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London Eye illuminated at night, behind an avenue of trees

London Eye Flight

The top of the dome of The O2 Arena

Climb the O2 - Twilight Climb

A woman carved into the wall at ICEBAR, London, and an ice skull sculpture

ICEBAR London Entry & Cocktail

Octoberfest Pub - Meal & Drink Party Package

It's A Knockout

The Shard towering above the city

View From The Shard

A man in a kart with a number two on the front, driving on ice

Ice Karting

The Tattershall Castle moored on the River Thames, with buildiings in the background

Tattershall Castle Bridge - Premium Cocktail Workshop

London Eye viewing pod, to a backdrop of the city illuminated at night

London Eye Private Capsule

The Shard with the skyline of London

Champagne View From The Shard

A group of people on top of The O2 Arena at night

Climb the O2 - Sunset Climb

The Tattershall Castle boat moored on the Thames with London landmarks in the background

Tattershall Castle - Cocktail Workshop

The London Eye illuminated at night time with an avenue of illuminated trees in the foreground

London Eye Champagne Flight

Close up of boots

Climb the O2 - Day Climb

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask skidding across the ground and aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A man wearing a pink bib, bending down and hiding with his paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A person wearing camouflage pointing a paintball gun at the camera, with paint on their visor

Outdoor Paintball & Mud Karting

A black jeep parked up on gravel

4x4 Blind Driving, Air Rifles, Archery & Axe Throwing

Person driving a go kart on a track

Outdoor Karting

Indoor Airsoft - 1000 BB's

A man aiming his paintball gun over a wooden obstacle

Outdoor Paintball - 300 Balls

Indoor Airsoft - 3000 BB's

Split image of Messi stood next to a blue inflatable zorb, and a group of men playing archery tag

Battle Zone Archery & Bubble Football

An archery target board with four arrows in


Close up of clay discs and shotgun in the grass

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A person leaning over a fence, aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - 100 balls

A person firing a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - 500 balls

A tank in a field

Outdoor Laser Tag

A man in a black jacket and green helmet standing in a doorway, whilst holding a paintball gun

Indoor Paintball - 200 Balls

A man in a black jacket and green helmet standing in a doorway, whilst holding a paintball gun

Indoor Paintball - 500 balls

An indoor paintball arena, with tyres placed in the right corner and a 4x4 in the left corner

Laser Tag - 1 Hour

Two people in zorbs on a pitch and falling over

Bubble Football with a Sexy Ref

Close up of a man's legs kicking a football

5-a-side Football

Bubble Football & Old School Sports Day

Bubble Football & Goggle Football

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

A group of people riding segways through a forest

Forest Segway

Split image of the back of a man running to a footdart board, and people playing in inflatable balls on a field

Footdarts & Bubble Football

Escape Room

Competitors tackling a wall with obstacles to pass by

It's A Knockout

The back of a man kicking a ball at a footdart board


Slug & Lettuce Cocktail Workshop

Creamy cocktail in bar with red leather booths

Core - Cocktail Workshop

Chiquito Cocktail Workshop

A line of four red cocktails on a bar, with an orange in each glass

The Loop - Cocktail Workshop

Line of four red cocktails with a hand holding a strainer above one of the cocktails

The Loop - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platters

A man's hand holding a crystal glass stem, with rum in

Rum Tasting

Escape Room

Three shots of tequila on a wooden board, surrounded by slices of lime

Tequila Tasting

A man's hand holding a shot of vodka, with three other shots in the foreground

Vodka Tasting

Three glasses with brandy, lined up on a wooden table to a dark backdrop

Bourbon Tasting

A black and white image of a woman making a flaming cocktail

SO.UK Clapham - Premium Cocktail Workshop

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

Whiskey being poured through a sieve and into a tumbler, over ice

Whiskey Tasting

Male old school hip hop dancer in jeans, trainers and a beanie hat

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

Forge - Cocktail Workshop

Forge - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platters

Two bar staff making cocktails at the bar, using Bacardi spirit

Piccadilly Institute - Cocktail Workshop

The top of a martini glass with two pieces of fruit floating on the top

Piccadilly Institute - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platters

