The Jordaan

The Jordaan

Probably the most famous neighbourhood in the entire Netherlands, The Jordaan begins near to Centraal Station, arches around Canal Ring and ends at Leidsegracht. As far as shopping, dining out and cultural attractions go, The Jordaan is up there with the very best. It’s also home to Amsterdam Cheese Museum (need we say more?) and Anne Frank’s House, for a more sombre experience.




Probably the easiest one to tick off your Amsterdam checklist is checking out the canals. With more than 100 kilometres of canals, 90 islands and 1,500 bridges – when visiting Amsterdam, you can’t miss them. If all this culture has made you thirsty, why not kill two birds with one stone and take in some of the most famous sights on a canal boat cruise?


Amsterdam Museum

Kalverstraat 92, 1012 PH Amsterdam

Amsterdam Museum

A stag do in Amsterdam is all about getting high… so how does 20-storeys above ground level sound? Just over the water, behind Amsterdam Centraal Station, A’DAM Lookout Tower offers glorious 360° views over the historic city centre, the thriving port, impressive Centraal Station, IJsselmeer Lake and many of the hundreds of canals running around the city centre. You can travel up the Heavenly Elevator and make the 22 second journey to the top of the tower. Once you’re there, there’s even a swing where the bravest of you can put your inhibitions behind you and fly ‘over the edge’ of the Sky Deck, swinging out over the city.


Dam Square

Dam Square

Just a five minute walk from Cantraal Station, you’ll find Dam Square. Bustling with tourists, locals, bikes, live street performers, and walking tours, no matter the weather, this laid-back square is a hive of activity in the centre of the city. Dating back to the 13th century, you can say you’ve seen a bit of Amsterdam history – including the Royal Palace - as you people watch from one of the many bars and cafes surrounding the square’s perimeter. Many free walking tours commence here (leaving more money for beer spends) and there’s even a huge, colourful Ferris wheel here in the spring.


Rembrandt House Museum

Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011 NK Amsterdam

Rembrandt House Museum

Fair enough, nothing screams ‘culture vulture’ like going to an art gallery, but we reckon that’s pretty boring, especially on your stag do. With this place, you’ll get to take a look into the home of Rembrandt (between 1639 and 1655), which has been meticulously refurbished with furniture, art and objects from his time, and get to see some of his most famous work showcased at the same time. The world famous Blue Bird Coffeeshop is just around the corner too, if you fancy a *ahem* caffeine hit.

Getting to Amsterdam

Getting Around Amsterdam

Luckily for you, Amsterdam is pretty much all flat. So, if you’re wanting to sight see, bar hop or are just concerned about getting from A to B, rest assured, getting around Amsterdam is a doddle.

Walk icon


In a city where bikes outnumber people, whether you’re riding one (we’re still talking about bikes) or almost getting knocked down by one, your weekend will undoubtedly involve a bike or two – it’s all part of the Amsterdam experience. Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam, due to it being so flat and having so many designated cycle ways. Plus, it means you can skip leg day that week – bonus. Bike rental shops (there are many around Centraal Station, Leidseplein and Dam Square) will generally average at about €8-10 for the day, but it is possible to rent bikes for as little as an hour. This low cost way to get around will leave plenty of money in that kitty for the more important things on your Amsterdam stag do…

Tram icon


One of the most popular and certainly the quickest way to get around Amsterdam is by taking a tram. With 15 routes and 500 stops in and around the city, these electric powered trams are super convenient and very regular. However, whilst a single journey will cost you around €3, a 24-hour unlimited ticket will only set you back €7.50, so if you’re planning to use the trams regularly, we certainly recommend the latter. Trams usually run from 6am until half past midnight and stop in all of your convenient stag do spots – including Centraal Station (number 2, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 24 and 26), Leidseplein (numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, 11, 12 and 19) and Rembrandtplein (numbers 4 and 14).

Taxi icon


Many residents don’t own cars, meaning that taxis are a really popular form of transport around the city, especially after 12:30am when the trams have stopped. However, depending on the time of day, public transport like trams are probably going to be your quickest way of getting about, as traffic can get busy in the city centre. Remember, Amsterdam city centre is a myriad of roads, cycle lanes and footpaths; as space in the city centre is limited, taxis cannot stop anywhere they like, so don’t try to hail a taxi just anywhere – always head to a designated taxi rank. Make sure you use a licenced and legal taxi company - these will have blue number plates and have roof lights displaying the name of their operator. The maximum start price for a taxi should be around €3 with the maximum price per minute €0.36 and maximum price per kilometre around €2.20.

Bike icon


In a city where bikes outnumber people, whether you’re riding one (we’re still talking about bikes) or almost getting knocked down by one, your weekend will undoubtedly involve a bike or two – it’s all part of the Amsterdam experience. Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam, due to it being so flat and having so many designated cycle ways. Plus, it means you can skip leg day that week – bonus. Bike rental shops (there are many around Centraal Station, Leidseplein and Dam Square) will generally average at about €8-10 for the day, but it is possible to rent bikes for as little as an hour. This low cost way to get around will leave plenty of money in that kitty for the more important things on your Amsterdam stag do…

Average Prices in Amsterdam

Despite being not as dirt cheap as the likes of Budapest and Prague, Amsterdam is middle of the road when it comes to the essentials. Here's what you should be expecting to fork out on your Amsterdam stag do.

Average Price of a Lap Dance

€23 (£20)Average Price of a Lap Dance

Average Price of a Pint

€3.50 (£3.10)Average Price of a Pint

Average Price of a Kebab

€4.50 (£4)Average Price of a Kebab

Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

€12 (£10.50)Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

Amsterdam Weather

Amsterdam’s weather, similar to the UK, is slightly hit and miss. Mid-April to mid-October is the peak of the good weather, with laid back locals peeling off their hipster layers to reveal their bronzed bods. Still considerably warmer than most spots in good old Blighty, average Dutch summers see daily highs of 21°C with very little rainfall – but you didn’t really come for the weather, did you?

April 2019

Weather icon for the current month

Averages of only 36mm of rain and averages of 12°C, April in Amsterdam is nothing more or less than pleasant. Good job those coffee shops have cranked the heating up.


Weather icon for January5°C


Weather icon for February8°C


Weather icon for March9°C


Weather icon for April12°C


Weather icon for May17°C


Weather icon for June19°C


Weather icon for July21°C


Weather icon for August21°C


Weather icon for September18°C


Weather icon for October15°C


Weather icon for November9°C


Weather icon for December6°C

Random Amsterdam Facts

Stag Do Activities in Amsterdam

We've got a massive list of Amsterdam stag do activities - ideal for when you need to keep the boys out of the cafes (and other establishments).

View All Activities in Amsterdam

*We take pride in our work and all of the information in the guide was correct at the time of publication - 05/01/2019. Probably.

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