The Ultimate Riga Stag Do Guide 2019

Riga hasn’t earned its reputation as the ‘dog’s Baltics’ for nothing. It’s the largest city across the three Baltic States when it comes to population, size and party spirit. The city itself is as pretty as the local lasses, the beer prices are pocket-pleasing and the shooting packages will make you feel like an MI6 agent – no wonder our MD chose to have his stag do in Riga.

Riga – Eastern Europe's Stag Do Haven

Riga is one of our most popular Eastern European stag do destinations – which we can easily put down to its massive range of cool activities, stunning strippers (seriously, you’ve seen nothing like them) and open-all-hours strip clubs. We recommend you make the ‘what goes on tour, stays on tour’ pact before you head out to experience Riga’s raucous nightlife scene… you’ll have to take our word for that one.

A view of Riga Old Town at night

Riga Old Town

Ah, Riga Old Town, where Best Men speech anecdotes originate and stag do dreams come true. This historic centre of Riga is on the UNESCO World Heritage List – and it’s about to make history on your stag weekend, too. Home to some of the very best cafes, bars and restaurants in the whole city, the Medieval narrow, cobbled streets and quaint buildings of the Old Town draw stags in their hundreds every night of the week. With plenty of outdoor seating, you can catch the rays in the summer, or head indoors during the cooler months to sample some of the world-class nightlife you heard about back at home. With enough bars and clubs to keep you occupied all year long, let alone for one weekend, it’s not hard to see why the Old Town is so popular with stag dos. Basically, you won’t want to leave the Old Town – and the best bit is, you won’t have to.

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Top 10 Stag Friendly Riga Pubs & Clubs 2018

Riga Old Town is where stag do dreams come true, and where you'll spend the majority of your weekend. Here are our top 10 recommended stag do-friendly bars in the city.


Studio 69

Terbatas iela 73, Centra rajons,

Image of three women sitting on chairs on a stage with their back to the audience with red and blue spotlights shining on them

It’s number one for a reason. Like inadvertently stepping into a scene from The Hangover, Studio 69 in the Royal Casino, Spa and Hotel Resort is Riga’s answer to a Vegas mega club. As soon as you walk through those doors, you’ll know you’re in for the night of your life; palatious indoor fountains, lad pad chesterfield sofas, a plush in-house casino and a massive nightclub with fit girls dancing on the podiums in their bikinis. Despite your exclusive surroundings, your average round will cost you about half of what it would back in England, so you can live the life of a baller on a budget. Open until 6am on Fridays and Saturdays, this is the ultimate stag do club.


Rock Cafe

Marstalu iela 2/4, Centra rajons, LV-1050

Image of the exterior view of the bar with red neon lights

As soon as you spot the 10 foot guitar, you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot. Located in a former museum, Rock Cafe is the multi-storey, multi-room bar in Riga Old Town, with every single nook and cranny filled with entertainment. The quirky bar has live bands performing within the vault-like rooms, a karaoke area, pool tables and lots of different bars dotted around the floors – meaning queues are short and drinking time is long – cheers to that.


Cuba Cafe

Jauniela 15, Centra rajons, LV-1050

Close up image of dark spirit bottles on a bar

Buenos dias amigos. Slap bang in the heart of Riga’s Old Town, Cuba Cafe brings a slice of la vida Latino to your Riga stag do. This authentic and exotic bar may specialise in fancy cocktails, but its huge range of beers aren’t to be sniffed at and its lively Latino music will have your hips shimmying to that salsa rhythm (no, it’s not just the drink making you sway). Local DJs showcase their talents at nightly events here and regularly remix current chart toppers with Cuban undertones – trust us, it’s better than it sounds. There’s even a spacious outdoor terrace where you can have a breather and rest those dancing shoes.


