Personalised Stag Do

If you're thinking, "where can I find the best selection of personalised stag do hoodies on earth?" then you're most likely in the right place. We've created loads of designs which you can customise with your own text, add nicknames etc and then print on any one of 9 colours of hoodie. We can also print photo's and can create a bespoke design, just for you. Our photo print stag hoodie could make your weekend one to remember. We aim to print and dispatch within 48 hours of your order being confirmed and we have next day shipping available too.

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About our Stag Hoodies

LNOF's stag do hoodie features – front view - hood, front-print design and pocket
LNOF's stag do hoodie features – back view – back print number and names, fruit of the loom, many colourways

Hoodie Size Guide

UK SizeChestHoodie Hoodie
Small35" - 37"51 cm67 cm
Medium38" - 40"56 cm70 cm
Large41" - 43"61 cm73 cm
XLarge44" - 46"63.5 cm76 cm
2XL47" - 49"68.5 cm79 cm

Width: Measure across garment 1cm down from armholes

Length: Measure from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of garment

* Shirts are small fitting, we recommend going up a size if you’re unsure.

A Personalised Hoodie is Perfect for...

An illustrated icon of an aircraft


Ensure no man is left behind, get all of the guys in their matching hoodies for the journey.

An illustrated icon of a beer


A hoodie offers that extra bit of comfort and hiding space that you need after a big night.

An illustrated icon of some alcoholic drinks

Getting Ready

Casual and comfortable, a hoodie takes away the stress of worrying about what to wear.

An illustrated icon of a kayak

Outdoor activities

Keeps you warm, is easy to run around in and offers protection from paintballs, perfect.

Why choose a Hoodie?

Fully Personalised

We have a huge range of designs which we've come up with, such as our Hangover Hoodie and College Stag Hoodie you can tailor those by adding your own names, locations and dates. We also have the option of creating your own bespoke stag do hoodie design, with a photo of your stag included, just upload the photo, let us know what else you want on there and we'll get a mock-up back to you.


Stand Out as a Group

It's always eye catching when the whole group wear matching tops, and these hoodies allow you to do that for the whole weekend, whatever the weather. There's also a practical benefit of being able to spot the group members easily, from a distance, wherever you are.


Wear Again and Again

Unlike a T-shirt which you'll want to wash every time you wear it, you can happily wear your hoodie several times over the stag weekend, for example while travelling there and back, while doing activities, while having a look around town and it can be worn after the event too at reunions or maybe even the wedding.

The equipped logo, it’s the word equipped in a white font and has a little T-shirt where the dot on the i should be

Need custom shirts for something else?

We also provide custom printed Team Wear for events, sports, charities, education and work through our sister company equipped.


Stag Hoodie FAQs

How quickly will you get a mock-up back to me?

Once we have your image and details of what you want, we should be able to get a mock-up over to you within one working day.

How quickly will you print the stag do hoodies?

Really, really quickly. We do everything ourselves in-house, we aim to get your garments printed within 48 hours of the design being confirmed. If you need your order quicker than this, get in touch because if we have the time we can rush it through, we have in the past had garments delivered within 24 hours of ordering.

How come you can print so much faster than other companies?

We are a UK-based company residing in the heart of Gateshead, some online printers actually outsource to Germany, others use third party printers or dispatch companies, we do everything ourselves in our office and we dispatch through our adjoining warehouse.

My Idea is a Bit Weird (or Rude) – Will You Print It?

Yes, in a word. Over the years we've done some weird and wonderful designs, the stags head on a pigeon for example, or a picture of the stag naked printed forty times across the front of a shirt. We draw the line at offensive content (race, religion etc) but if it's harmless fun then we'd love to print it for you.

What Difference Does an In-House Designer Make?

Most other online printers require you to have your design ready made or to fit it into a ready made template, we have designers in house who will create your design as you want it at no extra charge, we also offer free adjustments to the design if the one you get at first isn't quite right. Because our designers are part of our team rather than outsourced freelancers, designs take less time to get back to you.

Can I Personalise Each Hoodie in the Group Differently?

We'd rather you didn't, if you want one design for the stag and a different design for the rest of the group, that's no problem. However, creating twenty different designs and setting up our printer twenty times is really time consuming. We can very easily add individual names and numbers to the backs of hoodies so that every one is unique. If you really absolutely must have a different design on each garment, let us know and we'll look into it, but there will be an additional fee per garment to cover the additional labour. Different colour hoodies for each group member is no problem at all.

What Size Hoodies Do You Have?

Sizes currently range from Small to 2XL.

What’s the Material Like?

We print on to Fruit of The Loom hoodies, so you can be assured they’re made from a good quality material, these are 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Do you print any similar matching items?

We sure do, we've been offering stag night T-shirts for years, they are our most popular item.

Will We Look Super Duper Cool, Or Like A School Trip Gone Wrong?

100% Super Duper cool, rumour has it they're remaking Happy Days with The Fonz wearing one of our personalised stag do hoodies, that's how cool you'll look.

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