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Two red inflatable rings being dragged across some water

White Water Tubing

A bird's eye view of a white water rafting raft paddling through rapids

White Water Rafting

A tray of drinks being held by a man in a waistcoat

Guided Edinburgh Bar Crawl

A split image of tomahawks stuck in a log and a quad bike with two riders

Mini Highland Games & Quad Biking

A split image of the interiors of Frankenstein Bierkeller and two steins on a table

Frankenstein Bierkeller - 2 Course Meal incl. Beer & Schnapps

A split image of people in red bibs in a sports centre and two pizzas on a table

Rage Buggy - Dirt Track

A go kart racing on an indoor circuit

Indoor Karting

A line of people using segways


A 4x4 vehicle with its rear wheels bogged down, spraying orange muddy water out behind it

4x4 Off-Road Driving

A yellow and green off-road buggy landing after going over a jump on a dirt track

Rage Buggies

Quads & Buggies

A man wearing camouflage overalls and a mask standing near tyres and a plume of white smoke

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 300 Balls

An over/under double barreled shotgun cracked open and smoking

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A man aiming a bow and arrow


A view down the side of a Kalashnikov-style rifle being aimed at a grassy field

Air Rifle Shooting

A man wearing a paintball mask standing behind a wooden board and aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day

A man wearing a paintball mask and a pink bib with a target on crouching next to a wooden fence and holding a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A close up of a person driving a go kart overlaid with a man aiming a laser gun

Indoor Karting & Laser Tag

A scoped rifle resting on a surface next to rounds of ammunition

Air Rifles & Archery

A split image of an over/under double-barreled shotgun cracked open and smoking and an archery target with arrows in it

Air Rifle Shooting, Archery & Clay Pigeon Shooting

A man wearing an orange shirt aiming a hunting rifle

Air Rifle Shooting, Archery & Quad Biking

A split image of segways on a path and a double barreled shotgun

Air Rifles, Clay Pigeon Shooting & Segways

A split image of a view down the side of a Kalashnikov-style rifle and a man aiming a bow and arrow at a target

Air Rifle Shooting, Archery & Segways

A split image of a double barreled shotgun cracked open to reveal a green shotgun shell and a view down the side of a Kalashnikov-style rifle

Air Rifles & Clay Pigeon Shooting

A split image of an over/under double-barreled shotgun cracked open and smoking and a man preparing to throw a large axe

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Mini Highland Games

A split image of an orange splatter and a double barreled shotgun cracked open to reveal a green shotgun shell

4x4 Off-Road Driving, Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting & Highland Games

A split image of a view down the side of a Kalashnikov-style rifle and a man preparing to throw a large axe

Air Rifles & Mini Highland Games

A split image of a person driving a quad bike and an over/under double-barreled shotgun cracked open and smoking

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking

A split image of a quad bike driving down a grass track and a people playing paintball in a forest

Outdoor Paintball & Quad Biking

Split image of Messi stood next to a blue inflatable zorb, and a group of men playing archery tag

Battle Zone Archery & Bubble Football

The back of a man kicking a ball at a footdart board


Split image of the back of a man running to a footdart board, and people playing in inflatable balls on a field

Footdarts & Bubble Football

A pair of legs sticking out of the top of a blue inflatable bubble

Bubble Football & Old School Sports Day

A large group of people playing bubble football in red and blue bubbles

Bubble Football & Goggle Football

A group of people playing goggle football with an orange football

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

Three people playing 'human table football' in a large inflatable pitch

Human Table Football

People negotiating a large inflatable obstacle covered in soap suds

It's a Knockout

Two people wearing large 'sumo' suits facing each other in a field

Sumo Wrestling

A woman in a white vest top and cap posing with a football and showing a red card

Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee

A man preparing to throw a large axe at a red and yellow target

Mini Highland Games & Segways

A man preparing to throw a large axe at a red and yellow target

Mini Highland Games

A bird's eye view of a white water rafting raft paddling through rapids

White Water Rafting - River Tay

A bird's eye view of a white water rafting raft paddling through rapids

White Water Rafting - River Tummel

A group of people walking through a small crevasse and wading into a shallow river


