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A man jumping through an inflatable castle

It's A Knockout

People in pink and blue zorbs on a field

Bubble Football & Goggle Football

Three red karts on an outdoor track

Outdoor Karting - Grand Prix

A man driving a quad bike

Quad Biking

A man in a rage buggy

Rage Buggies

A split image of a quad bike and a man shooting a gun

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking

A stationary rage buggy

Rage Buggies

A man driving a quad bike

Quad Biking

A buggy driving through gravel

Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A person's hands on the steering wheel of a go kart, with the background blurred

Indoor Karting - Mini Grand Prix

A man in a bodysuit and mask, aiming with a laser gun

Indoor Laser Tag

A split image of a mud buddy and a high rope climber

Clay Pigeon Shooting, High Ropes & Rage Buggies

Three clays and a gun lying in the grass

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A man sat on his knees outside and firing a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A man in a pink target bib, crouching down and holding a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A man aiming with an air rifle in an indoor range

Archery, Assault Rifles, Axe Throwing & Crossbows

Men firing their guns at the sky

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 40 Clays

A man wearing a beret and pulling a strained face whilst firing a gun

Assault Rifle Shooting

A man in camouflage, aiming with a laser gun

Pulse Ranger Outdoor Laser Tag

An axe in wood

Archery, Axe Throwing & Clay Pigeon Shooting

A gun being loaded

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 30 Clays

A man in a superhero costume driving a quad bike

Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

Men firing their guns at the sky

Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A man aiming with an air rifle

Assault Rifles, Axe Throwing, Crossbow & Segways

Red bullets coming out of a shotgun as a man looks on

Archery, Blind 4x4 Driving, Laser Clays & Segways

A man firing an arrow at a target

Archery & Axe Throwing & Blind 4x4 Driving

Three axes stuck in the base of a tree

Archery & Crossbows, Assault Rifles, Axe Throwing

A split image of someone on a quad bike and someone shooting a gun

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking

Two rage buggies driving through a dirt track

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Rage Buggies

A close up of wheels driving through mud

Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A gun set up on a windowsill, behind a blind

Archery, Air Rifles, Blind Driving & Quad Biking

A split image of a target and someone on a high ropes course

Archery, High Ropes & Quad Biking

A split image of wheels in the mud, and clays and a gun in the grass

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Rage Buggies

Assault Rifles & Rage Buggies

Split image of Messi stood next to a blue inflatable zorb, and a group of men playing archery tag

Battle Zone Archery & Bubble Football

Assault Rifle Shooting & Quad Biking

The back of a man kicking a ball at a footdart board


A group of people riding segways through a forest

Forest Segway

Split image of the back of a man running to a footdart board, and people playing in inflatable balls on a field

Footdarts & Bubble Football

A man's legs sticking out of an inflated zorb

Bubble Football & Old School Sports Day

Silhouette of someone climbing a rope ladder

High Ropes Course

Close up of a golf ball on a tee and a club behind

Golf - 18 Holes

Men wearing goggles and attempting to kick a football on a pitch

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

Two men bouncing off each other whilst in inflatable zorbs

Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee

A man climbing a rope ladder

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

A silver boombox in front of a paint mural

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

Craft beer laid out in a rack

Craft Beer or Cider Tasting & Food Platters

Under the arm shot of a person putting sauce on a pizza base

Pizza Making Class

Two red cocktails, and a yellow one, in front of crushed ice on a bar

Slug & Lettuce Cocktail Workshop

A cocktail with berries and mint on top

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

Three glasses with brandy, lined up on a wooden table to a dark backdrop

Bourbon Tasting

A cocktail with sliced apples on the rim, and a Great British flag ribbon on the stem

