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This historical city is passionate about all the important things: food, music, comedy and, of course, drinking. Expect short drinks, late nights and a whole load of laughs.

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LNOF Guide to Glasgow

The lads are going to love a Glasgow stag weekend.

Part of a beautiful stretch of Baltic coast sometimes referred to as the ‘Polish Riviera’, Gdansk is a swaggeringly cool collection of traditional pubs, upmarket bars and underground nightclubs by night… mixed with endless culture and breath-taking beaches by day. Yes, that’s right – Gdansk boasts not only the proven formula of picturesque market square and authentic drinking establishments nestled in historic architecture, but also a resort-feel with the presence of a bewitching bay, crammed with weekenders and adventurous souls. A heady mix of ancient roots and youthful, uninhibited exuberance give Gdansk a unique character that is proving more and more popular with groups from the UK and elsewhere.

Certainly the Poles have done their best to keep Gdansk all to themselves up to now. However, with its reputation for stag weekends is gathering momentum as each band of happy converts return home hypnotised by its magic, the cat is now very firmly out of the bag and highly unlikely ever to return. What makes Gdansk stag weekends unlike any other is the knowledge that there is nowhere else quite like it.

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I went on my mate's stag do in Glasgow and we went to see a gig then went out in the city. It's just one of those weekends that I'll remember for ever.

Adam CuttsSales Team Leader

Not quite at the bottom of the location bargain bucket, a stag weekend in Gdansk is still less damaging to your wallet – and significantly more special – than a night out in your local town centre. Famed for its watersports, its beauty and its nightlife, this vitally important part of Poland’s historical, commercial and political past offers the discerning stag group so much more than nasty spirits and lap dances… though it has both of those too before you start to worry.

Far from a package holiday haven, Gdansk is light on hotels volume-wise, but amply delivers from a quality and location point of view. This isn’t something you have to worry about though, as our crack sales team will ensure you and your group are staying in the perfect accommodation to suit your needs and budget. For the rest of your itinerary, our day and night-time activity portfolios are diverse and electrifying.

Put simply, Gdansk boasts the best of both worlds – scintillating beach life, with stretches of soft white sand, and exhilarating, no-holds-barred nightlife. If you’re so much as contemplating jumping on this bandwagon and getting you and your mates to Gdansk, contact us first and tailor yourselves a surefire winner.

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