A row of glasses filled with beer

Scottish Beer Tasting Session

Line of three full champagne flutes

Champagne Tasting Session

Small glasses of beer in a wooden rack

Craft Beer Tasting

A boombox-style radio cassette player in front of a red, graffiti'd wall

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

A 'racked' set of pool balls, a cue ball and a cue on a green pool table

Marcos Pool Hall - Drinks, Pool & Pizza Package

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

A man's hand holding a crystal glass stem, with rum in

Rum Tasting

A man's hand holding a shot of vodka, with three other shots in the foreground

Vodka Tasting

Three shots of tequila on a wooden board, surrounded by slices of lime

Tequila Tasting

Whiskey being poured through a sieve and into a tumbler, over ice

Whisky Tasting

Escape Room

Three glasses with brandy, lined up on a wooden table to a dark backdrop

Bourbon Tasting

Various surgical implements on a metal surface overlaid with a maze-style logo

Escape Room

A row of three different cocktails in front of a pile of crushed ice

Slug & Lettuce Cocktail Workshop

A pale cocktail in an ornate rocks glass, garnished with mint and blueberries

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

A woman wearing headphones and leaning towards a red microphone

Recording Studio - Deluxe

Three whisky tasting glasses partially filled with whisky

Whisky Tasting Session & 3 Course Meal

A close up of a pizza with toppings and rocket

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A person spreading tomato sauce on a pizza base on a table covered in flour

Pizza Making Class

A pale cocktail being poured into a coupe glass from a metal cocktail shaker

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A dark red cocktail being strained into a coupe glass, with other drinks nearby

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

A top-down view of a pizza on a square plate, dough balls and the corner of another pizza

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

A top-down view of various plates of food

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

A waffle covered in fruit on a white plate with a fork

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

A large burger on a plate

Cafe Rouge - 2 Course Meal & Drink

A steak and chips meal on a plate on a wooden table

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

A slice of tart and a ball of ice cream on a plate on a wooden table

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over an image of a pizza

Zizzi - 2 Course Meal

White Ask Italian logo over a table of Italian food

Ask Italian - 3 Course Meal

A split image of Frankenstein Bierkeller interiors and a burger meal

Frankenstein Bierkeller - 2 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a food and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 4 Course Meal with Prosecco & Wine

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a pizza and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 3 Course Meal with Prosecco

A wooden box containing bread, crudites and dips

Slug & Lettuce - Finger Food & Prosecco

A chicken pasta meal with shavings of Parmesan and a bottle of wine lying on its side in the background

Bella Italia - 2 Course Meal

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

A top-down view of a salad

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

A group of people standing behind a man in a black cloak holding a latern

Underground Ghost Tour

A view of the top deck of a party bus under red and blue light

Party Bus & 2 Course Meal

An illuminated sign reading 'COMEDY'

Comedy Club Entry

A pair of playing cards raised to reveal a pair of aces during a game of poker

Poker & Roulette Lesson

A group of people at a blackjack table

Blackjack Lesson

A group of people at a blackjack table

Blackjack & Slots Lesson & Meal

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

A lounge-style seating area at a bar, with purple and blue lighting

Silk - Guestlist Entry

A martini glass filled with drink and with two red dice in, people are playing craps in the background

Genting Casino VIP Tables & Bottle Service

A view over two red roulette tables and wheels, with other tables in the background

Genting Casino Entry

The exterior of a Slug and Lettuce bar, with outdoor seating and purple awnings

Slug & Lettuce Bar Entry

A man singing into a microphone in front of a large group of people

Shanghai - Reserved Area & Drinks Package

A man singing into a microphone in front of a large group of people

Shanghai - Guestlist Entry

The interior of a large bar with booths, raised seating and modern lighting

Revolution Guestlist Entry

A roll of brown paper alongside a frame and paintbrushes

Nude Life Drawing

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LNOF Guide to Edinburgh

Old pubs, new clubs and tonnes of tradition.

Watched over by its towering castle, Edinburgh is a heady mix of character, tradition and mayhem. The city is split into the New Town and Old Town, with the latter chock full of authentic Scottish alehouses and famous for its notorious Grassmarket drinking district. There’s no question that this area is the Old Town’s nightlife headquarters, with stunning restaurants and old-school pubs lining the cobbled streets. Under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle is The Last Drop, a brilliant little boozer, steeped in Scottish tradition. Very popular with both locals and tourists alike, this pub is a sterling spot for a few laughs and a wee dram of whisky.