Square Club - Cocktail Workshop

A man's hand holding a crystal glass stem, with rum in

Rum Tasting

A man's hand holding a shot of vodka, with three other shots in the foreground

Vodka Tasting

Whiskey being poured through a sieve and into a tumbler, over ice

Whiskey Tasting

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

Central Chambers - Whiskey & Rum Tasting

Three shots of tequila on a wooden board, surrounded by slices of lime

Tequila Tasting

A man and woman playing poker

Rainbow Casino - 3 Course Meal, Drink & Gaming Lesson

A pizza with salad on top

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

Sic glasses of craft beer laid out

Craft Beer or Cider Tasting & Burger Meal

Food and sauces served up on a wooden board

Slug & Lettuce - Finger Food & Prosecco

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

Colourful salad on a plate

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

Cake, ice cream and sauce

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

Curry in a bowl next to naan bread

Old India - 3 Course Meal

Spaghetti bolognese

La Grotta - 2 Course Meal

Plates of salad

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

A waffle topped with fruit

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

Pizza next to a plate of dough balls

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

Steak, chips, salad and garlic butter

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

A chicken pasta meal with shavings of Parmesan and a bottle of wine lying on its side in the background

Bella Italia - 2 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a food and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 4 Course Meal with Prosecco & Wine

White Zizzi logo placed over an image of a pizza

Zizzi - 2 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a pizza and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 3 Course Meal with Prosecco

A burger on a wooden board, served with chips

Walkabout - Food & Beers

A roulette wheel with the ball landing on red seven

Rainbow Casino - Roulette Experience

Cards in front of poker chips

Poker Lesson & Welcome Drink

People placing their bets on the Roulette table

Grosvenor Casino Entry

Five red diamond cards next to poker chips

The Straight Flush Casino Experience

Five red hearts cards next to poker chips

Royal Flush Experience

A martini glass with two dice in

Rainbow Casino - Reserved Area & Premium Drinks Package

A girl croupier dealing cards out to some people in a casino

Rainbow Casino - Private Poker Session

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

The white Walkabout logo over an image of the booths at Walkabout

Walkabout - VIP Table Reservation

Beer bottle tops

Walkabout - Beer, Spirits & Shots

Two full drinks next to a punch bowl

Walkabout - Fishbowls & Mixed Drinks

Booths, tables and chairs in front of the bar at Revolution

Revolution Guestlist Entry

The exterior of the Slug and Lettuce, Bristol

Slug & Lettuce Bar Entry

A split image of a cocktail being poured and a roulette wheel with chips to the side of it

Rainbow Casino - Reserved Area & Drinks Package

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LNOF Guide to Bristol

Check out the bright cider life in sunny Bristol.

As one of the top stag weekend destinations in the UK, you can expect Bristol to be a bit tasty. Bristol is a hell of a lot more than applejack, country strolls and canal boats. This place is all about pumping clubs, lively bars, excellent eateries, first-rate music venues, beautiful buildings, fantastic stores and stunning women.

The cathedral, university buildings, bridges and towers accentuate the city’s history and grace, whilst the eye-catching docklands area merely hints at the outstanding nightlife on offer all around you. Your stag weekend in Bristol could go in a million different directions, but, whatever happens, rest assured you won’t be bored for a second once this town gets hold of you.

Bierkellers, boats, Brunel, bridges... and beer. Bristol boasts a rip-roaring drinking culture that dovetails perfectly with the history and splendour that’s all around you. Cool, thriving bars – all within decent walking distance of each other – decorate the city’s trendier sections, busy patrons mixing well into the early hours in a very open, friendly atmosphere.

Corn Street, Whiteladies Road, and the Clifton sector make visitors feel at home with a mixture of strong ales, lively crack and flowing music. Museums, exhibitions, festivals, photo-worthy landmarks, historic buildings, barges, bridges and a string of intriguing shops will all register with you at some point during your Bristol stag weekend – although, not perhaps as much as the casinos, lap clubs, karting centres, bierkellers, restaurants, pubs and clubs galore.

