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Stag Night Rude Costumes

So your best mate’s finally palmed you off for married life, has he? Thinks you’re going give him a nice easy lad’s holiday to send him off? Well he’s in for a treat. Give him the night of humiliation he’s been asking for – and raise some eyebrows while you’re at it - with our rude stag costumes.

Caution, Explicit Content!

In the past, stags would dress up in any old costume to highlight him from the group, but modern day stag dos take X-rated to a whole new level. These days, stags are obliged to dress in a rude, crass and vulgar fancy dress costume – it’s basically a stag do rite of passage. With over 30 rude costumes to choose from, starting at just £2.99, there’s no excuse for not stepping up to the mark on your best mate’s final send-off.

Pimp Your Gimp

Bargain BDSM - Our Budget Gimp Costume is the perfect choice for the more frugal gimp. If you’re looking to break the stag’s sense of pride without breaking the bank then this could be the perfect option for you. Complete with harness, mask and a cheeky flogger to boot, we’ve not skimped out on any details when we put together this mortifyingly funny costume.

Finesse and M - Our bestselling Classic Gimp Costume is a chic little number for the fashion-conscious gimp. Your stag will be a vision in pleather with its full coverage, classic gimp look. While it may not be revealing, the chest straps, mouth zip and chainmail pants are anything but modest (and that stretchy polyester really won’t leave much to the imagination).

#FreeTheNipple - Throw your nips to the wind and give the public a real eyeful with our Bondage Gimp Costume. True stag embarrassment always involves a bit of skin on show, which is where this costumes cut-out nipple bodysuit comes in handy. But the degradation doesn’t stop there – as our most S&M heavy costume, this one is complete with nipple clamps, ball gag and chain mail thong. Ooh la la!

The Whole Package

Don’t Be a Prick - Or do, quite literally. At LNOF we believe that simplicity is sometimes the way forward. That’s why we have a range of penis costumes to fit any budget. Let the stag – and the whole world – know how much of a prick he is with our bestselling, high quality Penis Costume. And of course no willy is complete with a few little pals – in which case our Sperm Costumes are a great addition to the group.

Stay in Character - Our cheeky character costumes are quite possibly the only way you’ll get away with flashing your package on your stag (the polyester one, lads, not the real deal please). Forget caber toss because our Well Hung Highlander is busy hulking another kind of wood around. And all the girls will want to catch a ride on our Knob Jockey. Giddyup!

Fannying Around - The stag’s probably saved himself for marriage, so it’s time to school him on the female form. Our bestselling Vagina Costume is exclusive to LNOF and will make sure he looks a right fanny on the night. And we’re sure you’ll be absolutely buzzing when you find out about our Inflatable Rabbit Vibrator Costume.

Give Em an Eyeful

The D-String - Feeling insecure? Well you definitely will be with one of our Asymmetric Thong’s. We don’t understand the physics of it either, but we don’t plan on investigating. All we know is that that tiny piece of fabric’s going to cause quite a stir on the beach.

Mankini - This popularity of this garish green swimwear is showing no signs of abating. In fact, it is number four stag costume in all of Kazakhstan. Nice. Whether you choose the Original Green Mankini, or if you want to have a really wild night out, get your stag in this Tiger Print Mankini.

We have way more rude fancy dress options for a hilariously funny stag weekend, so check them out. We have a number of delivery options including next day delivery, so you don’t need to worry about sorting things last minute. And with Free UK standard delivery on orders over £50, stag humiliation has never been easier.

Buyers Guide to Rude Costumes

Full Body Penis Costume

Best Value: Penis Costume


We can’t all be well endowed. This massive willy costume will make up for any personal shortcomings, and then some.

  • Best Seller

  • Great Value

  • Stag Humiliation Potential

  • Gets Toasty in Hot Climates

This bestseller is great quality and a total steal.


Front View Of Blue Willy And Bum Shorts

Best Budget: Willy and Bum Shorts


Real flashing will get you a slap in the face and a criminal record – all this plastic little fella is going to get you is a hilarious night and some unfortunate tagged photos.

  • Great Price

  • Shock Factor

  • Attention Where You Want It

  • Don’t Get Arrested

At just £5.99, this is one of our most reviewed rude products, with just about everyone singing its praises.


Front Facing Ninja Sanitary Towel Costume

Best Premium: Ninja Sanitary Towel Costume


Sometimes, you just need to get as weird as possible. We assume that’s what the manufacturers were aiming for when they made this costume.

  • Fits up to 48” Chest

  • Ninja Headband and Tampon Nun Chucks Included

  • Head Turner

  • Not Super Absorbent

This costume delivers from just about every angle: quality, shock value, stag humiliation, leak prevention…


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