Stag Weekends in Hamburg

Football, beer and beautiful women are the bedrock of this land. From trendy warehouse parties, to the notorious Reeperbahn ‘Red Light District’ - Hamburg is both elusively cool and shamelessly sexy.

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LNOF Guide to Hamburg

Welcome to the Gateway to the World.

For an unforgettable stag weekend, you need a city with endless possibilities - and there can be nowhere more fitting than a city known as ‘The Gateway to the World’. It may seem like a bold claim, but Hamburg has the goods to back up its almighty title. This is a city that openly adores beer, football and beautiful women. In other words, Hamburg has its priorities right, and we reckon you should embrace them on your stag do. Prost to that.

As far as activities go, you guessed it, they're going to revolve around beer. The most popular of our stag do in Hamburg are the beer bikes and sightbeering, where you can get to grips with the city, tick the culture box and get drunk at the same time (bonus). The Hot Rod Tour is also extremely favoured on Hamburg stag weekends, where you and your group can race the classic cars around the city centre like maniacs.

The underbelly of Hamburg’s nightlife is a playboy’s playground - Hamburg hasn’t been dubbed ‘The New Amsterdam’ for nothing. The St. Pauli area is home to the famous Reeperbahn - Hamburg’s answer to The Red Light District. It’s whirring with its abundance of strip shows, sex shops and its liberal attitude to ladies of the night and the Herbertstraße, a short side street, is famous for having over 100 seductive ‘window displays’.

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If you like your footie, beer and lasses, Hamburg is a stag do no brainer to be honest.

David ForrestLNOF Operations Executive

The beer halls are epic; immense spaces filled with merry-makers like yourselves, enjoying the German customs of beer by the stein (that’s two-pinters to us lot) and traditional meals of frankfurters and schnitzel served by buxom beauties. This is also the country that created Jägermeister, for which we are eternally grateful, and the locals drink it neat from iced glasses. The nightlife in Hamburg is unrivalled – and word has spread. The last decade has seen overnight stays in Hamburg shoot up by almost 150% and in 2013 the city had 5.9 million visitors. Of course, this is a place that nurtured The Beatles back in the day - you won’t find better street-cred than that.

These days, after-dark Hamburg has evolved to combine both uber-cool venues and a lusciously mischievous nightlife. The city has a buzzing live and electronic music scene and has embodied the trendy fusion of experimental music and old industrial spaces, with warehouse parties and former factories housing all-nighters – you’ll have to grow a full beard, smoke a roll-up and wear an ironic shirt, but Hamburg will love you. Hamburg will flirt with you and take you on a whirlwind journey of debauchery. You’ll return home dog-tired but with a cheeky Hamburg twinkle in your eye.

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