X Dream

Bišu iela 3, Zemgales priekšpilseta, LV-1002

Image of the bar with round stools and pictures of women on the walls

We couldn’t go any further without giving a special mention to X-Dream; this neon-lit strip joint could not be more of a stag do paradise if it tried. Located in X-Dream Hotel, this bar and strip club has everything a group of lads could possibly wish for, all under one roof. Open virtually around the clock from Thursday to Sunday, there are TVs playing sport, strippers performing on poles and a fully stocked bar with the cheapest drinks you ever did see. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in this hotel, you can have your fill of cheap drink and strippers, then roll into bed within seconds.


Shot Cafe

Torna iela 4, Centra rajons, LV-1050

Image of shots being poured with a metal bar spoon

Call us telepathic, but we recon you’re after some shots. Located on the edge of the Old Town, Shot Cafe has over 100 different kinds of shots, including everything from your standard Jagerbombs, to your more experimental – but equally potent – ‘Sex in a Volkswagen’. The tunes blasted through the speakers are sure to get you up and dancing as soon as that alcohol is running through your bloodstream. LNOF top tip: be nice to the bar staff or they’ll make you a ‘burning shotgun’ which is, in fact, as bad as it sounds.


Skyline Bar

Image of a bar with sofas and tables overlooking riga

Not your typical stag do bar, but definitely worth ticking off your Riga bucket list. Located at the very top of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Skyline Bar is completely glass walled and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the expansive Old Town. Drinks here are a little more expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill bar in Riga, but it’s certainly worth it for those views. It’s a great place to have a few civilised drinks before heading out into the Old Town. Maybe leave those mankinis in your suitcases, just this once…


One One

Šarlotes iela 18a, Centra rajons, LV-1001

Image of a club filled with people on a dance floor next to the dj with smoke blowing onto the crowd

Named twice so you won’t forget it, this nightclub and concert house is Riga’s number one (literally) venue for electronic music. Taking inspiration from the huge dance clubs of Berlin and the edgy hipster vibe of East London, it also showcases the very best in techno, minimal techno and house music, whipping crowds up into a whirlwind of bassy beats and hypnotic lighting. The spacious loft-like interiors will make you feel like you’re in the most comfortable of house parties, and will encourage you to shake those inhibitions and let loose on the dancefloor.


I Love You

Central District, LV-1050

Image of people standing at the bar being served drinks

The three little words you need to know on your Riga stag do are I and Love and You. Behind its unassuming, traditionally Latvian exterior, this bar houses one of the coolest and most friendly bars in the whole of Riga. The plush seating areas with large couches and hefty drinks menu – including gin cocktails and local craft beers – ensure that once you’ve been, you’ll want to go back and back. If you’re after your musical fix, you’ll be pleased to know that I Love You even has its own small record label, making it the ideal spot to discover your new favourite artist or band. Not that we like to name drop, but the likes of Kings of Convenience and Sigur Ros have both performed here before they got famous.


Hardcore Hangover

Image of two shelves holding spirits behind the bar with a chalk board with drink prices on

HHC is your spirit animal. You’re on a stag do in Riga, so you’re resigned to the fact that you’re going to have one almighty hangover come the morning after (sorry, not sorry). Welcome to the Hardcore Hangover Club – you’re the latest recruits. This place, known affectionately as HHC to its friends, has two rooms - plenty of chill-out space in the back and a party room with a huge dancefloor and DJ table in the front. They serve up everything from locally brewed beers, to the slightly more expensive Brengulu on draught, but prices for single drinks never go over €5, meaning you can get tanked up for less.


Paddy Whelans Irish Pub and Sports Bar

Grecinieku street 4, Old Town, LV-1050

Image of a bar with shelves of alcohol and glasses stacked up

You can pretend you want to soak up all of the local culture as much as you want, but sometimes your home comforts are just exactly what you’re after. It’s time to meet your best mate, Paddy Whelan – living in Riga but he’s an Irishman at heart, and invites you all to his cosy local for a night with the boys. Screening live sports on big screens and serving up some of the very best world light beers, dark beers, popular lagers, ales, stouts and 30 bottled brands of cider. And that’s not all, every Friday and Saturday night, from 11pm – 1am, you’ll get a third of the price knocked off any round of drinks. Cheers, Paddy.

