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Birmingham is your perfect date – down to earth, up for a laugh and all about a proper night out. This city is your playground of old pubs, swanky bars, massive clubs and mental DJs. It’s a merry-go-round of booze and banter.

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LNOF Guide to Birmingham

The country’s second largest city is unbelievable.

Birmingham is a vibrant mix of colourful cuisine and bassy beats, crammed with the kind of diverse choice only a confident metropolis can bring. It boasts a culture both mainstream and alternative, as well as a whole load of pubs, clubs, shops, cafes, parks and monuments. Birmingham even has more canals than Venice, and its central location is a perfect compromise for any stag group spread from north to south.

You could literally go out of your mind with the quality and breadth of options in this city. The number of tempting bars and clubs is enough to satisfy even the strongest of appetites. Getting lost in the Birmingham stag weekend vibe is a pleasure you should not forego.

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Me and the lads always line our stomachs with a curry, then get out on the sesh.

Andy HindmarshDirector

Birmingham has a vast network of bars and clubs at its finger-tips. Everything is geared to you having as rich a time as possible. It may not be as famous as, say, Newcastle is for binge drinking, or Edinburgh is for pub crawls - but you would be hard pushed not to have just as big and as memorable a stag weekend here.

You might start off with a few shooters in the Arcadian Centre, before moving the session on to a few Wharfside Street establishments, and - after making sure you’ve sampled one of the city’s mouth-watering restaurants – rounding the night off by attacking Broad Street, Birmingham’s legendary and notorious nightlife hub. You can then move on to one of the city’s outstanding nightclubs in the very small hours - the best end to most great stag weekends.

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