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Berlin will blow you away. It's passionate about all the important things: women, football and beer. And, that's not to mention the legendary nightlife - it's the best in the whole of Europe.

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LNOF Guide to Berlin

Berlin is a seriously cool and hipster city on the capital scene.

Berlin is a breathtaking patchwork of the old and the new - as diverse and fascinating a city as it’s possible to find in Europe - and a thoroughly fine choice for stag weekends. Forget about trying to research its every corner before you get there, Berlin is a colossal city - and the range of entertainment options are enough to make any weekend visitor’s head spin. Speaking of spinning heads, it would be remiss of us not to underline the power of German beer at this point, which remains as potent and persuasive as Boris Becker in a broom cupboard.

Berlin is composed of numerous districts, including the likes of Mitte, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. Mitte (Middle) is the best-known and most-visited of Berlin’s central districts, emerging from its sparse communist past to flourish fantastically with mouth-watering menus of food, music, clothes and clubs, whilst the largely-gay Schoneberg district has some of Berlin’s best nightspots and should not be ruled out. Kreuzberg, one of the more recognised areas of the capital, is a diverse district, boasting street bars, punk clubs and underground caves that double as mind-blowing clubs (Prince Charles holds the title as one of the legendary options in Kreuzberg). Prenzlauer Berg, once the arty hub of Berlin, is completely chilled these days, with the buzzing streets lined with cool bars and swanky restaurants.

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I went to Berlin during Oktoberfest. I've never experienced anything quite like it. Or hangovers like those...

Liam RossSenior Graphic Designer

Berlin is as liberal, colourful and overwhelming a city as it is possible to imagine. Deutschland’s capital is overflowing with stunning history, arresting landmarks and scintillating frauleins. The clubs do not revolve exclusively around techno music by any means. However, if that is your thing, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to sweaty heaven.

Germany is famous for beer, women and football. We will happily ensure that your stag weekend includes a large dollop of all three. And, whilst history may not always rank highly on a stag party agenda, fifteen minutes at Brandenburg Gate is enough to impress even the most hardened of philistines and the Berlin Wall is a must see.

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