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Top 10 Riga Stag Do Activities

With everything from beer bikes and Olympic bobsleigh rides, to the ultimate stag stitch up, our stag do activities in Riga will keep you occupied through the day and night.

A man about to fire a gun at a target1. Shooting

Compared to back home, Eastern Europe’s gun laws are seriously chilled, meaning that you don’t need a licence or any training to get behind the triggers of some of the world’s most lethal weaponry. This activity will see you firing AK-47 Kalashnikovs and Glock pistols, and then posing for photos with your guns afterwards for bragging rights when you get home.

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A group of people sat on a beer bike on a road2. Beer Bike

Don’t let sightseeing get in the way of valuable drinking time. Why not kill two birds with one stone and pedal around the city on a world-famous beer bike? But that’s not all, you’ll have litres of beer to quench your thirst whilst you’re at it.

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A man's handcuffs chained behind his back3. Stag Arrest

Wickedly cruel but absolutely hilarious, make sure your mate goes out with a bang with this stag arrest experience. He’ll be arrested, handcuffed and blindfolded, then transferred by the ‘special unit’ to a strip club where he’ll be chained to the pole and humiliated by strippers. He’ll never forget this for as long as he lives, despite how hard he tries.

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Close up of people in a blue bobsleigh at the top of a track, with a man stood behind and pushing them4. Olympic Bobsleigh

If you’ve ever watched Cool Runnings and fancied getting in on the action, take to the only Olympic-standard bobsleigh track in the Baltics for some fast paced action. You’ll fly around the track at speeds of up to 115kph on ice, covering up to 1km in 48 seconds. Don’t worry, you’ll be in the capable hands of an ex-Olympic team member.

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Someone leaving their footprints in the sand along the strand line5. Jurmala Beach Daytrip

When you need five minutes respite from the crazy rat race of Riga city centre (and to clear those hungover heads), pop to Jurmala Beach to lap up those rays and top up the tans. There are some pretty lively beach bars there too, if you fancy getting back on it.

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Line of people snowmobiling 6. Snowmobiles

Travel around the breathtaking Riga countryside on this thrilling snowmobile safari, just outside the city centre. You’ll plough through thick snow on a two-seater snowmobile and each have a 15 minute ride, hurtling around the frozen landscapes.

A blue bobsleigh ready to travel down an outdoor slope7. Summer Bobsleigh

Just because you’re having your Riga stag do in the summer, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the epic bobsleigh track. Strapped into your wheeled bobsleigh, you’ll fly around the 10 curves and large bridge, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h.

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Close up of a woman in black underwear, reclining on a leather sofa8. Strip Party Bus Airport Transfer

Get the party started as soon as you arrive in Riga, with a strip party bus transfer to your accommodation. You’ll be met at arrivals (feel free to pretend you’re famous) and climb on board this epic bus – with high-tech acoustic and light systems, LCD TVs, 10 bottles of sparkling wine and, of course, a couple of gorgeous strippers.

A close up of a woman inserting a chili between her breasts9. Strip Dinner

For the ultimate lad package in Riga, how does prime fillet steak and strippers sound? We don’t need to say any more.

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Close up of bottles of spirits lined up on a shelf at a bar10. Guided Bar Crawl

Get to grips with Riga’s buzzing nightlife scene (and avoid getting ripped off in dodgy bars and clubs), accompanied a lovely English-speaking guide. Ending in a strip club, obviously.

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Top 10 Stag Do Hotels in Riga

Our stag-friendly Riga accommodation has been hand-picked for a reason. It’s all safe, secure and central, meaning you’ll have somewhere reliable to dump your bags and get on those cheap pints.

The X Dream Hotel exterior, with cars and bushes in front, during the day1. X-Dream
3 Star Rating

Five minutes from the Old Town

With screens playing sport all over the hotel, an in-house strip club and bar open virtually all-around the clock, X Dream is the ultimate stag do lad pad. For a supplement, you can even use the steam room and plunge pool.