Customer Reviews for Bristol

Our average stag feedback score for Bristol is 4.68

Average Rating from 71 reviews

Trustpilot Rating


Had a great day and night everyone enjoyed it, go karting was good, hotel was good and the nightlife was good once we worked out where places were. Last Night of Freedom fulfilled everything I asked for and more many thanks. ”


“We had a really great weekend. The hotel was ideal, breakfast and bar area fantastic. Everyone really enjoyed the bubble football and archery. Many thanks”


“Had a great weekend, was made easy by booking through Last Night of Freedom.


Excellent service. Made life alot easier. Everyone had an excellent time. Would definitely recommend.


Amazing company takes the hassle out of all the planing and great customer support.


LNOF organised a great weekend in Bristol for our group. Even when we had to amend details such as hotel rooms it was smooth. ”


Sexy Referee at the Zorb football was definitely hot but she clearly had little to no understanding of the game - I still dispute a couple of her penalty decisions......”


“Last Night of Freedom took the Ballache out of being best man. ”


“Great trip ”


“It was an amazing activity, the staff were friendly, it was a great laugh and it's worth the money for that activity!!”


“Last Night of Freedom were really helpful in planning the stag do and working out which options best suited the group.”


“We had a great weekend in a great city. The activities were spot on and the hotel was really nice and was located 5 minutes walk from everything. Last Night Of Freedom Rocks!!!! ”


“We had a quality weekend in and around Bristol thanks to LNOF. The hotel was decent and the clay shooting and mud buggies were awesome. There are plenty of nice places to eat in Bristol and the nightlife is great. We bumped into loads of other stag and hen parties so we definitely weren't the only ones out for a good time (which is what we had).”


“It's a knockout was amazing. Beer Keller was superb-highly recommended. Top weekend.”


“From start to end we all had a great weekend in Bristol. All the events were well planned and there were no problems with bookings etc. The paint-balling and Karting were superb and very well organised. Thanks for a great weekend, you will come highly recommended!”


“Bristol has a great night life!!!”


Bristol was a great place to visit for a Stag Do. Plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants, with friendly locals and a great waterfront.

The Hotel was relaxed, if slightly small, and although it lacked a bar, there was one at the end of the road. The booking process was easy and simple to use, with efficient communication via email. Overall, a great way to plan a Stag Do and a great place to stage one! ”


A truly memorable weekend, greatly assisted by "Last Night of Freedom's" organisation and pre-bookings.”


The hotel and the location were fantastic and couldn't do enough for us, however, we were very disappointed with the clay shooting, the staff were great but the value for money wasn’t great!”


“Great location, and activity well organised, although would have preferred to do the whole thing rather than just one obstacle at a time. Very friendly people, and our raft rocked!!!”


Excellent weekend, Activities were great although the Casino had received no booking for our party from Last Night of Freedom. Slightly embarrassing considering the size of our group however the Casino where very accommodating. ”


“Great city, lots to do and places to eat and drink. Relaxed atmosphere with friendly West Country folk.”


Great destination, central hotel, superb nightlife. Activities were good fun, even though there was a last-minute change due to previous company going bust! Alternative was sorted out quickly though.

Although I wasn't involved in the organisation it seemed pretty easy and painless! ”


An all around good weekend, however the Go-Karting we got a lot less time than we expected and it worked out quite expensive.

The It's a Knockout was brilliant and fully worth the price we paid.


“Well organised weekend.”


Quality night life although did have problems with group size some places did not let us in! Paintballing was excellent with a more relaxed feel then had with other places; go-karting was hell of a laugh.”


Very good weekend - excellently arranged by yourselves, accommodation was slightly below expectations but considering we were out most of the time it did not spoil the stag do.

Very pleased and happy to recommend your services. ”


“No hassle at all, hotel was in a good location.”


Cracking weekend in Bristol, good times with good people and a whole lotta drink.”


“After the first night of the weekend the morning events were too early for some people and had to miss out. Even an hour later would be good for some people as they were driving. ”


“The booking process was great. The website is easy to use and keeps you in contact with the people attending the event. The value for money was really good with no nasty surprises. Overall a really enjoyable weekend.”


