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Manchester has bags of northern soul, charm and character. The city has a huge music scene and is resolutely cool - with no shortage of trendy pubs, bars, gig venues, huge clubs and mental DJs. Mad for it.

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LNOF Guide to Manchester

A Manchester stag weekend is always a safe bet.

Cool, cloudy, club-loving Manchester. The rowdy, bustling metropolis is now looking (red-eyed) to the future with some major regeneration, such as the new Deansgate Lock and Salford Quay areas.

Knowing your way around this bustling, energetic city is a must. All you need is a touch of sensible planning a few months beforehand, to stoke up the fun factor when the big date comes around. Nice and central for all your guests (it’s blessed by an international airport, don’t forget), steeped in sin and debauchery, and eager to show you a good time – that’s Manchester for you. Now, do you want a flake in that, love?A stag weekend in Manchester will boast diverse goodies such as the Rovers’ Return, the ‘Curry Mile’ in Rusholme (360 curry houses next door to each other), the ‘Didsbury Dozen’ (famous pub crawl), the extremely gay Canal Street district, and the Hard Rock Casino. Run-of-the-mill stag weekends are not what Manchester specialises in. If you want culture, they got culture. If you want titillation, they got that too. If you want both - we like your style.

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Me and my mates love a pint or seven down the Norther Quarter. It's always a class night in Manchester.

Andy HindmarchDirector

With a reputation for attitude-driven music, trendy clubs and being of-the-moment fashion savvy - you would expect nothing less than infectious, confident locals with plenty to say for themselves. And you’d be right. The thing is though, they also know how to party - which all adds up to a lethal cocktail. Care to try one?

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