New Town is the crazy younger brother of the Old Town; it’s brash, loud and the centre of the party – a stag haven with cobblestones. From the uber-stylish Shanghai club to the exclusive Silk lounge to the electro Why Not venue - you’ll find everything you’ll ever need on your last night of freedom here.

The legendary clubs and old-fashioned watering holes are a full-on experience throughout the year, but Edinburgh is particularly buzzing in August. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the wold’s largest arts festival, sees the city come alive as thousands descend on the Scottish capital and turn the streets into one huge stage, with comedy, theatre, food and street art shows the order of the day.

Thanks in no small part to the huge array on offer at The Fringe, the city has one of the best provisions of comedy in the UK. Venues like The Stand are hallowed turf where the biggest names in comedy have trodden the boards and brought the house down. We can pre-arrange entry and food for you and the guys at a top notch Edinburgh laughterhouse, making your plans much simpler and staving off any worries about where to head.

It’s not just the pubs and festivals that make this the ultimate stag weekend destination. The pubs are homely, the haggis is delicious and the whisky is sensational. You won’t find a better hangover cure than a breakfast of neeps and tatties followed by a whisky tasting tour. If you really want to blow the cobwebs out then some of the best white water rafting in the country is available up in the highlands, or activities like quad biking, paintball and ‘mini highland games’ are available in the surrounding countryside. We can promise you one thing, lads; your Edinburgh stag weekend is sure to be unforgettable.

Customer Reviews for Edinburgh

Our average stag feedback score for Edinburgh is 4.81

Average Rating from 80 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
9 stars


Great weekend in Edinburgh. Plenty to do and see.”

10 stars


“Incredible weekend - great value for money, fantastic activities and LNOF where very helpful through the entire booking process. Would definitely recommend!

10 stars


“Brilliant weekend with paintballing a great activity. For all stag's and best men, get ready for a world of pain!”

8 stars


Edinburgh is a great city. The hostel was clean with a nice breakfast and bar, most of the staff were friendly and helpful but we got the impression on a few occasions they were not very tolerant of stag parties. The off road buggying was fantastic and would highly recommend it! Night life is very good with plenty to do for people of all different music tastes, but perhaps in smaller groups, we struggled to get in most places even when we divided the group up. In a nut shell I'd certainly go back here but perhaps with the wife and kids - not for a piss up!”

8 stars


Cracking weekend in Edinburgh with a great bunch of lads. Paintballing organised by LNOF was great fun! The rest of time was spent in the bars, all of which were welcoming and great fun!”

10 stars


We had a fantastic weekend, would not hesitate to use your services again, very easy system to use cannot recommend your company highly enough.
Steve ”

9 stars


Incredible weekend. Bit tought to get 29 guys around. Rose street and George street seemed much stricter than cowgate and grassmarket. Also alot of the bars were too small to even fit us all in. Last night of freedom services were excellent. ”

9 stars


“I was the stag and to be honest I couldn’t have picked a better location myself, great spot for all the pubs and clubs, not far walking distance to buses and trains. Hostel was nice and clean, cheap drink, 2 pool tables and food wasn't bad either. For yourself I never heard any complaints about you lot at all from anyone. Very helpful and easy to work with, will definitely be passing your name on. ”

10 stars


“Good weekend with some memories that will never be let down.”

9 stars


“We had a fantastic weekend with little bo peep and her(his) sheep!!”

9 stars


“This has been, by far, the most organised weekend away I've been involved in! And completely stress free! All we had to think about is who's round was next! The accommodation was walking distance to food - clubs – train station- night life and so much more! Great hostel - we all had a great time! Highly recommend!”

8 stars


“We were told to go to the wrong place for white water rafting, overall though the rafting was good. The whiskey tour was overpriced, receiving only one free shot of whiskey. The clay pigeon shooting was excellent. The apartments were great, but there was no frying pan or grill pan or shelves in the oven. Edinburgh is a beautiful city.”