“Drinking and Nightlife: There are plenty of venues in Bristol, but a lot of the venues are not Stag Party Friendly.”


Such a good weekend all the lads said how good it was and we can’t wait for the next stag night. I would highly recommend Last night of Freedom.”


We had an awesome weekend with the lads in Bristol. It was all made easier as I didn't have to worry about collecting money or booking all the different events myself. I would definitely recommend using Last night of Freedom to anyone else!”


“Very good fun, very well organised by LNOF staff, well informed and really really good.”


A great service - very helpful when we needed to change a booking. Great weekend also, activities were really good.”


“Excellent weekend, best hotel I've stayed in for a stag weekend, superb nightlife and bars.”


“Hotel was good but lack of air con/fan made it uncomfortable due to the heat. Everything else was spot on.”


“Hotel was much beter than expected.”


“Had a fab weekend, wasn’t sure of Bristol when we booked it, but thought it was a great venue!!! Hotel was all we needed really, would have been nice to be next door to the rest of the party though.

Paintballing was good, although there was too many people there, which meant a lot of the games were pointless, and stalemates! Had a great time, so thanks ”


Accommodation was perfect for a stag do, location was great and night life plentiful. No problem with letting in large male groups which is a nice change!”


“It was well planned and organised, accommodation was awful but as we only spent 2-3 hours a day in the room it was tolerable.”


“The 'it's a knockout' was so much fun and great for all ages of the stag party. Lot's of places to eat and drink in Bristol so was a good location!”


“The weekend was a pleasure and everyone had a great time. The activities were great even with the hangovers! A Big thank you to the people at Last Night of Freedom for making the weekend easy to organise, will definitely use again if needed!”


“We went on rage buggies and really enjoyed it. one of the wheels came off of one of the buggies and the driver didn't get to drive very far.

We went to bierkeller and had a great time. the one thing i would mention is the cocktail you get when you go in isn't huge and neither is the meal, other than that a really good venue.”


Really good day and night had by all. Last night of freedom staff very helpful in planning such a wicked night. Also bought some stuff from the LNoF shop which arrived promptly and made sure we all looked suitably awesome on the night!”


The weekend was brilliant especially go-karting and the nightclub would defentley go back”


All the guys had a great weekend. The Quad bikies and Rage Buggies were excellent fun and everyone wants to do it all again! ”


Spot on - just what the doctor ordered for a stag weekend!”


Fantastic weekend, some confusion over the address details given for the caving. It all worked out well in the end! ”


“The hotel did not have a pool! Apart from that great weekend”


The Go Karting Experience in Bristol was excellent, all the group enjoyed the endurance race.

The night club we booked wasnt the greatest night club in the world, and we would rather have had a later entry time. Despite that, we did enjoy the weekend. ”


“Tolerant and helpful staff at lnof and at the hotel we stayed at. The weekend was awesome!


Great Fun, The Bierkeller was a brilliant venue.”


We had an excellent weekend in Bristol, Both venues (The Comedy Club and BierKeller) were in walking distance of the hotel and were both great value. Karting on the saturday afternoon was brilliant and taken extremely seriously with major hangovers! ”


“The only slight let-down was that some of the pubs in Bristol refused entry to our large group of lads and we had to split up into smaller groups. Apart from that - a top weekend was had by all!”


“It was great to have the pressure (time and the coordinating) of organising reduced a whole lot by having a package. Everyone in the stag party appreciated and enjoyed the whole weekend.”


“The complete process was exactly as described by your personel I dealt with during my enquiry and booking. Your administration was perfect and I received all confirmation tickets approx 2 weeks before the date of departure which included every detail of information required including directions to every venue, arrival and departure times to all venues, emergency numbers etc.

