The Ultimate Dublin Stag Do Guide 2018


Dublin - One of Our Busiest Stag Do Destinations Ever

Dublin is one of the loudest, busiest and booziest cities in the world. Guinness and whiskey flow through the streets, along with gorgeous Irish girls… Dublin is the fourth most popular stag weekend destination we offer (must be the craic), combining historic pubs, wicked nightlife spots, live music, leprechauns, rainbows and seriously unforgettable activities.

Explore Dublin Nightlife by Area

It goes without saying that your stag do in Dublin is for the nightlife. Dublin consistently tops the best bars/pubs/clubs lists in the whole of Europe. There isn’t a tourist (or local) in the land that hasn’t got swept up in the hedonistic atmosphere of the notorious Temple Bar. But, you’ve also got a load more areas, filled with traditional venues and a massive crowd.

Oliver St John Gogarty

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is Dublin personified. Closely following Guinness and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, this district is why this capital is beloved. The all-encompassing drinking zone is lined with pubs and bars, and that’s no exaggeration… The venues are crammed into a hugely busy street, with small alleys leading off the main ‘strip’ to even more pubs. There’s a reason this is the biggest attraction in the city.

The exterior of Copper Face Jacks, Dublin, at night

Wexford / Harcourt / Camden Street

We’re heading into edgy and alternative nightlife in Wexford Street, with the likes of Whelan’s attracting Ed Sheeran. However, as you snake your way down to Harcourt Street, it’s like you never left the Temple Bar. Bursting with massive clubs, it’s loud, lively and open ‘til very late… On the way to Harcourt Street, you’ll pass Camden – a quirky and hipster ‘strip’ to sink a few real ales and craft beers whilst twiddling your handlebar moustache.

A bridge over the River Liffey, lit up at night

North of the Liffey

The nightlife doesn’t stop at Temple Bar… Pass through the district and over the river, and you’ll experience the more traditional side of Dublin. This is where you’ll see the real city, with locals propping up the bars and sinking pints of Guinness (that stereotype is true). The nightlife stretches from O’Connell Street, to Jervis and the adjacent Capel Street.

A woman blowing fire in a bar

Baggot Street to George Street

As you might have already guessed, Dublin nightlife is not narrowed down to one ‘strip’. The city centre’s boozy venues are spread all over, starting at Baggot Street – home to one of the city’s oldest pubs – all the way to the modern George Street, host to an A-list club. You’re also right in the thick of Dublin’s big shopping district, to pick up Dublin souvenirs (leprechaun fridge magnets, bottles of Guinness etc.).

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Pubs, Clubs and Bar Crawls in Dublin

Dublin’s nightlife reputation precedes it. The city is built on old-school pubs, historic bars, fantastic craic, Guinness and, last but not least, Jameson. We’ve rounded up all the best venues to experience that Irish charm and culture (namely, booze).

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Top 10 Dublin Stag Do Activities

Dublin stag activities are in a (mental) world of their own. For just one (albeit unforgettable) weekend, you can choose from a massive 140 activities. We’re not talking any old package… we offer action-packed shooting on a top range, rafting down the river, racing on huge tracks in powerful rage buggies, as well as bar crawling in the city with the hottest women.

Stacks of wooden barrels with information on relating to the production of Guinness Guinness Factory Tour

If you travel all the way to Dublin and don’t go on the Guinness tour, there’s something wrong with you, son. Taste The Emerald Isle’s sweet nectar in the Gravity Bar, pour your own pint and go an epic Irish journey.

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The exterior of the Jameson distillery with a large copper still outside Jameson Distillery Tour

Likewise, you don’t visit Dublin without sampling the capital’s liquid gold, Jameson. The world’s most popular whiskey boasts a massive history, and you can sample (literally) it all during the fantastic tour.

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A pedal-powered bus on a road with passengers Pedi Bus Tour

This is where you work off the Guinness… Cycle around Dublin on a massive bus on wheels (you’re pedalling), starting in the Temple Bar and travelling through the best sights. You can even blast tunes as you go.

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A split image of someone firing a gun with an instructor, and a buffet laid out Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rifle Shooting & Food

Feel the buzz of firing 25 clays, as well as 25 shots from a seriously powerful rifle, in 75 acres of Dublin countryside. You’ll even get a pint of Guinness to toast to some top shots.