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The exterior of Radisson Blu Latvia2. Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia
4 Star Rating

Slap bang in the centre of Riga

With 570 plush rooms and an exclusive spa, this is pretty much as plush as it gets. The Skyline Bar is located at the very top of this hotel, where you can have a few sophisticated drinks to a backdrop of the city centre and nearby Baltic Sea.

A spacious double room with red and gold colour scheme3. Old Riga Palace
4 Star Rating

On the banks of Daugava River

These classically furnished guest rooms are ideal for dumping your stuff and getting out on the Riga tiles. It’s well within walking distance of the city’s iconic attractions and huge nightlife scene.

A twin room with gold bedding4. Hotel Tia
3 Star Rating

Minutes from the huge Arena Riga

Boasting 50 recently renovated rooms and excellent transport links to and from the airport, this is a great place to stay. There’s even a hot buffet breakfast each morning to soak up the alcohol from the night before.

Two double beds in a red hotel room, facing a desk, two chairs and a TV on a stand in the corner5. Hotel Viktoria
3 Star Rating

20 minute walk from the Riga Central Railway Station

This building is part of a World Heritage site, uniquely designed and with bags of character – making it an ideal backdrop to your celebrations. There’s also an in-house cafe which offers traditional Latvian dishes and beer.

Two single beds in a room with a window in the background6. Radisson Hotel Daugava
4 Star Rating

Four minutes from the nearest tram stop

This hotel offers fresh and contemporary rooms and suites, all of which have WiFi for your ultimate comfort on your stag do. There’s even an upscale restaurant within the hotel, as well as a fitness centre, spa, sauna and indoor pool.

The exterior of A1 Hotel with two small trees outside7. A1 Hotel
3 Star Rating

10 minutes taxi to Riga Old Town

Just a short taxi ride many of Riga’s main tourist attractions and nightlife hotspots, as well as being equipped with its own billiard club, this hotel is simple, stylish and perfect for your stag do celebrations.

Exterior of Dodo Hotel, Riga, during the day8. Dodo Hotel
3 Star Rating

Under 20 mins from Studio 69

Just a 15 minute walk from the Old Town, the Dodo Hotel is in the heart of the action, but far enough out to ensure you get a good night’s kip between partying. There’s even a buffet breakfast to soak up last night’s shots.

Exterior of Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel9. Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel
4 Star Rating

Five minutes’ walk from Riga Old Town

Staying here is luxury living – with a high end spa and wellness centre to help those aching bodies (and banging hungover heads) and even an in-house restaurant offering local dishes.

Two chairs and a sofa in the far back, in a grand green room, with wooden drawers in the foreground10. Irina Hotel
3 Star Rating

100 yards from main train station

With everything you could possibly need within walking distance, Irina Hotel is ideal for stags who can’t be fussed with arranging long and pricey taxi rides. There’s a sauna and steam bath on-site if you need a pick-me-up the morning after.

Tick the Cultural Box on Your Riga Stag Do

With the cool and quirky Kalnciema Quarter and the iconic Freedom Monument to its name, there’s plenty to do in Riga other than just drink. Here’s our top 10 recommended things to do in Riga.


Kalnciema Quarter

Kalnciema Quarter

If you like to stray away from the norm, you need to head to Riga’s Kalnciema Quarter. Just half an hour from the centre of Riga, this cool area is home to some pretty impressive 19th century buildings and regularly plays host to some edgy events in the area. With open air concerts showcasing the best in young rock, jazz and classical talent, quirky art exhibitions and lively outdoor market stalls on Saturdays, some of which even serve traditional Latvian bevs, it’s a great spot to head to for a bit of culture through the day.


Olympic Bobsleigh Track

Šveices iela 13, Sigulda, Siguldas pilseta, LV-2150, Latvia

Olympic Bobsleigh Track

You simply can’t go to Riga and not experience the thrill of a go on the Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track. Opened in 1986, this Olympic standard track is 1,200 metres and features 16 curves – meaning you can reach speeds of up to 125km/hour, so hold on tight. It’s also one of the only tracks in the world which is accessible to both professional athletes and visitors to the city – book your spot here.