The whole weekend went without a single hitch, the hotel was central to everything we did and ticked every box i.e. clean accomodation, good easy facilities, friendly helpful staff and great breakfast. They even allowed us to park our mini bus in the staff car park as it wouldn't go under the 2.2m barrier in the main car park area and coned it off for us prior to arrival.

We were expected and welcomed at every venue and everyone that we encountered were eager to please and encouraged a superb weekend. The outdoor activities were fantastic and comedy club and bier keller were perfect evening locations for a stag party. There were lots of other bars, restaurants and clubs within a very short walk of the hotel itself.

I cannot thank LNOF enough for what I have to say was a top class and organised weekend. I and any member of our 9 strong stag party would thoroughly recommend your services to others and only look forward to an excuse to do it again with you. Excellent value for money.”


We had an absolutely fantastic weekend, lots of fun and games, no bother, no grief it was spot on. All the facilities and activities were excellent as was the service from you guys. I would have no hesitation recommending Bristol and yourselves to anyone looking to organise a cracking weekend. Thank You”


Really great weekend. Cocktail making was particular fun (messy) and was a great way to get the evening startes”


A great weekend was had by all, from start to finish. ”


Bristol is a cool, easily manageable city with a large student population. Pubs have good character and are good value for the prices when compared to larger cities such as Manchester, Birmingham etc. Nightlife is good and everything incl lap dancing bars, museums and cathedrals are within walking distance of city centre hotels. The paintballing is quite a long drive from Bristol, so a you shoud book a minibus for your stag party in advance. Make sure all of your party are going to the same venue and check the directions given carefully. ”


“Both clubs you sent us to were good but you just cannot beat the 80s bar for a great night out!


Information sent out prior was very useful and informative, all of your colleagues who I spoke to were eager and happy to help with my enquiries. Hotel was good - staff were friendly and the breakfast was most welcome on both mornings - some could have eaten twice the amount I'm sure! All the activities were awesome - staff at both venues were very informative, friendly and helpful with any requests. The nightclub was equally as good - ending up home at 6am! ”


Very well organised trouble free no hassel a good time was had by all a choice of the last club/bar would have been nice for the non clubbers but overall very happy.”


“I had to organise the stag do whilst travelling in South America, and I'm not sure how I would have been able to do it without Last Night of Freedom. Getting everything set up & paid for was incredibly easy, and the customer service was great throughout. The weekend ran very smoothly. The accomodation was better than any of us had expected, and with a bar/restaurant on site it made breakfast & that first drink of the day easier to come by. The go karting was well organised & great fun, and the comedy night likewise. I shall be recommending Last Night of Freedom to friends who have stags to organise. Now if you could just write the best man speech too it would be perfect!”


The Bierkeller on Saturday was a great night out. Everyone there was either on a stag do or birthday night out so there no real need to worry about trouble from locals. They also serve proper German lager from wooden kegs behind the bar.”


“Bristol was a convenient location, most of the weekend was great including the paintballing, the nightclub was ok, but alot of the pubs and clubs around the area wouldn't allow groups of more than 4 entry so we offten found ourselfs seperated from the group ”


We had a top night in Bristol, the meal on the water front at Cafe Rock was just right, especially as we sat outside and watched the hen parties strutting up and down! The beirkeller was an experience, and made all the better by the hens stripping off on the stage, with one hen in particular who caught everyone's eye - we're convinced she was a professional stipper!”


We had a very good weekend, however our first night was organised for VIP entry to a nightclub and we were dissapointed to find that our free drink was a £1.20 shot of Vodka and the bar was not the best. The activities were first class. I would recommend paintballing especially, this was one of the best days out I have ever had!


LNOF did a very good job of organising our trip to Bristol - It was bad enough organising the other guys in getting to Bristol so LNOF were a lifesaver for organisning things there. The hotel was perfect for what we needed and the activities and functions that the guys organised were thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants and I would have no hesitation in using them again. Top notch guys and keep up the good work!! BC”

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