The Ultimate Prague Stag Do Guide 2019

The land of vice, cheap beer and Czech women is increasingly popular with stag groups, year on year. The resolutely cool city has a wicked underbelly, even better activities and central accommodation. It’s impossible to have a bad weekend in Prague – we speak from experience.

Prague - The Original Stag Do Destination

Prague is one of our busiest and best destinations for stag weekends around the world. The city is teeming with possibilities for your group; cheap Pilsner (some under £1), open-all-hours strip clubs, underground clubs and bouncing bars. It’s full of character and charm, along with Eastern European women… There’s a reason this is the ultimate stag location. With The Old Town and The New Town to bounce between, it's the nocturnal playground you'll never want to leave.

Prague New Town

The New Town may be labelled as the biggest nightlife district, but that’s for one reason only… Wenceslas Square. This huge square is the stuff of stag do dreams, filled to bursting with cool bars and underground clubs you’d expect in the Czech capital. Along with enough venues to keep you occupied for 20 weekends, let alone one, it’s also the city’s ‘Red Light District’. You never need leave the New Town…

See Prague New Town's top 10 stag friendly bars and clubs here.

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Old Town

The Old Town has played a pivotal role in most Prague stag weekends. The city is built on old fashioned drinking and good pubs, all lining the streets of this district. You can get your cheapest drinks here… but you’ve also got the city’s most upmarket venues rubbing shoulders with these. If you want to experience the true Prague, the Old Town is your only destination.

See Prague Old Town's top 10 stag friendly bars and clubs here.

Build Your Prague Stag Do

Prepare for your stag weekend in the legendary European city, Prague, and add your activities and accommodation for the big celebration


Top 10 Stag Friendly Prague Pubs & Clubs 2019

With The Old Town and The New Town to bounce between, each with their own equally boozy reputation, Prague's nightlife is a stag do paradise. With that, here’s our top 10 recommended stag do bars and clubs in Prague. Quid pints, anyone?


Karlovy Lazne

Smetanovo nábr. 198/1, 110 00

Image of a woman standing on a balcony stage in her underwear with people around her drinking and dancing

Holding the title of ‘the most famous venue’ in Prague’s Old Town, Karlovy Lazne (try saying that after a few Pilsners) is the largest club in Europe. Spanning five floors with many different rooms, this place is sure to disorientate as much as it thrills you – with rooms such as Kaleidoscope, Chill Out – the ultimate ‘zen’ - Disco Room and Music Café to its name. The seriously popular Paradogs Club, moonlighting as a 90s rave, is certainly worth a stop off – it’s all about techno, house and rave, with the biggest crowd this side of town. If this isn’t enough for you and your pack, there’s even an Ice Pub underneath it.



Václavské nám. 840/5, 110 00

Image of a woman holding her breasts with anothers womens hands on top

You’re the man, the man with the Midas touch… and you’re about to find out exactly how that feels on your Prague stag do. The biggest and best strip club in Prague will transform you into James Bond as soon as you walk down those iconic steps and through its doors. Goldfingers is one of the most extravagant and luxurious strip clubs in the city, with beautiful girls performing individual and group acts including acrobatic dances, as well as striptease and classic cabaret shows such as Can-Can and Moulin Rouge themed acts. With years and years of experience in dealing with stag dos, Goldfingers know exactly what stags want - enticing them with the likes of body painting and even jelly wrestling and the even a stag stitch up. We don’t want to spoil the fun, but where less reputable strip clubs may entice you in with promoters and cheap drinks offers, some are known for having shady and even dangerous reputations. Just remember, all that glitters is not gold, except in Goldfingers…


The Pub

Image of a group of men sitting around a wooden table having pints poured from their very own pump

Not your average local, The Pub is a laid back, no frills, self-service bar. The dream? Too right. You and your mates will have a pump with four spouts on your table, where you can dispense Pilsner at the exact rate you drink it. There’s even a handy computer to log in and keep a check of how much beer you’ve drank – and, not that it’s a competition (it is…), but you’ll be competing against the surrounding tables, as well as everyone else in one of The Pub chains, to see who can drink the most. Once you’ve successfully pipped the competition to the Pilsner post, you can relax out on the terrace and soak up the fresh air. Just wait ‘til that beer hits.