A woman holding tweezer and a sprig of basil over an orange cocktail

Strawberry Moons - Cocktail Workshop

A close up of a hand holding a strainer above a cocktail glass, and pouring liquid through the strainer

Strawberry Moons - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platters

Create Your Own Dance Class

A man in a denim shirt with slick back hair

T-Birds Masterclass

Man singing into microphone with headphones on

Boy Band Masterclass

Group of men during a street dance class

Street Dance Class

Three cocktails with someone placing a straw in one of them

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

Brightly coloured cocktails lined up in different glasses and glass jars

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

Three brightly coloured cocktails lined up on bar

Tiger Tiger - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platters

The Tattershall Castle boat moored on the Thames

Tattershall Castle - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

The Tattershall Castle moored on the Thames River in London

Tattershall Castle Bridge - Premium Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

Three cocktails, with close up on bartender pouring cocktail

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

Pizza Express - Pizza Making Class

Comedy sign with light, split with a a blonde woman dancing

Comedy Club - 2 Course Meal at Tiger Tiger & Nightclub Entry

A chicken pasta meal with shavings of Parmesan and a bottle of wine lying on its side in the background

Bella Italia - 2 Course Meal

Sway - Midnight Pizza Feast

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

Zizzi - 2 Course Meal

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

White Ask Italian logo over a table of Italian food

Ask Italian - 3 Course Meal

A split image of some pizza and two glasses of Champagne clinking together

Strada - 3 Course Meal & Free Flowing Prosecco

Zizzi - 3 Course Meal with Prosecco

Zizzi - 4 Course Meal with Prosecco & Wine

Two peppers on a white plate

Henrys - 2 Course Meal

Cheese on a white plate

Henrys - 3 Course Meal

Meat on a wooden slab with a Take on Tiger flag stuck in it

Tiger Tiger - 3 Course Meal, Beers & Nightclub Entry

Fish and chips on a white plate

Ruby Blue - 2 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

Four plates of food laid out of a wooden table

Sway - 2 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

Bangers and mash on a white plate

The Loop - 2 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

Food on a fork

Ruby Blue - 3 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

A burger and chips splayed out on a wooden table top with two pints of beer in the background

