Stag Weekends in Bucharest

With a bustling nightlife and the famous Bran Castle – the home of Count Dracula – day or night, there’s always something to see and do in bonny Bucharest.

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LNOF Guide to Bucharest

Forget the rest, it's Bucharest.

Bucharest’s reputation as a sterling stag weekend location is both hard-earned and well deserved. The heady mixture of exhilarating nightlife, cool urban culture and beautiful women makes Bucharest comparable to Prague or Budapest – but without the price-tag. The price of a pint is about £1.50 - you definitely get more for your money in the Romanian capital…

The city’s nightlife is centred in the Old Town/Lipscani area of the city, which is packed with everything from traditional boozers to upmarket late lounges and crazy nightclubs that are open ‘til the early hours. The atmosphere here is cosy and unpretentious, with the focus on simply having a good time. For a more upmarket experience, head to the lakes in the north – it is a playground for the city’s elegant and wealthy and is a world away from the energetic hustle and bustle of the Old Town.

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The shooting activities in Bucharest are absolutely mint, and the nightlife is something else.

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For a spooky day out, you could always visit the notorious Bran Castle, alleged home of Count Dracula. This iconic monument is straight out of the storybooks – complete with lofty towers, creepy passageways and a pale, bloodsucking landlord. Take a tour around the castle and grounds for a real taste of deepest, darkest Romania. The castle and surrounding town are a must-see when you’re in the area, just make sure you have your crucifix at the ready.

Bucharest was always destined to be cheeky, brazen and a little bit mischievous. As the story goes, the city was founded by a shepherd named Bucur. Legend has it that Bucur’s flute playing was so dazzling and his homemade wine was so delicious, that all the local traders adored him and named the city 'Bucharest’ in his honour. The fact that a drunk flute-playing shepherd is at the heart of the city’s history says it all – embrace the rebellious and playful Bucharest for a stag weekend you’ll never forget.

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