Zlaty Strom

Karlova 187/6, 110 00

Image of two women dancing holding onto poles with people dancing around them holding drinks

If you love your music, this underground bar and music club is a labyrinth of sell-out DJs, guilty pleasure chart toppers and all-night pole dancing. Boasting pocket friendly drinks aplenty, you can showcase your finest dance moves to the 80s, 90s and 00s hits pumping through the building. If the music isn’t enough to have you fighting to get through the doors, there’s the world-renowned eight man Mojito to tackle. Good luck, lads.


Nebe Wenceslas Square

Václavské nám, 802/56, 110 00

Image of a room filled with people with a pillar in the centre of the room with a huge round light attached to the top of it with angels hanging on each side

Located, as the name would suggest, in the buzzing Wenceslas Square, Nebe is everything you ever dreamed of for your stag weekend. Set across two bustling floors, hundreds of stag and hen groups flock to Nebe each weekend to let loose on the dancefloors and take advantage of the epic drinks offers. You’ll be pleased to hear that Staropramen is served on tap and, as if you needed any more reason to love Nebe, the club is open until 5am – plenty of time to sample the local pilsner. Nebe’s signature (and pretty potent) cocktails start at 59Kc (that’s a budget friendly £1.80 to us).


Hangar Bar

Image of a man blowing flames onto alcoholic drinks on the bar and a man standing behind the bar with his arms in the air

Located in Prague Old Town, Hangar Bar is based around the iconic Pan Am airline, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off. This unique drinking experience has the body of a clipper aircraft in the centre of the dancefloor and all of the hostesses are in classic air stewardess’ uniforms. We reckon you’ll love the in-house ‘Pilot’s Lounge’, with a nod to 1950s pilot’s hangouts, where you can let loose as they would have, after a long flight. The basement bar is also a must for any visiting stag group, with bartenders putting on shows and stunts for the awe-struck passengers, er, we mean customers.


Rocky O’Reilly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

The interiors of Rocky O’Reilly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant with lots of men wearing St Paddy's Day hats

As much as we love soaking up local culture when we go abroad, there’s something about the sweet tones of an Irish bar that just lure us in, every single time. One of the most popular is Rocky O’Reilly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, which transports punters from the cobbled streets of Prague, straight to The Emerald Isle itself. Rocky O’Reilly is one of us – loving live sports, including GAA, along with gallons of booze and a good bit of craic. With two bars to his name, both reminiscent of a cosy, Temple Bar-esque pub, your glass will never run dry in his cheeky Irish haunt. The traditional Irish pub grub will put the wind back in your sails the morning after, too.


Coyotes Bar

Malé nám. 2, 110 00 Praha-Staré Mesto-Staré Mesto

Image of a women blowing a huge flame behind a bar with alcohol

Nestled in a corner of a little square in Prague’s picturesque Old Town, you’d be forgiven for dismissing this in your drunken beer haze. But, let us be the first to tell you that if you do happen to stumble into this little gem, you won’t regret it. This trendy bar is the full package, with beautiful girls dancing on the bar (Coyote Ugly style) and a huge drinks menu to match its DJ set list. If you like the idea of overly friendly bar staff pouring spirits down your throats from behind, you’ll love it here. As an added bonus, it sells the International award winning, traditional Czech lager, Budvar, for the equivalent of a quid. Bottoms up…


M1 Lounge Bar & Club

Masná 705/1, 110 00

A dark room with round corner red leather seats with tables in the middle and blue neon lights with images of women in their underwear on the wall

This premium bar and club is pure luxury and ideal for a sophisticated stag do sesh. So upmarket, in fact, that it’s seen the likes of Elijah Wood, Mat Damon and even Coolio cross its red rope (not together, although that would be some party…). Located just off the Old Town Square, you’ll have plenty of venues enticing you in, but not many are open ‘til 6am like M1. Plus, not that it likes to brag, but M1 attracts the hottest local girls and has an extensive portfolio of international DJs, and there’s even VIP areas scattered around the bar area, where you can embrace your inner James Bonds.



Václavské nám, 831/21, 110 00

Image of a room filled with people dancing with blue strobe lights and women dancing on podiums in their underwear

If it’s good enough for Mick Jagger’s 60th birthday celebrations, it’s good enough for us. Duplex is a massive, glass cube bar, perched on top of a building which overlooks Prague’s a New Town. When it comes to sleek, modern and classy, you needn’t look any further than Duplex. It’s so exclusive, that it’s been awarded membership to the World’s Finest Bars website and boasts the likes of Tiesto, selling out sets on a weekday (school nights mean nothing in Prague). The terrace is out of this world, where you can experience the finest views of the city’s skyline with a premium drink in hand – heaven.

