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Chester has a stunning old town, but it is thoroughly modern, and the drinking culture is second-to-none - with swanky bars and bouncing clubs. Boozing + Hollyoaks lasses = happy stag weekends.

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LNOF Guide to Chester

Go for a blend of tradition and modern culture in Chester.

Chester stag weekends are well worth considering if you want a central location that ticks all the boxes. It’s a classy old place, with a great modern feel, a terrific drinking culture, a cracking line in shops, a clutch of succulent restaurants and some epic activity options.

To say that Chester’s female inhabitants are reasonably attractive is a laughable understatement (think Hollyoaks), whilst the picturesque and historical splendour of the city cannot fail to impress. The Romans once tried to shield it from invaders, but those party poopers have long since left; anyone for a 48-hour invasion?

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I'd 100% recommend the beer babes bar crawl - those girls know how to party!

Steve TelfordSales Team Manager

Sat between Manchester and Liverpool, Chester cameos as The Biggest Village in the World, short on its quota of scallies but booming in its status as the UK’s leading shopping city outside of London. Check out the whopping range of activities on offer to make sure your stag weekend in Chester is one to remember.

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