Ruby Blue - 3 Course Meal, Beers & Nightclub Entry

Interior of Sway Covent Garden and meat and olives on a plate

Sway - 3 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

Cocktail making equipment and drinks menu on the bar

Sway - 3 Course Meal, Beers & Nightclub Entry

A close up of food on a plate

The Loop - 3 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

A glass of beer on a wooden table, with some food in the background

The Loop - 3 Course Meal, Beers & Nightclub Entry

Muscles in a pot, with fries and bread, on a wooden table

Belgo Restaurant - 2 Course Meal

Chocolate waffle with cream on a plate

Belgo Restaurant - 3 Course Meal

Pancake dessert with a Take on Tiger flag in the top

Tiger Tiger - 2 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

A burger meal with chips in a cup, and bottles of beer in the background

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

Two meals including a burger and an omelette

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

Homemade pizza with salad, dough balls and pizza wheel knife

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

Paella in a black dish, with food in the background

La Tasca - 3 Course Meal & Welcome Drink

Plate of food with a glass of wine

Cafe Rouge - 2 Course Meal & Drink

Plate of food with a glass of wine

Cafe Rouge - 3 Course Meal & Drink

Knife and fork on a red napkin

Strada - 2 Course Meal

A split image of a burger on a white plate and raspberries on a plate

Beaufort House - 3 Course Meal & Drinks

Neon lit interiors of the party bus

Party Bus & 2 Course Meal

A woman on the wall of ICEBAR, London, and an ice sculpture of a skull

ICEBAR London Entry & Champagne Cocktail

Two maids handing out champagne to two men

2 Butlerettes - 2 Hours

Tower Bridge illuminated at night time

Party Boat Cruise

Straws and cans in a silver champagne bucket

Strawberry Moons - Party Package

Roulette table with poker chips in the background

Casino Entry

Octoberfest Pub - Party Package

A variety of cocktails spread out on a tabletop

Jewel Bar - Party Package

Babble City - VIP Drinks Table

Core - VIP Drinks Table

Gem - VIP Drinks Table

Jewel Piccadilly - VIP Drinks Table

The Loop - VIP Drinks Table

Piccadilly Institute - VIP Premium Drinks Table

Ruby Blue - VIP Drinks Table

Piccadilly Institute - Drinks Table with Shots & Bubbly

Longacre's - VIP Drinks Table

The Warwick - VIP Drinks Table

comedy sign lit up in stage lights

Comedy Club Entry

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

Bar at Piccadilly Institute in London

Piccadilly Institute - VIP Drinks Table

Strawberry Moons club interior

Strawberry Moons - VIP Drinks Table

men and women on a dancefloor seen from above

Core - Party Package

Women throwing their hands up in the air and dancing

Gem Bar - Party Package

A giant sharing cocktail on the bar with many straws poking out

The Loop - Party Package

A mixed group of party goers being served drinks at a bar

Piccadilly Institute - Party Package

A table with two chairs in between leather booths lined up against the walls

Ruby Blue - Party Package

women dancing in an atmospheric club, with a barman in background

Longacre - Party Package

Group holding a selection of cocktail glasses together

The Warwick - Party Package

A table with two chairs, with a lantern and glasses placed on top

Babble City Guestlist Entry

Core Guestlist Entry

The outside of Scarlet's Bar, London

Longacre's Guestlist Entry

Inside of The Warwick, London

The Warwick Guestlist Entry

Bottles of alcohol in colourful shelves

Tiger Tiger Guestlist Entry

Bottles of alcoholic spirits

Revolution Guestlist Entry

A red bar at Gem nightclub, London, with tables and chairs in front

Gem Bar Guestlist Entry

Strawberry Moons interior, with plush black booths and candlelit tables

Strawberry Moons Guestlist Entry

Drinks menu on the bar of Sway, in Covent Garden

Sway Guestlist Entry

Bar and stools in Piccadilly Institute, London

Piccadilly Institute Guestlist Entry

The interior of the Groovy Wonderland bar at The Loop, London

The Loop Guestlist Entry

A table and two chairs in the middle of the floor, with booths lining the wall

Ruby Blue Guestlist Entry

The bar, with tables and chairs in the foreground, at Jewel Bar, London

Jewel Bar Guestlist Entry

Drinks on a bar including spirits in an ice bucket

Tiger Tiger - VIP Drinks Table

Forge - Guestlist Entry

Three bar stools and wood seating in front of an exposed brick wall

Bar Rumba - Party Drinks Package

Stools, seating along wood, and a table in Bar Rumba to a backdrop of blue light

Bar Rumba - VIP Platinum Package

High tea with white crockery

The Grange - Afternoon Tea

A man squeezing lemon above a cocktail

Beaufort House - VIP Cocktail Workshop

Split image of a green cocktail and canapes

Beaufort House - VIP Cocktail Workshop & Canapes

The symphony cruise on the River Thames at sunset

Thames River Lunch Cruise

Ice bucket with bottle of champagne and flutes with champagne

Hilton Olympia - Champagne Afternoon Tea

Man relaxing getting a neck rub at a spa treatment facility

The Grange - Spa Day Inc Treatment

Scones with clotted cream, with people in the background

Beaufort House - VIP Champagne Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea set up on white china  and a cake tier in elegant setting

Hilton Olympia - Afternoon Tea

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LNOF Guide to London

For some true capital punishment to the liver, then visit London.

There’s everything you could want from a stag weekend in London, though taking the right advice on where to go and what to include is paramount if you’re set on picking the capital city. Yes, there are reams of sensational shops, restaurants, assorted visitor attractions and world famous buildings galore - not to mention all that scintillating nightlife - but if you want to make sure that every stag guest gets what he wants, put as much planning as possible into your stag experience.

London’s a vast, fabulous, sometimes unforgiving mecca of a location; somewhere that can host the best or the worst of visits, depending on your motive, companions and preparation. It’s too big a city in which to do everything ad hoc, so ensure you hit the streets of London running by consulting our team of event organisers as early as possible. We’ll put you on the right "Frog & Toad" alright - No Barney Rubble.