Stag Friendly Bar Crawls in Prague

Prague’s nightlife reputation is massive – it’s got a lot to live up to. Luckily, this city knows a thing or two about drinking; it’s no wonder Prague consistently hits our top three stag do destinations. It’s got charm, character, history, Europe’s hottest women and beer… the recipe to all good stag weekends.

Stag Do Activities in Prague

We can help you book the ideal stag activities in Prague. We've got over 100 ideas to choose from.

View All Activities in Prague

Top 10 Prague Stag Do Activities

There’s no denying it, Prague activities top the lot. There are over 100 action-packed, beer-fuelled and even chilled packages to choose from. You’ve got classics, including shooting and white water rafting, as well as options that’ll see you take a flight in a military jet and have your best mate 'arrested' in the biggest stag prank we've seen… Your Prague stag weekend is going to pass all expectations.

man looking down the sights of a gun1. Shooting Max

Shoot a whopping 62 bullets over five lethal and exciting weapons on your stag do – including the AK47, CZ 75 9mm, revolver .357 Magnum, sniper and even a pump action shotgun.

Continue Reading Link Arrow
Close up of four people in a raft on an outdoor white water rafting course2. White Water Rafting

Take on Prague’s finest and most furious rapids on an epic 410 metre course – featuring a massive drop of 3.6 metres. Get ready to ride the waves…

Continue Reading Link Arrow
A man's hands cuffed behind his back3. Stag Arrest

Experience (and record for Facebook) the iconic stag arrest, which will see the Groom handcuffed, bundled in a police car and taken for his punishment… a strip club.

Continue Reading Link Arrow
A man in a kart on an indoor track, with tyres around the sides and posters in the background4. Indoor Karting

Tear around the asphalt of Europe’s largest indoor karting arena; a scaled down version of a Formula 1 course… It’s one kilometre long, with 32 huge bends to navigate and your karts can reach speeds of 80km/h.

Continue Reading Link Arrow
A white boat on a river, with buildings in the background, during the day5. Private River Cruise & Drinks

See Prague from a whole new perspective with an exhilarating river cruise. It’s one of our best activities, boasting the task of drinking as much as you can in one hour… Challenge accepted.

Continue Reading Link Arrow
A woman cupping her breasts with her hands, and another woman's hands over her hands6. Goldfingers Strip Club Entry

Welcome to the biggest and most popular strip club in the whole of Prague. Specialising in the art of seduction (hello) – you’ve got gorgeous girls, acrobats, striptease and cabaret to keep you occupied.

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Split image of two men in camouflage gear and paint, and the top of two beer bottles 7. Indoor Paintball

Unleash paint-splattered hell on the Groom at Prague’s finest indoor paintball venue; one that was even used as a set for the film Wanted and has three intense zones to conquer.

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Three military planes flying in the sky8. Military Fighter Jet Flight

Feel the rush of flying through the air in an Aero L-39 Albatros – used by over 30 Air Forces in the world. It’ll pump every bit of blood you have, and then some.

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Split image close up of the top of two beer bottles, and a bartender making a drink behind the bar9. Guided Bar Crawl - Unlimited Beer

Explore Prague’s iconic nightlife districts and even bigger clubs, all under the expert eye of your guide, and attempt unlimited beer for one whole hour.

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People pedalling on a beer bike on a road during the day10. Beer Bike

It’s only right to experience the stag do classic; the beer bike. Pedal around Prague and work off the three beers each, with sightseeing thrown in to boot.

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Best Stag Do Hotels in Prague

Accommodation for your Prague stag weekend is first class. There are 5-star hotels, such as the royal Kings Court (fancy), along with 4-star, 3-star and even excellent hostels, with many set slap-bang in the centre of the city.

Exterior of Riverview Apartments, Prague, during the day1. Riverview Apartments
3 Star Rating

Five minute walk to New Town

Enjoy views of the river and the freedom of your own apartment at the spectacular Riverview Apartments – a 10 minute stroll from the iconic U Fleku Brewery.

A dining table with six chairs around it, in a living room style area2. Wenceslas Square Hotel
3 Star Rating

Five minutes from centre of Wenceslas Square

Get to grips with Prague’s most famous district, Wenceslas Square, and stay just minutes from the lively Old Town – filled with the city’s loudest bars.

A double bed in a white room with high ceilings 3. Prague City Hotel
3 Star Rating

10 minute walk from Old Town

Enjoy a bit of history at this grand building, just 10 minutes from the Old Town. This district is packed full of mega clubs, including Karlovy Lazne – one of the biggest in Europe.