Freedom Monument

Freedom Monument

Affectionately known as ‘Milda’ (impress the locals with that nugget), Riga’s most well-known tourist attraction has to be Freedom Monument. Towering above the Old Town and central Riga, this granite and copper structure honours soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence. Considered an important symbol of freedom, without what that tower stands for, you wouldn’t even be considering Riga for your stag do.


Riga Old Town

Riga Old Town

Regardless of whether you’re heading to Riga for a massive p*ss up, or just to take in some of the local culture and admire the unique, Eastern European architecture – you’ll be spending a lot of time in Riga’s Old Town. As well as being the oldest section of Riga (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), it’s home to Riga Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church, which offers breathtaking views of Riga from its 72 metre observational tower.


Nativity Cathedral

Brivibas bulvaris 23, Centra rajons, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

Nativity Cathedral

Probably the most recognisable building in the whole of Riga is the Nativity Cathedral, with its cool dome-shaped peaks and unusual façade. It’s one of the most prominent buildings which you can spot from Radisson Blu’s Skyline bar, as well as on your walk to the Old Town. It’s also super close to Freedom Monument, meaning that you can tick two things off your Riga cultural list at once and tell the missus that she was wrong about what goes down on stag dos… well, sort of.


Jurmala Beach

Jurmala Beach

We totally forgive you if sunshine, palm trees and golden sands aren’t the image you conjure when you first think of Riga, but just a few miles out of Riga, you’ll come across the untouched paradise that is Jurmala Beach. There are some seriously cool beach bars lining the seafront, accompanied by panoramic white sands and beautiful Latvian women sunbathing. Temperatures average around 30°C in the summer, so ticking this off your cultural list will be no hardship.


House of Blackheads

Ratslaukums 7, Centra rajons, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

House of Blackheads

Despite the gross images that its name conjures, Riga’s House of Blackheads is pretty spectacular. Built in 1334, this palace like building was once used for upper class merchants for meetings and banquets – beats the function room of a Travelodge, ay? Basically, it is what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, so make sure to whack it down on your ‘must see’ list. It’s in Riga’s Old Town, so you’ll pass it when you’re bar hopping anyway.


Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square

Impressive in any season, at any time of the day or night, Town Hall Square is one of the main squares in Riga. During WWII, this area was heavily bombed and subsequently destroyed, but has been completely reconstructed and painstakingly restored to its former glory. It is home to the aforementioned House of Blackheads, as well as the reconstructed Town Hall and other impressive structures, as well as some pretty awesome Christmas markets in the festive season.


Swedish Gate and Old City Walls

Swedish Gate and Old City Walls

If you’re into your history, you must check this out. Built in 1698, when Sweden took over the city, the Swedish Gate and old city walls are the only structure in the Old Town that has its original features preserved, untouched by WWII bombings. Plus, it’s in the Old Town so you can casually check it out as you’re flitting between bars. Interestingly, the apartment located above the Swedish Gate used to belong to the city’s executioner, who would put a red rose in his window, the night before an execution.


Riga Zoo

Meža prospekts 1, Ziemelu rajons, Riga, LV-1014, Latvia

Riga Zoo

You thought those strip clubs and rowdy bars were packed with wild animals? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If you need a break from the 24-hour drinking session, a good way to clear your heads is getting back to basics with a trip to the zoo. Packed to the rafters with around 4,000 animals of nearly 500 species, you can become one of the 300,000 annual visitors to the zoo. You can get here by taking Tram 11 from the city centre.

