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Budget Stag Night Costumes

The beauty of the stag do is that cheap costumes can be just as effective as something you’ve splurged sixty quid on. When the main aim is to make it as embarrassing for the groom as possible, simplicity is sometimes the way forward. At LNOF we have a fantastic range of stag night costumes under £20, so that you can save your budget for the important things in life – like beer and club entry. The hardest bit is deciding how best to shame him. But what kind of stag is he? With these cheap stag costume ideas, you’ll soon find the perfect outfit to shame him with.

A collection of budget stag do outfits
Budget price, premium look.

The Man Baby

No man wants to grow up, but your stag’s known for taking it too far. You’ve got an inkling that he’s only getting hitched because mum’s finally kicked him out the nest – God knows he’s never washed a dish in his life. Let the world know that he never really learned to wipe his arse with one of our adult baby costumes.

Those Benidorm toilets can get pretty grim, but holding it in while you’re smashed is risky, to say the least. With our Big Baby Costume, there’s no need to worry about any little accidents. This giant nappy is complete with a giant safety pin and large dummy to shut him up with (bonus). And what’s funnier than a drunken adult man in a bright blue baby grow? Not much, in our opinion. Our Adult Baby Costume is complete with a frilly bonnet for the angelic little cherub. We’ve even included a giant milk bottle so you can wean him off those vodka Redbulls at 6am.

The Rebel

His teenage years are far behind him, but he’s still convinced he’s a total rebel – and it’s insufferable. Always trying to play the ‘bad boy’ type when he’s grafting, this kind of stag has yet to realise that everyone can see right through him. Spell it out for him with one of our rebellious character costumes.

The Escaped Prisoner Costume is a classic stag costume that’s guaranteed to draw far more eyes than the groom will be comfortable with. Go the extra mile and get the Ball and Chain and Handcuffs to match. It'll have you wondering how on earth anyone escaped jail wearing that at all.

The Personality Transplant

We’ve all been told to ‘fake it till you make it’, but God knows that this guy takes it too far. You’ve been mates since forever and you’d do anything for him, but if the stag could stop making stuff up every time he meets someone new, then that would be great. He’s got enough BS up his sleeve to put the House of Commons to shame, and it doesn’t look like he’s quitting any time soon. Why not give him a new identity to add to his collection with our less offensive character costumes.

Nothing’s going to attract the right sort of female attention than the classic sailor’s uniform. Tell him to start practicing those tall sea-faring tales and prepare for the role of Sexy Captain – we even have his right hand men sorted with the Sailor’s Outfits to match. Or perhaps he's the sort of stag that gets further from the Lord’s light with every passing day. Well it’s time to fix that. Rekindle his relationship to God with our Priest’s costume. Don’t worry, you can still partake in all the sinful behaviors you’re used to – just scott free.

LNOF Buyers Guide to Budget Stag Do Costumes

Adult Baby Costume

Best Value Costume Under £20: Adult Baby Costume


For the heads you’ll be turning all night, this Adult Baby Costume is an absolute steal.

  • Hat and Blue Romper Suit

  • Not Revealing or Offensive

  • Stag Humiliation Potential

  • One Size Fits All

As anyone who’s been a baby before knows, you can’t go out without your giant dummy. Get your tiny baby hands on one from our shop and complete the look.


Insert PunchLine

Most Embarrassing: Borat Mankini


It’s another stag classic – the Borat Mankini. Better hope it’s not cold!

  • Classic Mankini Style

  • Super Revealing

  • It’s Very Niiiice!

  • One Size Fits All

The Mankini is, without doubt, the best costume option under £20 if you’re looking for something truly humiliating.


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