Some lighting in a bedroom, with the wires making hearts on the wall4. Central Spot Apartments
2 Star Rating

Six minutes' to Wenceslas Square

We’ve got another set of fantastic apartments just 350 yards from the bustling Wenceslas Square. You’re surrounded by some of the best stag do venues – you can start celebrating as soon as you touch down.

Bunk beds against the wall in a hostel room, with a green carpet5. Hostel Ananas
No Star Rating

Five minute stroll to Wenceslas Square

Stay in the heart of Prague’s renowned nightlife centre, Wenceslas Square, surrounded by bars, restaurants and nightclubs. You’ve even got private rooms if you don’t fancy sharing…

A white kitchenette opposite a blue table and stool6. City Stay Apartments
No Star Rating

350 yards to Wenceslas Square

We’ve got another set of fantastic apartments just 350 yards from the bustling Wenceslas Square. You’re surrounded by some of the best stag do venues – you can start celebrating as soon as you touch down.

The exterior of Kings Court Hotel in Prague7. Kings Court Hotel
5 Star Rating

13 minute walk to Wenceslas Square

This hotel is nothing short of 5-star and fit for kings… Set in a world-famous Art Nouveau Municipal House (fancy), you’ve got a top spa to sort you out the next morning and a Vodka Lobby Bar to keep going.

A sweeping staircase with a tree mural on the green wall8. Hostel Orange
No Star Rating

Six minutes to centre of Wenceslas Square

Forget all you thought you knee about hostels… Located slap-bang in the heart of Wenceslas Square, a whole load, of bars, restaurants and clubs are just five minutes from the front door.

Chairs and a sofa around a coffee table in a suite, with an upper level in the background9. Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel
5 Star Rating

10 minutes' walk to Wenceslas Square

Celebrate in 5-star luxury at this huge hotel, set within four historic building, with rooms boasting a minibar and 24 hour room service. You’ve even got the High 8 Terrace Bar for pints above the Prague skyline.

The green hotel lobby at Hostel Mango, with seats along one wall and a computer against the other, and a reception desk in the background10. Hostel Mango
No Star Rating

Four minutes to the Charles Bridge

Stay at the Mango and you are just steps away from the iconic Charles Bridge – taking you over the water to the buzzing Old and New Town. You’ve got epic dorm rooms to share with your mates and a delicious breakfast to sort you out the next day.

Build Your Prague Stag Do

Plan, prepare and build your mega Prague stag do, starting with our top activities and accommodation


Tick the Cultural Box on Your Prague Stag Do

It's not all epic stag do bars and Pilsner for less than a quid (although mostly, it is...), but Prague has a good bit of culture to be discovered if you look close enough.


Astronomical Clock

Staromestské nám. 1, 110 00 Staré Mesto, Czechia

Astronomical Clock

A universal meeting place, landmark and historical time piece, the 15th century Astronomical Clock, is located in Prague’s Old Town (you’ll stumble past it more times than you realise on a night out in Prague). Each hour, the famous clock springs into action, as the 12 Apostles and other figures parade in procession around the clock’s face – telling you to head to the next bar...


Charles Bridge

Karluv most, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Charles Bridge

Boasting 32 unique points of interest along its 520 metre span, including statues of famous Emperors, Charles Bridge is a must see when visiting Prague. Built in 1357, it’s still to this day one of the most recognisable bridges in Europe. It links nightlife hotspots such as the Old Town and New Town with landmarks like Prague Castle and the KGB Museum.


The Lennon Wall

Velkoprevorské námestí, 100 00 Praha 1, Czechia

The Lennon Wall

Standing proud since the 1980s, the Lennon Wall is a tribute to former Beatle and peace campaigner, John Lennon. Near Charles Bridge, the wall has become a site for fans to demonstrate their grief in graffiti (and a class photo opportunity to prove you did something a little bit cultural amidst all the Pilsner).


Old Town Square

Staromestské nám., 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Mesto, Czechia

Old Town Square

Home to the Astronomical Clock, along with numerous ancient churches, the Old Town Hall with its Gothic doorway and architecture dating back as far as the 11th century – you can’t visit Prague without ticking this one off your list. Plus, it’s a popular meeting spot in the city, so if you get separated from your group, this would be a good place to head.