6 stars


“Not really ideal for a stag venue, dressing the stag up and giving them some stick is all part of it and not many places seem to like it...the go-karting was good but the white water rafting was more like a white water 6.5 mile paddle, not ideal woth a hang over!”

9 stars


Edinburgh is a fantastic city and bars and clubs were great, we spent our time on george street etc, paintballing was fantastic and staff there were excellent, the lap dancing was excellent a little steep at £20 a dance but we didn’t attend the nightclubs on the program and went elsewhere.

Accommodation was first class and couldn’t have been better was very disappointed with the go carting staff, as we were told the venue was 15 - 20 minutes drive from where we were staying but when typed into Sat nav was 42 minutes. ”

9 stars


Absolutely brilliant, easy to find venues and very well priced.”

8 stars


Fantastic weekend in Edinburgh. I was worrying to begin with having to organise 12 very different lads and making sure everyone enjoyed the stag do, bar crawl and comedy club were a lot of fun, very memorable weekend thanks to Last Night of Freedom!”

9 stars


“Accommodation was great and the organisation of the weekend was spot on. Shame the pubs didn't stay open longer at night though!!”

9 stars


“It was a brilliant weekend, Edinburgh is a amazing city. The accommodation was excellent, right in the city centre. I highly recommend and would go again.”

8 stars


“Great time had by all.”

6 stars


We thoroughly enjoyed the whisky tasting and the comedy club was good, too, but the was atrocious.”

7 stars


Good organisation that takes the stress out of being the Best man. Why re-invent the wheel when there are tried and tested pre-approved weekends! Great value for money.”

8 stars


“Got hammered. Got shot in the backside.”

9 stars


“Perfect weekend.”

7 stars


Great weekend, accommodation was spot on and everything was organised as it should have been. Only downside was the early close time in Edinburgh!!”

9 stars


“Strip clubs, alcohol and paintballing. Enough said!”

8 stars


“Great weekend, the quad biking was fantastic and the lap dancing was predictably good!! ”

7 stars


“The flat itself was nice. But the area it was in didn't seem safe at all.”

8 stars


The activities went without a hitch and the overall service was great - thank you very much.”

9 stars


“We had an excellent time in Edinburgh. I would recommend Last Night of Freedom to every Best Man!! The Rafting experience was fantastic and everyone had a great weekend!!”

7 stars


The service was easy to use with good communication back and forth and the weekend itself was a lot of fun. Saturday's Mini Highland games were excellent - as was the clay pigeon shooting (if a little short). However, it was a long drive between the two activities.

Another area for improvement would be the accommodation. No issue with the quality of the apartments, it was just that we were spread over three rooms in two different buildings, ”

7 stars


All the activities planned did happen very smoothly. All of the right names were on the correct lists etc so no problems there. However, our accommodation (which was pretty good) was supposed to be very central to the action areas of the city but turned out to be a good 10 minutes away.

Otherwise, yes, I would probably use Last Night of Freedom again and suffice to say that a tip-top time was had by all but our party members! ”

8 stars


“Overall, Great fun was had by all. A slightly shaky start when we arrived at the apartments at 3pm to check in and were told it would be another hour and a half until our rooms were ready though. Beyond that, the apartments were comfortable and clean although just a little bit too far out of town to walk really (which we were made of aware of beforehand.)

The highlight for us all was the clay pigeon / highland games, Superb setting and excellent guys leading our group. Nightclub wise, we arrived at 11.30 (supposedly our entry cut off point) when it was almost empty. It did pack out and become a good night. ”

8 stars


“Edinburgh was a great location; everything we booked through LNOF was perfect. Would recommend both the location and the company to friends.”

7 stars


“Great city, Good accommodation, paintballing was good fun!!”

9 stars


Whole weekend was amazing. Would recommend Edinburgh to anyone (just prepare yourselves for the long cobbled hills in the city center!!)

Ghost tour was good, could have spent more time in the vaults but it does exactly what it says on the tin!! Go karting was a really good laugh, a definate must, quite a way out but well worth it!! All round its a brilliant city and would love to go back. Thanks Last Night Of Freedom for arranging a brilliant memorable weekend. ”

8 stars


Clay pigeon shooting was excellent - very nice people there and well organised”

8 stars


“What a great weekend.
Everything was so simple with the printed vouchers from Last Night of Freedom.

