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This historical city is as stunning as the Middleton sisters, and has glorious old-fashioned boozers and trendy bars that will get you royally sloshed, old chap.

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LNOF Guide to Cambridge

Cambridge is far removed from the stereotype.

If you’re thinking bespectacled professors, punts up the river and tea rooms overrun with blue rinses - prepare to bring your perception of a Cambridge stag weekend into the 21st century. Alongside the mortar boards, mathematicians and library cards, there are plenty of excellent bars, restaurants and pubs to keep your mind well and truly out of the classroom. Add to this an extensive array of organised events, tours, activities and visit-worthy landmarks - and you might start to appreciate that there’s a very modern underbelly to this ancient and deeply historical spot.

Cambridge has an increasingly cool swagger to go with its worldwide renown for dons and doctorates. When your thoughts turn to a shortlist for a suitable stag weekend location for the boys, we think this town’s inclusion should be, well, academic. With a bourgeoning club scene to compliment its long-standing myriad of stonking boozers in and around areas such as the Quayside, King Street and Bridge Street - you don’t have to rely on gatecrashing a university ball to satisfy your celebrations on the stag weekend.

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Cambridge is a pretty good spot for a stag weekend. We thought it was worth a punt (no pun intended) and it certainly paid off. We had the best weekend ever.

David ForrestLNOF Operations Executive

Few locations can rival Cambridge (although Oxford might try) when it comes to pitching the aesthetics with several pivotal stag weekend factors: plentiful watering holes, hassle-free locals and plenty of choice in how to keep the boys amused - both by day and night, with a great selection of good value eateries, memorable live music, comedy venues and lively bar terraces. This place is guaranteed to put a smile on any stag’s boat race.

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