Municipal House

Republiky 5, 111 21 Staré Mesto, Czechia

Municipal House

Constructed in 1912, the palatial Municipal House is considered to be the very finest example of Art Nouveau in Prague (you didn’t think you’d be getting stuck into this on your stag do, did you?). Its features include a decorative facade, quirky murals and an impressive dome structure. Even if you just pass by whilst you’re bar hopping, you can take a quick selfie to prove you are a culture vulture after all.


St. Vitus Cathedral

III. nádvorí 48/2, 119 01 Praha 1, Czechia

St. Vitus Cathedral

Within the city’s historic central walls, the Roman Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral is the Czech Republic’s largest and most important Christian church. It’s also the final resting place of many Bohemian kings and saints (you’re not the only royalty in Prague this weekend). It’s on the western side of the river – remember, you’ll be spending all of your time on the eastern side in the Old and New Town’s best drinking spots – but you’ll pass it on your way in from the airport.


Josefov (The Jewish Quarter)

Josefov, Prague 1

Josefov (The Jewish Quarter)

Just north of the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter was previously regarded as a slum-come-ghetto. But, in the late 1800s, large sections were demolished or refurbished to make way for modern and stylish Art Nouveau buildings. Today, there are also lots of restaurants and bars in this quarter of the city, where you can start a night before heading to the traditional bars and super clubs.


Prague Jewish Museum

U Staré školy 141/1, 110 00 Staré Mesto, Czechia

Prague Jewish Museum

Located within the Jewish Quarter, Prague Jewish Museum is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to the area – boasting 40,000 Jewish objects and 100,000 Jewish books. And, you’ll be happy to hear, it’s also slap bang in the middle of a huge amount of popular bars, including Hangar Bar and The Pub, where you can pour your own pints.


Prague Castle

119 08 Prague 1, Czechia

Prague Castle

Known as the ‘City of a Thousand Spires’, Prague Castle is exactly like you’d imagine. Close to St. Vitus Cathedral, you’ll probably just see this on the way to and from the airport. However, if you do want to take the trip across Charles Bridge to see it up close and personal, it’s a great way to spend a hangover day doing something productive.


The Strahov Monastery and Library

Strahovské nádvorí 132/1, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradcany-Praha 1, Czechia

The Strahov Monastery and Library

Although not typically somewhere you’d expect to find a stag group, The Strahov Monastery and Library is seriously impressive. Plus, it’s just over the river from Prague’s Old Town – meaning you can tick the culture box on a slight bar crawl detour – result. The two decorated Baroque libraries have ornate painted ceilings, along with super fancy stuccowork.

Flights to Prague

Plane icon

Getting to Prague is the easiest thing you’ll do on your stag do. This city boasts the biggest airport in the whole of the Czech Republic, serving more than 16 million passengers in 2016 alone. It’s just 20k north of the city centre, so getting to your accommodation will be a breeze. It’s when the drinking starts that travelling gets harder…

Bristol Airport BRS2heasyJet
Dublin Airport DUB2h 30mRyanair Aer Lingus
East Midlands Airport EMA2h 10mJet2
Edinburgh EDI2h 20mRyan Air
Glasgow GLA2h 30mJet2
London Gatwick Airport LGW1h 55measyJet Smart Wings Czech Airlines
London Heathrow Airport LHR2h British Airways
Leeds Bradford Airport LBA2h 5mJet2
London Stansted Airport STN1h 55mRyanair easyJet
Liverpool LPL2h 10mRyan Air
Luton Airport LTN1h 55mWizz Air
Manchester Airport MAN2h 10measyJet Jet2
Newcastle Airport NCL2h 15mJet2

Prague Airport to City Centre

Prague’s international airport, Vaclav Havel, is located seven miles west of the city centre. Seeing around 15 million passengers annually, it’s a hub of activity 24/7 – and, it’s also seriously easy to get to and from. Unfortunately, there are no direct Metro routes which run from the airport into the centre of the city, so we would recommend using a pre-arranged transfer.

ServiceApprox. Travel TimePrice
Taxi / TransferThe previously reputable AAA taxis no longer have stands at the airport, so all travellers are recommended to use Prague Airport transfers or book transfers directly through us, to save time and money once you’ve landed. We offer everything from regular cars and buses, to strip limos, hummers and buses – some even have karaoke systems on board. So, however you travel, make sure Prague knows the boys have landed.