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A gaelic football alongside three small balls, placed in front of green helmets Gaelic Games

Hurl, kick and attempt some sort of skill during the even-more-Irish-than-Guinness Gaelic Games. Don’t worry; you’ll get instruction from GAA accredited coaches (fancy).

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A go kart racing on an indoor circuit Indoor Karting - Grand Prix

The F1 has got nothing on you lot during this unrivalled karting session. This is Ireland’s largest karting arena, with a whopping 60,000 square foot of asphalt to play with.

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An off-road buggy driving round a corner on a dirt track Off Road Buggies - Grand Prix

There are no other words for these buggies than beasts. The buggies feature a huge HONDA V-Twin petrol engine, with a massive 620cc capacity. Put simply, you can reach high speeds.

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A woman in a Bavarian beer maid outfit and posing with a group of men Beer Babes Bar Crawl - 5 hours

Follow the beer babes around Dublin and visit the city’s best bars. They not only look after you and collect your kitty to keep it safe – but they do it all in sexy Oktoberfest wench costumes. Prost.

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A man with great hair wearing a paintball mask and aiming a battlezone archery bow and arrow Battle Zone Archery

Prepare for the crazy younger brother of dodgeball and archery. Imagine the two activities rolled into one (with a whole load of action thrown in), and that’s the plan for your stag do.

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Black and white image of men sat down in military jackets, whilst holding laser guns Outdoor Laser Tag

Experience the Hunger Games (Irish version) in the huge 200 acres of outdoor laser tag grounds. The Special Forces laser guns are for the pros, firing up to 350 metres in the light and 600 in the dark.

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Best Stag Do Hotels in Dublin

In between all of this drinking on your stag do, you need a place to rest your heads (and recover). We’ve got over 20 brilliant accommodation options, spread throughout the city. You’ve got plenty to choose from – such as city centre apartments, 4-star hotels and hostels slap-bang in the Temple Bar.

The exterior of the Harcourt Hotel Harcourt Hotel
3 Star Rating

Set on the legendary Harcourt Street

This 3-star hotel is synonymous with stag groups. You want loud, you’ve got it. Add to that heady mix, one of Dublin’s busiest and biggest beer gardens, an adjoining basement club and bar and you’ve got yourself a top base.

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A large guest room with a double bed and chairs in Temple Bar Hotel
3 Star Rating

Slap-bang in the lively Temple Bar

There’s no hotel more central than the Temple Bar Hotel. It’s massive, with over 130 rooms, and is next door to the sports bar, Buskers, and equally busy Alchemy Club.

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A large double bed in a Christchurch apartments guest room Christchurch Apartments
3 Star Rating

Eight minutes to the Temple Bar

Enjoy a central location in your own apartment, with plenty of space to recover the next morning. The Temple Bar is also within easy walking distance, as is the bustling Grafton Street.

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And ornate guest room with an open fireplace and a four-poster bed Russell Court Hotel
3 Star Rating

In the middle of the busy Harcourt Street

You’ve heard about the busy Harcourt Street, and now you’re slap-bang in the middle of it. This place has a huge range of facilities, along with the mega Diceys Garden – an award-winning beer garden.

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The exterior of the Barnacles Temple Bar Hostel Barnacles Temple Bar Hostel

Two doors from iconic Temple Bar pub

Get a top base for your stag do at this fantastic hostel, two doors down from the iconic, red corner brick pub, The Temple Bar. You can even get private rooms if you don’t fancy sharing.

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A double bed in a bedroom, with a red runner and wooden headboard St Augustine Street Apartments
4 Star Rating

10 minute walk to Temple Bar

Enjoy 4-star luxury in your sleek apartments (ooh err), only 10 minutes from the Temple Bar carnage. You can easily stumble home… but you’re also around the corner from Dublin’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head.

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The exterior of the Times Hostel College Street Times Hostels - College Street

10 minute stroll to Temple Bar pubs

This modern hostel is fun, friendly and even has retro arcade games for the morning after your stag night. Not only that, but you’re a 10 minute walk from those famous boozers lining the streets of the Temple Bar.

