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Hailed as 'the last true wilderness on Earth', the North Pole is one of the most remarkable and untouched places on earth. From ski trekking to helicopter rides to champagne and caviar, this location is as extravagant as it is hardcore. Are you man enough to go where no other stag do has gone before, with our North Pole package?

5 Night Artic Adventure - £24,999

Wednesday - Airport Transfer - Minibus

We will kick off your trip in style with a private airport pick up. We know that you must be a group of fearless explorers to embark on a North Pole expedition, but we still don’t expect you to land in one of the most challenging environments on earth and simply find your own way to your hotel. A chauffeur will collect you from Svalbard Airport and escort you to your vehicle. You will then be driven directly to your accommodation in Longyearbyen to begin making history as one of the most intrepid stag groups ever to walk the earth. Good luck, gentlemen.

Someone on a snowmobile driving over the snow

Wednesday Night - Meal

There’s nothing like a hearty meal when it’s cold outside. We will organise a delicious three course meal for you and the guys in Longyearbyen, so you can settle in to your new home-from-home in style. You can choose from delicacies that you will know well, or get adventurous with an exotic special which can range from seal to reindeer, or even whale. This is sure to be a culinary experience you’ll never forget. Your Polar Expedition expert will meet you at the restaurant to welcome you to Longyearbyen and brief you on the amazing adventure that lies ahead. There’s no better way to celebrate than to eat, drink and be merry with your best mates at the top of the world.

Thursday - Equipment Check

With temperatures as low as -35C at the North Pole, it’s vital that you have the right gear with you for your trip. Trust us when we say that there’s nothing like a touch of frostbite to really put a dampener on proceedings. Your Polar Expedition expert will go through your equipment with you to ensure that it is up to scratch for your polar expedition. If you want to be sure that you are getting the best of the best, ask us about the Polar Clothing and Equipment Pack. This will contain everything you wil need, and you keep it all afterwards (you never know when you’re going to need heavy-duty polar exploration equipment after all).

 A snowbuggy on the snow with the sun in the background

Ski Training

In an environment as alien and challenging as the North Pole, even the most experienced skier will need a crash course in cross-country skiing across the arctic wilderness. The stunning landscape is unlike anywhere else in the world and you will have to drag your supplies behind you on a sled. Make sure you know what you’re doing before heading out on to the ice – the North Pole is not a place where you want to be making mistakes. This quick training session will make sure you know exactly what to expect once you begin your expedition, ensuring that you’re ready for anything when you head out to conquer the rugged terrain of the North Pole.

Friday - Bareno Flight

This is a short two and a half hour flight by Antonov-74 aircraft to the Base Camp at Barneo Ice Station. You will fly across the Arctic Ocean and land on an ice runway at Barneo where you will base yourself for the duration of your trip. This runway is open for only two weeks in April, so you will be one of very few explorers to land here. This is the beginning of your journey to boldly go where no stag group has gone before. Take the time to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the adventure that is to come – you’re about to make history, are you ready for it?

Lunch in Barneo

When temperatures can dip as low as -35C, you need to keep your calorie intake up to stay warm (which the best excuse to pig out that we’ve heard in a while). Make sure you keep your strength up and tuck into a delicious lunch in at your Barneo Base Camp. The chefs here will serve you up a hot, tasty meal, which will be extremely welcome after experiencing the Arctic climate! It’ll be served up in the heated dining tent for you and your fellow explorers. You will then have the afternoon to explore Barneo, your home-from-home for the next few days, and take in the beauty of this enigmatic wilderness; guaranteed to be unlike anywhere you have ever been.

Friday Night - Tent Dinner

Okay, granted, there’s not exactly a wide variety of eateries to choose from when you are staying in the Arctic Circle, but, luckily, the food is great in the dining tent at base camp. You’ll all but forget the freezing temperatures outside as you tuck in to a delicious, hot meal in the heated dining tent. Everybody who is setting off to, or coming back from, the North Pole will be eating here so you are guaranteed to have a fun-packed evening meeting explorers, guides, scientists and pilots from around the world. Swap stories, tips and experiences as you prepare for your history-making trip as the first stag group to reach the North Pole!

A snow buggy driving through the snow with trails in the snow

Saturday - Artic Helicopter Flight

Make your final preparations and climb aboard the waiting Mi-8 helicopter. After a short 35 minute flight you will be dropped 3-5km from the North Pole, where you will begin your epic ski trek to the top of the world! This breathtaking environment is the place that you will call home for the night, so set up camp and bed in for the evening. We will have the helicopter pick you up again in the morning, so you can sit back and enjoy the stunning views of the Arctic in the morning light. This is the ideal time to revel in your achievements as one of the only stag groups to ever make it to the North Pole.

Ski Trek

Now the real fun begins: With skis on your feet and poles in hand, it’s time to embark on the expedition of a lifetime. You will have the whole afternoon to navigate your way across the ice, with your expert guide leading the way. The terrain changes every year, so you may be negotiating pressure ridges, open water and drifting ice. Once you arrive at the North Pole itself, you will celebrate your fantastic achievement and take plenty of snaps of you making history as the first stag group to ever reach the North Pole. You’ll set up camp and have some fun exploring, building snowmen and making a satellite call home to family or friends to let them know you have made it!

Three explorers trekking through the snow

Sunday - Champagne and Caviar

You’ve just completed one of your greatest achievements, you have taken on one of the most challenging environments and you have conquered it. With this in mind, there should be no better way to celebrate than to dine like a gentleman on champagne and caviar. This is the traditional way to celebrate reaching the North Pole, so who are we to break convention? When you arrive back at Barneo we will have this delicious lunch waiting for you in the Dining Tent. Get set to have the time of your life with everyone toasting your success. You have the ultimate boasting rights as the first ever stags at the North Pole – so eat, drink and be merry on this auspicious day.

Longyearbyen Flight

After your awfully big adventure, it is time to say goodbye to the Arctic Circle and head back to the ice runway for take-off. You will have a short two and a half hour flight back to the Svalbard capital, Longyearbyen, by Antonov-74 aircraft. This is a great opportunity for you and the lads to sit back, relax and contemplate your great achievement. When you arrive back at Longyearbyen, you will be greeted at arrivals and transported back to civilisation via private transfer. You certainly deserve a nice, comfortable night’s sleep in your luxury hotel after all that exploring – and perhaps a beer or two to toast to your success.

We will even throw in a North Pole Diploma that proves you successfully completed an expedition to the North Pole. This will be presented to everyone in the group at a special ceremony, time and date will be arranged to suit the groups needs.

All this for "just" a cool £24,999pp. Bargain.

So, if you are brave enough to take on this awesome challenge for your last night of freedom, give us a call on 0191 499 8750 for more information.

Last Updated - 30/01/2019

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