Getting to Riga

Plane icon

Since the introduction of budget airlines to Riga (Ryanair’s launch was November 2004), Riga has soared in popularity and become the ultimate in stag do destinations. Flying to Riga is the very best way to get there from the UK and Ireland; it’s super quick, simple and has direct flights to over 100 destinations across 30 countries, seeing over 6,000,000 passengers annually pass through its doors. With a huge range of airlines flying into Riga, including Ryanair, Wizz Air and airBaltic, you should be able to find suitable flights for cheap as chips – leaving you plenty of cash for those other Riga stag do essentials. Riga’s airport is about 20 minutes out of the city centre where you’ll be staying, but we can arrange a transfer to pick you up and take you direct to your accommodation – even throwing in a couple of strippers if that’s what you fancy (of course that’s what you fancy).

Dublin Airport DUB3h 10mRyanair
Leeds Bradford Airport LBA2h 50mRyanair
London Luton LTN2h 40mWizz Air
Manchester Airport MAN2h 35mRyanair

Getting Around Riga

Luckily for you, most of Riga’s best bars and tourist attractions are located within the Old Town – but, if you’re hoping to venture further afield, here are the very best ways to get around Riga.

Walk icon


The very best bars and nightclubs in the entire city, as well as many of the most popular restaurants, tourist attractions and cultural hotspots are all located within Riga Old Town – meaning that you can get from A to B on foot very easily. Plus, nothing clears a hangover like a walk in the fresh air… However, remember to keep your valuables securely out of sight when walking around in Riga, especially if you’ve had a bit to drink, as pickpockets occasionally target tourists, and we’d hate something preventable like this to spoil your trip.

Tram icon


If you’re wanting to go further than just a quick taxi ride, the tram is the most cost effective way to get about town. Riga boasts eight tram lines, 17 trolleybus routes and 56 regular routes, operating from as early as 5am, until 1am. Top tip: buy your tickets from designated Riga Transport ticket offices (look for the Rigas Satiksme sign) where the exact same journey will cost you less than buying direct from the driver. A single from any ticket office will set you back just €1.15, but there are group tickets available for up to 20 people, which will cost roughly €20.70.

Taxi icon


Taxis are plentiful in Riga and there are many taxi ranks dotted about the city, ideal for grabbing a quick lift when you’ve had a few too many shots. However, there are a few things to be made aware of when it comes to Riga taxis; the first is the difference between metred and unmetred taxis. A metred taxi will allow you to see exactly how much your fare is going to be, where an unmetred taxi can charge whatever the driver feels like – which could leave you with a lot less cash for those bevs. It’s also worth noting that there’s a standard fee of €5 for any taxi passing through the Old Town, so bare this is mind when you’re totting up your fare. Short journeys around the centre shouldn’t cost you more than €6 anyway. We offer transfers from the airport and our stag do activities can come with transfers and guides who will collect you from your accommodation – taking all of the hassle out of getting around.

Average Prices in Riga

Riga is popular because of its beautiful women, loose relationship with rules and dirt cheap prices. Here are a few averages, so you can see what we’re talking about.

Average Price of a Lap Dance

€20 (£17.86)Average Price of a Lap Dance

Average Price of a Pint

€2 (£1.79)Average Price of a Pint

Average Price of a Takeaway

€3 (£2.68)Average Price of a Takeaway

Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

€10 (£8.93)Average Price of a Nightclub Entry

Riga Weather

Like much of Eastern Europe, Latvia experiences scorching highs along with pretty frosty lows in temperature. However, regardless of when you’re travelling to Riga, the beer will taste good and the women will look amazing – so we can’t imagine the weather being too much of a concern to lads like you.

May 2019

Weather icon for the current month

Averages of 16° - you won’t know what’s hit you. The nights will still be a little chilly, but it is officially beer garden weather through the day and we are not complaining.


Weather icon for January-2°C


Weather icon for February-2°C


Weather icon for March3°C


Weather icon for April9°C


Weather icon for May16°C


Weather icon for June20°C


Weather icon for July21°C


Weather icon for August20°C


Weather icon for September15°C


Weather icon for October11°C


Weather icon for November11°C


Weather icon for December4°C

Random Riga Facts

*We take pride in our work and all of the information in the guide was correct at the time of publication - 08/01/2019. Probably.

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