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A guest room at the Hilton Garden Inn Dublin with a double bed Hilton Garden Inn Dublin
4 Star Rating

20 minute walk to lively Temple Bar

You want a swimming pool, you’ve got it. This extravagant 4-star hotel is ideal if you love the stag… within easy walking distance of Henry Street. The notorious Temple Bar is also across the river, a mere 20 minutes from your room.

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Computers in the lobby at the Generator Hostel Dublin Generator Dublin

Next door to Jameson Distillery

This contemporary hostel is bang-on for stag weekend location, just next door to the Jameson Distillery. You are surrounded by alcohol – the hostel bar is even furnished with old Jameson bottles – and the venues of the Temple Bar are also close.

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A bedroom with two twin beds at Millennium Walk Apartments Millennium Walk Apartments
4 Star Rating

Six minutes from Temple Bar

These sleek apartments are twice the size of a normal hotel room, furnished to a top quality standard. You’ve also got an on-site café to prepare you for that short walk to the legendary Temple Bar.

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Getting to Dublin

Getting Around Dublin

Dublin is home to loud nightlife and, you’re in luck, as it’s easy to get to all the different parts (bars) in the city on foot.

Walk icon


Dublin is notoriously easy to walk around, even with Guinness thrown in. The Temple Bar is where you’ll spend most of your day (and night), and it’s all concentrated in one area – with small streets coming off the main ‘strip’. Put simply, it’s around 10 minutes from the start of the Temple Bar to the end, not accounting for those all-important pints along the way. Once you manage to pull yourself away from this drinking district, it’s a further 10 minute stroll to the likes of Grafton Street and the nearby bars and restaurants (we told you it was easy). If you stray even further from the Temple Bar – the bouncing Harcourt Street, with top beer gardens and massive clubs – is only 20 minutes away.

Bus icon


Dublin bus, the primary network for travel in the city, operates a network of 110 radial, cross-city and peripheral routes, as well as 18 routes in the city and Greater Dublin area. However, and unique to a capital, the Dublin bus doesn’t have a system-wide map available online, so you have to trust us… You can get a single ticket for the bus (€2 from Grafton Street to Pearse Street over the river), or a Leap – a pre-paid card – and that same journey will cost €1.50. For the length of your stag weekend, you could also purchase a 5 Day Rambler – at €31.50 – that gives you unlimited travel on the bus, and services including the Airlink and Xpresso.

Taxi icon


Taxi ranks are stationed all over Dublin. You’ve got the rank just outside of Dublin airport, as well as taxi desks within the Arrivals lounge, and even more in the centre of the city – Grafton Street, Temple Bar etc. You’ll also come across taxis cruising the streets, and if they have their lights on – flag them down as they’re available. If the lights are off, it’s time to move onto the next cab… Taxis are cheap in the centre and, as everything is so close, you’re not looking at a large fare from Harcourt to Temple Bar. Along the way, you’ll also pass the odd tuk tuk if you’re looking for a new form of travel.

Tram icon


The tram, or Luas as it’s known in Dublin, is the hugely popular light rail system in the centre – handling an average of 34 million passengers yearly. The system has 54 stations - over 36.5 kilometres of track – spread over two lines. The Green Line covers the entire south side of Dublin, following the old Harcourt Street railway line and heading into the centre – St Stephen’s Green is also on this line. The Red Line runs east-west through the north side of Dublin, crossing the River Liffey, and travels southwest. The two lines are also a 15 minute walk from each other, should you end up on the wrong one after visiting The Temple Bar. Tickets for Luas (the Irish word for ‘speed’) can be purchased at street side vending machines, with a seven day ticket covering eight zones at just €26.

Dublin Weather

If we’re honest, Irish weather has a bit of a reputation… However, (you’ll be pleased to hear) Dublin is the driest place in Ireland, experiencing cool summers and mild winters. This city even reaches a whopping 19°C in July – pack those short shorts.

March 2018

Everyone calm down, as it’s getting warmer in Dublin. The highs are a staggering 10°C and the lows a not-too-shabby 4°C (we’re northerners…). And, if you want to catch the rays – you’ve got 3.5 hours to do so…


Random Dublin Facts

LNOF in Dublin

Dublin is in our top five popular stag do destinations, so it makes sense to try out the city’s mega activities and accommodation. It just so happens we have done exactly that, and this is what happened…

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*We take pride in our work and all of the information in the guide was correct at the time of publication - 28/07/2017. Probably.

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