When you’ve areas as diverse as Elephant & Castle, Camden Lock, the Embankment and Covent Garden, you’re dealing with a beast of a city, and one that demands respect accordingly. It’s often said that the populace of London aren’t as hospitable as the rest of the UK, but that’s a touch unfair given the millions of folk crammed into what is effectively the centre of all things historical, commercial and artistic. We guarantee there’ll be more than enough friendly faces to help you eat, chat and dance yourselves into the following day, whilst the choice in daytime and evening venues is mind-boggling enough to overshadow most other cities put together.

London stag weekends mean endless entertainment possibilities, plentiful transport links and the opportunity to take a photo or two amidst the alcohol-fuelled carnage. And if you don’t have time to see The Queen on your stag weekend… hey, she’ll understand!

Customer Reviews for London

Our average stag feedback score for London is 4.64

Average Rating from 33 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
9 stars


“The guys and girls at Last Night of Freedom were first class, everything was planned to perfection, they were extremely helpful and always a good laugh as well. Thank you for all your help in organising the stag do I was organising. Would highly recommend to any best men organising a stag do!!!”

10 stars


Thank you for a great weekend!

10 stars


Excellent night thank you very much

10 stars


“Great weekend great activitys quality hotel !!!! ”

10 stars


The weekend was very good although we were on a tight time schedule and the go-karting held us back with delays which didn't help.

The party bus was very good and very well organised.”

8 stars


“had a great time, only downside was the go-karting and dog racing were a fair distance from our hotel and cost a lot of money each way with taxis.”

7 stars


“It said we would receive bubbly for the go-karting challenge, my team came first and I didn’t get any champagne.”

6 stars


I had a great time with my friends, the hotel was OK but was way too hot in the nights. We enjoyed the Comedy Club a lot and the Party Bus was brilliant. The song recording was fantastic (toby was a quality host).”

6 stars


“The night was very good, but the Oktoberfest Party venue was billed as a nightclub, and was more of a restaurant with a bar.....Was good, but should not be billed as a nightclub.....Powerboats were good, but was very disappointed that I had to leave three of stag party behind due to a broken down boat....

What I might suggest is to have more of a choice from within London, as we came from the East and the Oktoberfest venue was in the West it meant a lot of travelling in between venues....If billed as London, it should be a central location or be billed as North, East, South or West London instead of straight London.....”

8 stars


“Over all the night was a complete success! The gentleman’s club was spot on, stunning girls and we were looked after like VIP's. The Oktoberfest bar was slightly disappointing, they only had Oktoberfest on once a month! The 'live entertainment with drinking games' was a man with a guitar! We all enjoyed the food and drank lots of steins which obviously ended up with us making our own entertainment! All I would say is if your choosing the Oktoberfest bar as a choice of activity, check to see if there's an Oktoberfest on your particular day!

I would like to thank Last Night of Freedom for organising the night, their customer service was exceptional and kept us informed of everything at every stage. Thanks Chris! ”

8 stars


“Very good choice of venues.... everyone had a great time. Very friendly and helpful team of advisers.”

9 stars


“Great fun. Thanks for the help arranging this.”

9 stars


“Had a great weekend, the lads were entertained throughout and the activities were perfect for a group of our size. Paintball was a highlight but the bruises are going to be with us for a few more days yet!”

7 stars


“Very enjoyable, and well looked after by the staff on the bus!”

7 stars


We had a really lovely time, good fun had by all and the Hen was very excited and happy about the dancing + the atmosphere in general. I would recommend this, they really catered to our whole group really well, I can't recommend them enough, particularly in terms of their service levels, they were excellent. ”

7 stars


“We had a great time but the location of the go-kart track was a little hard to get to.

The Bierkeller Oktoberfest event was fantastic. Everyone had a great time and the band were magnificent, so much so that I got their details and plan to hire them for a work's do this Autumn.”

