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Stag Do Morphsuits

At last Night of Freedom we were very much ahead of the curve when it came to Morphsuits, we’ve been selling these by the shed load since way back in 2010! We started with the solid colour options, black, red and pink being the most popular and then over time we added mopre options as they became available. More recently we have started offering M-suits, essentially a cheaper version of the same thing, they are still made by Morphsuits, but the stitching is slightly more obvious up close, much cheaper and to be honest there isnt much difference.

Get suited up!

The great thing about a Morpshuit is it’s timeless, it isn’t based on a character which is going to become less relevant or a trend which is going to go out of fashion, it is essentially an all over lycra suit and that is never going to stop being funny, especially when you’re dressing your mate up in one for his stag do.

With loads of different colours to choose from, including the top selling pink and black versions, there is bound to be an option here which catches your eye. This is also the kind of costume where you definitely have the option of dressing the whole group up, either in the same colours or all different, you are bound to stand out wherever you go if you’re all wearing Morphsuits.

We also offer personalised Morphsuits, which is pretty unique. Go the extra mile and have your mates name printed on the front along an embarrassing name on the back for good measure, we can personalise pretty much any of the solid colour Morphsuits with our stag do designs and it’s cheap too.

Be sure to check the size guide before purchasing, better to go slightly on the large side if you’re unsure as if it’s too small it can be tricky to get on.

Morphsuit FAQ's

Can I drink through it?

Yes! Morphsuits are made from a specially designed breathable material which allows the wearer to drink through it. It might be wise to go easy on the beer whilst in your suit as liquids don’t pass so well the other way!

Are they reusable?

Morphsuits are pretty hard wearing and can be worn many times and unlike most other fancy dress costumes there are no add on pieces which can be lost on a night out.

What do I wear underneath it?

It’s best to wear a tight pair of boxers underneath your suit rather than baggy boxers, unless you want people to think you have a lumpy arse!

Where can I wear a morph suit?

You can pretty much wear a Morphsuit anywhere! They are great for festivals, fancy dress parties, sports events, last days of school and charity events.

Can you see out of them?

Yes, these all in one suits have been designed so the wearer can see out and those on the outside can’t see in! Perfect for checking out the ladies!

Can you unzip it yourself?

The suits close with a double zip which starts at the bottom of your back and finished at the back of your head. This makes it possible for you to zip and unzip the suit yourself!

Do I have to have a gym body?

Morphsuits are all about fun and not how big your six pack is or isn’t! There is also the added benefit of anonymity whilst wearing your suit. If you don’t want to be identified then don’t put your hood down. Simples!

Where do I keep my money?

Morphsuits don’t have pockets so carrying life’s essentials around with you requires a little imagination! If you want to travel light you could keep your money in your shoes or some people like to carry their belongings in a stylish bum bag or back pack!

Size Guide

Morphsuit Size Guide

Did You Know?

The largest amount of people wearing morphsuits in any one place is 250!

LNOF Buyers Guide to Morphsuits

Black Morphsuit

Best budget M-Suit Black M-Suit


Fantastc black one piece, full body suit.

  • Cheaper M-suit model

  • Jet black

  • Can be personalised

  • Can go missing in the dark

The black suit is an all time best seller, the new cheaper M-suit isn't noticably lower quality than the originals either.


Terry's all gold

Most Eye Catching Morphsuit Gold Morph Suit


Fantastc gold Morphsuit, available in four sizes..

  • Official Morphsuit

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Can be personalised

The gold Morphsuit is a bit different but offers a eye catching alternative to the primary colour options.


Kicking Pink Morphsuit - Great Fancy Dress Costume

Most embarrassing Morphsuit Pink Morphsuit


Bright pink, official Morphsuit.

  • Bright pink full body suit

  • Available in four sizes

  • Can be personalised

The original and best, a bright pink Morphsuit is now a stag do staple.


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Top 9 Morphsuits 2022

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