Approx. £18 - 25

Bus / MetroThere are no direct Metros or buses from the airport into the city centre, so we’d recommend catching the 119 bus from the airport (departing from Terminals 1 and 2, every five to 20 minutes), to Metro station Nadrazi Veleslavin, and continuing on the Green Line into the city centre. Depending on timings of public transport, this can take up to an hour.

Approx. £6 - £10

Getting Around Prague

Getting around Prague is even easier than getting to the city, as Prague’s nightlife districts are within walking distance of each other. As well as your legs, you’ve also got the metro, tram, bus and taxis for when those legs struggle after a few pilsners. Prague transport is relatively reasonable too; a ticket for the subway, bus and tram is around 32Kc (£1) for 90 minutes.

Tram icon


The Prague tram network is the largest tram system in the Czech Republic, stretching over 88.5 miles, 931 trams, 21 daytime routes and nine night. The 25 day routes are numbered one to 26 and the nine night are 51 to 59 and 91 to 99. There is even one historical route, number 41, in service between April and October. These day lines run from 04:30 to 00:30 the next day, and the night trams start up from 00:30 and ending at 04:30, covering the time absences from the day trams. However, services at night operate every 30 minutes, but, after a load of beers, half an hour will pass in no time… The intervals between day routes are, typically, two minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the location, peak hours or weekend. As luck would have it, the same type of tickets can be used for the trams, metro and buses, a day pass can cost as little as £3.80 (110Kč).

Metro icon


The Prague metro is even bigger than the tram system, handling an average of 500 million passengers each year. It serves 61 stations and is a massive 40.5 miles long – it’s the fifth busiest metro system in the whole of Europe. The metro is split into three lines, A (green), B (yellow) and C (Red) and operates daily from 05:00 to midnight, with two to three minutes between metros during peak hours and four to nine minutes in off peak hours (after 19:00). The metros are also connected to the trams; you can jump on the tram at certain stations. The prices for a ticket on the metro, bus and tram are the same and it can be used on each method of transport. They are cheap enough, even after spending all that koruna on pilsner.

Taxi icon


After one too many of those pilsners, it’s probably easier to get a taxi than attempt to walk (stumble) home. However, this isn’t your local and you’ve got to be careful when dealing with Prague taxi drivers. Always make sure it is a registered taxi and not just some bloke you met over a pint… A yellow roof lamp must be installed and say TAXI, before you get in, and there should also be a company name, license number and rates printed on both doors. Find out how much the ride costs beforehand to avoid getting ripped off, as most journeys around the city centre typically cost 100Kč to 250Kč (£3.50 - £8.50). Uber is also recommended for travel in Prague – ideal if you already have the app.

Walk icon


We know it’s old-school, but you could always walk… Walking is the best way to see the sights, get to grips with the nightlife districts and even cure the hangover the next day. Prague is, typically, walkable, with a 25 minute distance between the Old Town and New Town. On the way, you’ll also pass a whole load of bars and restaurants. You’ll spend most of your time walking and a huge selection of our accommodation is in the city centre.

Average Prices in Prague

It's widely known that you can get pints in Prague for around a quid, but little did you know, everything else is dirt cheap too. Enjoy the ride.

Average Price of a Lap Dance

400 czk (£14)Average Price of a Lap Dance

Average Price of a Beer

30 czk (£1)Average Price of a Beer

Average Price of a Kebab

72 czk (£2.50)Average Price of a Kebab

Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

200 czk (£7)Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

Prague Weather

Like most major cities, the best time to celebrate your Prague stag do is in summer. The winters are relatively cold (a bit like Britain) and the summers warm (not like Britain). The hotter months can even reach highs of 32°C.

April 2019

Weather icon for the current month

Spring is well underway in April, as is the weather. Quite frankly, it’s baking for us Northerners – you’ve got highs of 14°C for your stag do. The average is a steady 9°C and the lows are 4°C.


Weather icon for January2°C


Weather icon for February4°C


Weather icon for March8°C


Weather icon for April14°C


Weather icon for May18°C


Weather icon for June21°C


Weather icon for July23°C


Weather icon for August23°C


Weather icon for September19°C


Weather icon for October13°C


Weather icon for November6°C


Weather icon for December2°C

Random Prague Facts

LNOF in Prague

Stag Activity Ideas in Prague

Fighter Jets, Beer Bikes, Bar Crawls & Strip-clubs - just some of our favourite Prague stag ideas. Take a look at the full list and find out why Prague constantly tops our stag do locations list.

View All Activities in Prague

*We take pride in our work and all of the information in the guide was correct at the time of publication - 04/01/2019. Probably.

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