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A woman feeding another woman a cherry, both are wearing veils

Strip Dinner - Lesbian Show

Split image of a woman posing seductively in black and white lingerie and a half full glass on a bar

Guided Bar Crawl & Strip Club Entry

Outdoor Karting - 30 minutes

A white car driving around a hairpin bend on a dirt road, kicking up dust behind it

Rally Driving

Multiple cars driving around a corner on a dirt racing track

Rally Driving Power

Two go karts racing on an outdoor circuit

Outdoor Karting

A man wearing a paintball mask covered in yellow paint aims a paintball gun from behind a tree

Outdoor Paintball

A man aiming a shotgun into the sky next to a man looking away

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A small caliber handgun lying on a paper target with ammunition nearby

Glock Carbine Shooting

A man aiming a hand


A pair of hands aiming a handgun past the camera

Shooting Plus

Split image of a man aiming a gun emitting a visible red laser beam past the camera and a two hands holding a steering wheel, driving down an open road

Laser Tag Inc Transfers

Two men aim guns emitting visible red laser beams past the camera

Laser Tag

A man wearing a full-face paintball mask, with an orange paint splat over his left eye

Indoor Paintball

A Kalashnikov style rifle lying on a wooden table with ammunition scattered nearby

Shooting Extreme

Football Match Vs Local Team

Two players challenge for a football

5-a-side Football

A man playing bubble football flips over with his legs in the air

Bubble Football

Top-down view of a person in a yellow helmet on a high ropes course

High Ropes Course & Adrenaline Jump

Two men landing in a swimming pool on blue floats, at the end of a slide

Water Park Entry

People dance and drink in a large, multi-level, open air venue

Beach Club Entry

Bowling shoes next to a bowling ball


Escape Room Inc Transfers

Escape Room

A woman in her underwear suggestively eating a sandwich

Strip Dinner

A woman's bum, wearing leather underwear and gloves and holding a rope whip

Strip Dinner - Dominatrix

Two glasses of beer, a steak meal with vegetables and a plate of chips in the background

Steak Dinner & Drink

A plate of chicken, tomato and egg salad on a napkin

Lakside - 3 Course Meal & Drink

A collection of liqueur and spirit bottles

Guided Bar Crawl - 5 Beers

A tray of drinks being held by a man in a waistcoat

Guided Bar Crawl

A tray of drinks being held by a man in a waistcoat

Guided Bar Crawl - 7 Hours

A group of women clinking multicoloured drinks together, shot vertically up from floor level

Guided Cocktail Crawl

A cocktail bar under disco lights

Guided Bar Crawl & Nightclub Entry

A group of women clinking multicoloured cocktails together

Guided Cocktail Crawl & VIP Nightclub

A woman lying on the ground in her underwear, pulling on her hair

Female Stripper

The back of a woman standing next to a road, raising the thumb of her left hand

Hitchhiker Stripper

A woman's bum, wearing a thong and suspenders and holding a whip against the back of her legs

Dominatrix Striptease

One woman straddles another on a bed, both are in their underwear

Lesbian Show

Black and white image of a man with dwarfism holding a large bottle of vodka containing a lit sparkler, in front of a woman posing seductively in lingerie

Dwarf Hire - 7 hours

A woman's bum, wearing a thong and suspenders

Strip Club Entry

A women wearing underwear posing on a bar top

Strip Club Entry & Unlimited Drinks

Close up of a line of filled shot glasses overlaid with green laser lights

Nightclub Entry & Vodka

A clear ice bucket containing three bottles of vodka, resting on a bar top with bottles in the background

Nightclub VIP Tables & Bottle Service

A silver wine cooler containing two bottles of wine on a white table, next to a white sofa with red and white cushions

Nightclub VIP Tables & Premium Bottles

A large group of people dancing in a nightclub under green laser lights

Nightclub Entry

A roulette wheel and table, surrounded by people

Casino Entry

A passenger airliner viewed from an airport departures lounge

Return Airport Transfers - Otopeni

Some young men and women wearing swimwear and holding their hands up on the beach

Pool Party - Player Pool Club

Thermal Spa Entry - Full Day

A split image of some young people on the beach and a man's hands on a car's steering wheel

Pool Party - Player Pool Club with Transfers

Thermal Spa Entry - 3 Hours

The exterior of a white stretch limousine

Limo Hire - 1 Hour

A woman wearing lingerie reclining seductively in a car seat

Strip Limo Hire - 1 Hour

The exterior of a white stretch limousine

Limo Airport Transfer

A woman wearing lingerie reclining seductively in a car seat

Strip Limo Airport Transfer

A passenger airliner viewed from an airport departures lounge

One Way Airport Transfer - Otopeni

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LNOF Guide to Bucharest

Forget the rest, it's Bucharest.

Bucharest’s reputation as a sterling stag weekend location is both hard-earned and well deserved. The heady mixture of exhilarating nightlife, cool urban culture and beautiful women makes Bucharest comparable to Prague or Budapest – but without the price-tag. The price of a pint is about £1.50 - you definitely get more for your money in the Romanian capital…

The city’s nightlife is centred in the Old Town/Lipscani area of the city, which is packed with everything from traditional boozers to upmarket late lounges and crazy nightclubs that are open ‘til the early hours. The atmosphere here is cosy and unpretentious, with the focus on simply having a good time. For a more upmarket experience, head to the lakes in the north – it is a playground for the city’s elegant and wealthy and is a world away from the energetic hustle and bustle of the Old Town.

For a spooky day out, you could always visit the notorious Bran Castle, alleged home of Count Dracula. This iconic monument is straight out of the storybooks – complete with lofty towers, creepy passageways and a pale, bloodsucking landlord. Take a tour around the castle and grounds for a real taste of deepest, darkest Romania. The castle and surrounding town are a must-see when you’re in the area, just make sure you have your crucifix at the ready.

Bucharest was always destined to be cheeky, brazen and a little bit mischievous. As the story goes, the city was founded by a shepherd named Bucur. Legend has it that Bucur’s flute playing was so dazzling and his homemade wine was so delicious, that all the local traders adored him and named the city 'Bucharest’ in his honour. The fact that a drunk flute-playing shepherd is at the heart of the city’s history says it all – embrace the rebellious and playful Bucharest for a stag weekend you’ll never forget.

Customer Reviews for Bucharest

Our average stag feedback score for Bucharest is 5.00

Average Rating from 2 reviews

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We had a great weekend. Our host was great! Showed us a great time and was exactly what we expected! Would definitely book with you guys again! No hassle! Exactly what you offered is what we got! ”


LNOF were terrific. Everything was well organised. Most importantly our FANTASTIC hostess who made our weekend. She was full of energy, incredibly friendly, very pretty, spoke excellent English. She was full of enthusiasm and looked after us so well. Her name was Claudia, she was 27 years old and, incredibly, didn't drink! But she made sure we all had a terrific time. Thank you so much, Claudia. I can certainly recommend Bucharest.