10 stars


“We booked the party bus in london, the bars and the clubs were top class, and the staff on the bus and lets not forget the hen group that was on the bus were great, that made the night for us...all my mates will be using the party bus again, its different, easy, no walking and drinking all the way to each venue...thanks for a great night”

8 stars


“The amount we ate and drink, watched naked ladies and drink and dance and drink it was a good Last Night of Freedom for the groom worth to see him stagger home with a great smile on his face, a good service was done!”

9 stars


“It was a fun packed evening filled with lots to eat and drink (which I had problems even finishing) at the restaurant. At the lap club the staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was lively and we all had a fun time.

However, we never had enough time for the third part because the drinks took their toll and we lost time to complete the package, but were really happy nonetheless”

8 stars


“Our group did the cocktail making in London and it was great. Obviously good fun watching but brilliant when we actually got behind the bar.

Needless to say the groom had a fair amount to drink doing this activity and was a little worse for wear at the end! Great service from Last Night of Freedom too as I had some issues with the postal service which they were able to help with. Everyone had a great time.”

8 stars


“Night out was a lot of fun, The service provided by LNOF was top notch. Very professional and friendly.”

7 stars


The recording studio was awesome! The guy really helped us out considering the vast majority of us were completely tone deaf! Some of the guys were a bit sceptical about it but all of us had a great time and really enjoyed the experience - even if we did sound a bit like a football terrace!”

10 stars


Hotel was quality, really friendly staff. Good selection of pubs and bars near the hotel. Paintballing was a really good laugh, even though we hadn't been to bed!”

7 stars


The whole weekend went without a hitch, everyone had an excellent time! The hotel was good although a fried breakfast would have made it perfect. Paintballing was one of the highlights with a great service and location! We recommend having showers there as we had to apologize to everyone on the tube going back to the hotel because we absolutely stank! The strip club was professional and the girls definitely outnumbered the guys here, expensive girls they were but we managed to buy the stag something he'll never forget. The handy booklet of vouchers for the weekend made my time a lot easier so top marks for that idea. ”

10 stars


The best night ever , thanks a million

6 stars


“In my opinion the disco bus was overpriced for what it actually is. More clubs should have been introduced to compensate!”

7 stars


“staying in hammersmith and having to travel to camden was a pain but the night was great,impressed with the b.b.q chicken at the comedy club ,lots of too. the whole night just jelled, we did`nt have any problems with anything. I had a brilliant stag night and felt i had made the right choice with Last Night of Freedom

9 stars


Really good night, well organised venues, i would highly recommend london as a stag-do weekend !!!!”

8 stars


“Overall we had an excellent weekend, the comedy club and London Eye flight were great. The only minor negative comments would be regarding the hotel. Although billed as a 4* some of the rooms were more like a 3* standard, however, the rest of the hotel facilities were very good and the rooms were clean and well appointed. Additionally, the Old Street location was a bit out of the way for the West End and other busy centres of London.”

7 stars


“we all enjoyed the night. comedians at comedy club were funny and club was good too. great night all round.”

8 stars


“Used the party bus in London, had a laugh with the others on the bus. First clubs a bit quiet but livened up later on. We'd had a few before the bus and took our own party with us!”

7 stars


Good activities - London expensive and transport to venues often slow. Very busy which made it a bit difficult for large groups in busy areas”

9 stars


“Apart from the fact my bestmen and best mates were complete wasters and i had to organise my own stag weekend, it was brilliant. The service i got from the start was top rate, the staff were extremley helpful and accomdating with my needs and requests. Once all of the formalities were out of the way and me and the lads were in london it was outstanding. The go-karting was exceptional the track was great and the race stratergies were briliant. None of my party had ever been go-karting to a place were they have spent so long actually racing on the track. the racing was great and the mock award ceromony at the end finished it off perfectly. The paint balling was PAINFULL, being the stag i got stitched up properly, more than once. The indoor paint ball was different and interesting. We all had a good time shooting S*^T out of each other. I would deffinately recommend Lastnight of Freedom to anyone that would ask about organising a stag night/weekend, the staff are top grade and the venues they choose compliment the name. many thanks guys, hopefully deal with you again in the future.

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