Personalised Stag Do Face Masks

Strange times call for strange measures, Covid-19 has changed all of our lives massively and that's even before you go on a stag do wearing a printed ball sack on your face, you didn't see that coming in February 2020 did you?. Here we have put together a selection of fantastic stag do face masks, loads of designs to choose from including the idiots abroad and moustache stag designs, which are sure to be popular. We can also offer photo print face masks too. Travel in style and within the rules, with any one of these amazing face masks.

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About our Stag Face-Masks

LNOF's stag do facemask features – front view, front-print design

A Personalised Face Mask is Perfect for...

An illustrated icon of an aircraft


Face masks are compulsory on many forms of transport.

An illustrated icon of a beer

The beer run

Face masks must be worn in most shops and off licences.

An illustrated icon of someone wearing a mask

Embarrassing the stag

We have some hilarious designs to embarrass the stag.

An illustrated icon of a paintbrush

Group activities

You need masks in many group activities.

Why choose a Face Mask?

Fully Personalised

We have created a huge range of personalised options with more than twenty different designs to choose from. Some of these are a bit more simple such as the idiots abroad or stag trip options while some offer various different design options such as the moustache mask and we can even offer photo print face masks! Whichever design you choose you can customise the text to your liking.


Stand Out as a Group

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of masks available, different colours, materials, shapes and sizes so if you're looking to kit the group out with matching stag do masks then these are the ones for you. Buying everyone a matching mask, complete with your own design is a great way to keep the group together on your trip..


It's literally the law

This is certainly the first time that the authorities have looked favourably upon one of our products, but in many circumstances it is a legal requirement for you to wear a mask and if you have to wear one, you might as well look the part. Travelling, entering a shop and some group activities are all times where you will be expected to wear a face mask, so make sure you wear one with a printed ball sack on the front, that's our motto anyway.

The equipped logo, it’s the word equipped in a white font and has a little T-shirt where the dot on the i should be

Need custom shirts for something else?

We also provide custom printed Team Wear for events, sports, charities, education and work through our sister company equipped.


Stag Do Face Coverings FAQs

How quickly will you print the face masks?

We aim to print within 48 hours of the order being confirmed..

What material are these made from?

These face masks are 100% Cotton.

Please can you tell me some technical stuff that other people probably won't understand?

Certainly, these are permeability and filtration tested, filtration is greater than 70% and they meet OEKO-TEXT standard 100.

I have an abnormally large face, what dimensions are the masks?

17.5cm wide and 12.7cm deep.

Can these be washed?

The masks can be washed at up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Should I use this in surgical or clinical settings or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily fluids and other hazardous fluids may be expected?

No, you should not

Do you do any other colours?

Unfortunately not, because of the printing process we use, to print on other colours than white could restrict the air flow through the mask and make it unsafe.

Do you have a really long winded list of disclaimers and medical advice that you need to shoehorn into this page somewhere?

You bet we do: Do not use bleach, chemicals or disinfectant to wash this product. If skin irritation occurs, immediately stop using the face mask. If irritation persists consult your primary care provider. Be mindful when wearing the product if you have lung disease like emphysema or chronic heart disease. Stop using the product if you notice difficulty breathing when wearing it.

Do you do these but much bigger, like a mask that will cover my nipples and belly and stuff?

Yes we do, but we call those personalised T-shirts and we have a massive range of those, we've done them for years. We also now offer stag do hoodies, sashes, badges and Morphsuits too.

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