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Dubbed the ‘Spanish London’, Madrid is alive with a heady pulse of people, parties and pretty women. It’s football mad, has class and culture, but is also a treasure trove of sultry bars and dirty clubs.

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LNOF Guide to Madrid

Spain’s HQ of threads, clubs and cuisine.

A Madrid stag weekend gives you a city that's always on the move - a bustling, hypnotic hybrid of sound, rich aroma and style. It has a pulse that never weakens, an intriguing identity of many layers and a populace that is almost bursting with energy and confidence. Ernest Hemingway referred to it as "the capital of the world”, and there are more than enough parties and points of interest to see what he meant. Where else would you find such a corker of a collection of public parks, museums and tapas-friendly eateries, all within easy distance of a cool beer and a smokin’ senorita?

This is a city which actually has a statue - El Angel Caido - of the main man downstairs (El Diablo). Now, you know you're somewhere interesting when there's a statue of the devil in the town centre. And, whether you choose to taste the cool cafe life, support your local bull or shake your maracas in a deliciously dirty club - this is one place you won't want to miss a second of during your big stag weekend away. Si Senor, Madrid will definitely leave every one of this team feeling mighty real.

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Me and my mates went to see Real Madrid play last summer. The atmosphere was amazing and really set us up for the night ahead.

Matt MavirMD

Madrid is one of the world's liveliest cities, a city that never sleeps. In fact, the Spanish would say it has "mucha marcha". During weekends, or before public holidays - it is not unusual to see more people out and about at six in the morning than in many other cities during the day. Coincidence or not, it can hardly come as a surprise to learn that “Madrileños” (locals) are known locally as "gatos" (cats).

If there's one thing that makes your tapas taste better, it's a pint of cool beer; and if there's one thing that adds to the beer, then it's the backdrop of a magnificent cathedral and buzzing city square. This place is brimming with live music and late-night entertainment – boasting nightclubs and all sorts of strip clubs.

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