Edinburgh was fantastice. A friendly atmosphere, good bars, clubs & pubs. Bouncers were allowing large groups in and negotiating with the head of the party to ensure a trouble free night.

The hotel was an ideal Stag venue. 24 Hour in house bar, pool tables, great food, nice welcome, clean and tidy, friendly staff.

We have got some great memories from Edinburgh!!!!”

9 stars


Very well organised, Everything went according to plan, taxi, gokarting excellent. Taxi men gave clear direct information on what to and what not to do/info on places to go and not to.”

8 stars


“Geat weekend well recomended”

9 stars


“We had a fantastic time. The accommodation was excellent, everybody made comment on how good the accommodation was. We had an excellent time in Edinburgh and the VIP tickets for the clubs, supplied by THE LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM were also awesome. We didn't make the paintballing, but that was our fault, as we had drunk we to much the night before and people just could not be motivated to take part.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Everyone really enjoyed. Edinburgh was a really friendly place. I would recommend it to any one.

Thank you again everyone at THE LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM for making this such a stress free weekend. excellent service and I will recommend you to everyone I know who is planning weekends away like this.... Many Thanks Dan Llewellyn”

8 stars


“Great night out, activities were a good laugh. No complaints!”

9 stars


“Overall we all had a great weekend. The white water rafting was amazing, and great fun. We were a little dissappointed by the stip club. The nightclub on the Saturday was again very good.

Great Service by you all. Thanks. Paul ”

8 stars


“Everything was very good. ”

9 stars


“Edinburgh is a great city for a hen, the party bus was madness and we had a ball!”

9 stars


The boogie bus was brilliant and the reps were fantastic.”

6 stars


“The apartments were ok but not enough beds pulling the sofa down for a bed was a pain. the clay pigeon shooting was very good fun, over all it was a right laugh. ”

8 stars


The city is excellent and the night life and atmosphere is second to none. I would definitley recommend Edinburgh for a stag do.”

10 stars


Excellent weekend enjoyed by all! The clay pigeon shooting was a professional outfit and I think I'll have another go at that : )

The accommodation was fantastic, we thought the taxis were taking extra long routes though, but thats by the by. Thanks You for making my stag do hassle free, easy and memorable! ”

8 stars


Weekend was brilliant, everyone loved it !! I would also like to add that this company was brilliant and will be reccomending you to everyone I know. Thanks for making it so easy and a memorable time for all of us !!!!!”

9 stars


Friday was just a blur as we started drinking v.early in the afternoon/morning, but with out a doubt the highlight was a 2 girl private show for the stag at the strip Club, highly entertaining , i think i'll be keeping those pics away from the bride to be!!:) Top show girls...

After that i'm pretty sure we went to more bars in the city...Next thing i remember is waking up with a bottle of Bud being handed to me, best cure, Saturday night was pretty much the same again:)”

9 stars


Booking through Last Night of Freedom really saved so much time, effort and (from previous experience!) hassle. Everything that was booked on our itinarary went smoothly and really gave somthing different to the weekend.

The staff at Last Nigt ofFreedom were also incredibly friendly and helpful and did everything they could to cater for our needs.

Overall the weekend was fantastic; the activities, the accommodation and the location, all of which was sorted by Last Night of Freedom for an exceptionally reasonable price. Thanks to everyone at Last Night of Freedom for sorting our weekend!”

9 stars


Excellent service provided by Last Night of Freedom, the clay pigeon shooting was a really good activity which involved all ages of friends and family of the stag.

The restaurant was a little bit of a let down, and seemed in a bit of disarray, but we were a group of 17 in the height of the Edinburgh Festival.”

8 stars


A very good weekend was had by all, the accomodation was clean and tidy, and the activities were cool. Thanks for a great stag do!”

8 stars


Great weekend!!!! just the location was alittle out of town .... thought it would be nearer...apart from that great job and thanks a million.”

8 stars


Zorbing was great

8 stars


For what we wanted it was spot on. The hotel had it's own pub below and it was open 24hours. The activity was a bit far away but would recommend going Clay pigeon shooting it was fantastic....”

