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Vegas will dazzle you with an overload of casinos, day clubs, strip joints and constant adrenaline-fueled madness. Take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon or spend the night with the Wet Republic girls.

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LNOF Guide to Las Vegas

They call it Sin City for a reason, you know.

So you’re looking at Vegas, which means you’re not after any scaled down alternatives. The kind of weekend you’re after, you know fine well that the only place deserving of your attention is Nevada’s mecca of excess, the uniquely OTT desert pantomime known as Las Vegas. Clear those credit cards, pack your best poker suit and hand-pick a crew of cohorts that you know full well won’t need a night off. This is a city created specifically to blow a man’s mind and money, a peerless majesty of showgirls, pool parties and wedding chapels where slot machines, wallets and breakfast buffets empty by the second, and where all the real power resides in the cards, dice and numbered wheels.

You won’t see any clocks on your stag weekend in Las Vegas. They only remind a gambler how long he’s been sat sipping screwdrivers as a once-promising tower block of chips disappears into a modest bungalow before his very eyes. But who cares? It’s suddenly time for breakfast and a chance to wrestle with buffets almost as famous as the celebrities perusing them. Besides, when it comes to Las Vegas stag weekends, there’s always the next hand… and losing is simply part of the circus, boys.

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If you want a one in a lifetime stag do, it's got to be Vegas. There's no greater feeling than winning in the casino whilst you're there.

Steve TelfordSales Team Leader

During the daylight hours you could stay in your plush hotel room and catch up with current affairs or race through a few chapters of that book you’ve been meaning to read, but it might be a little bit more fun to shoot a machine gun, run a car over in a tank, play around in a massive CAT 315C excavator, drive dune buggies through the Nevada desert, take a helicopter tour through the Grand Canyon, hire a supercar or fly down a 1,750 foot zipline. Completely up to you though, obviously.

Every hotel on the main strip vies for the honour of ‘most ostentatious stopover’, a dazzling network of inter-connecting lobbies, casinos and restaurants criss-crossing through haunts made famous by movies and singers since the original gambling licences were granted to the first bona-fide celebrity gangster, Bugsy Siegel, in the post-war boom that ultimately changed the world’s entertainment skyline forever. There is no tepid or half-hearted approach to a Las Vegas stag weekend. When you’re in Sinatra’s town you will kindly dispense with sleep, sensible judgement, inhibition and culinary self-discipline in favour of simply seeing which way Sin City wants to take you.

Perhaps by now the boys will have heard there’s a possibility of you taking them to Las Vegas. Maybe they’re currently salivating at the thought of joining you in this joyride of the senses, and at the prospect of seeing off their pal in a blaze of strippers and haze of cigar smoke. Don’t disappoint them and deny the groom his deserved rite of passage when our tailored packages are just waiting to deliver their knockout blow.

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