8 stars


The party bus was crazy, all the stags loved it. Reps keep everyone moving for a seamless evening.”

8 stars


I thought Last Night of Freedom provided an excellent service. You were very patient while our group reached an agreement about what we wanted to do, and then booked it quickly and easily. The Go Karting was fantastic fun and the evening meal was excellent quality - much better than I expected. Thanks!”

6 stars


“We were booked on the party bus which started with a meal. The bus worked really well and kept the group together. ”

7 stars


“Had a great weekend. The accomadation we stayed in was outstanding it has everything you need for everyone. ”

6 stars


Excellent weekend. Shame the bar crawl was rushed.”

10 stars


All the lads had a great time on our stag doo in Edinburgh. Last Night of Freedom did a great job, appartments were ace. Only thing wrong all weekend was a transfer to our Paintball evevnt, last night of freedom quickly sorted this out and i can see it was somthing out of there hands.”

8 stars


The whole weekend was a great success thanks to Last Night Of Freedom it saved alot of time trying to locate venues or wondering where would be a good place to go, Instead we put our faith in their hands and all worked out dandy and fine.Good mixture of activities and plenty of time in between to do some of your own things. Once again, thanks very much guys from myself and all the lads.”

8 stars


Fun was had by all and the hotel we stayed in was top notch for the price we paid, all in all a top weekend!

9 stars


The weekend as a whole was great and enjoyed by everyone.”

9 stars


Top weekend, so much to do in such little time and so many bars to go to in Edinburgh, we just didnt sleep very much!! Also the paint balling was a riot. We didnt stop laughing all weekend, thanks very much Last Night Of Freedom for a memorable weekend

9 stars


Quality weekend, Edinburgh is a fantastic location & LNOF were extremely helpful in organising it all. ”

9 stars


What an epic weekend! Everything was perfect, organising it was easy with LNOFs help and the weekend itself went down a storm. Highly recommend the party bus, it was absolute carnage on there, and Edinburgh is a great city, the friendliest I've ever been to and full of hens and stags. Thanks LNOF! ”

8 stars


Great weekend. I'd recommend LNOF

9 stars


“We had quite a large group, so the help Last Night of Freedom gave in sourcing the best place to stay and putting us in touch with the best companies, pubs and clubs there was invaluable. It took a lot of the stress out of it for me as the organiser and meant all 27 of us had a full and fun couple of days, followed by a headachy and nauseous train trip home...”

8 stars


The package provided by LNOF was very good, with accommodation comfortable and the activities good value. Edinburgh nightlife was a little quieter than anticipated, but overall a good weekend. ”

7 stars


Great fun, some of the pubs would not allow groups in which spoilt the fun a bit, but is completely understandable.”

7 stars


Great weekend, Great city, Great time

7 stars


The accomodation was very comfortable, however it was quite far from the city centre, a £12 taxi per journey. The accomodation also charged us for checking out late. We where due to check out by 11am and didn't make it until 11.30, personally I thought this was unnecessary! Other than this the night life was very good!

8 stars


Great weekend and great service from LNOF! The location to pick the keys to the apartments up from was wrong on the documentation so I had to leave the lads in the pub and trek to the other side of town to find the keys. The guy on the phone was very patient giving directions when I kept getting lost! Distillery tour well recommended, never thought whisky and Iron Bru would be such a good combination...

9 stars


Took the hassle out of the whole weekend and provided great piece of mind. No problems with tickets, no problems with meal bookings or events. ”

8 stars


“The weekend got off to a slow start with me being forced to wear a Borat thong! But once we got through that the megaphone we bought went down a storm with the bouncers around Grassmarket in Edinburgh!”

9 stars


Great weekend, good cost, and made life very easy for us including organising transportation around town. Edinburgh is a great place for a stag do.

8 stars


“Leigh (where the apartments were) is a cool area in itself and it's worth emphasising this fact when describing the accommodation I would have thought.”

9 stars


Edinburgh is a great city for a stag weekend - and the activity was fab (just a shame there wasn't a truly Scot's event like curling on offer!) Only blip was the coach we booked not turning up so we had to use taxi's. Had quick response and refund from yourselves.”

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