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A large group of people playing bubble football in red and blue bubbles

Bubble Football & Goggle Football

Two lines of blue go karts

Outdoor Karting

A 4x4 vehicle driving down a dirt track with a person standing nearby

4x4 Blindfold Driving

An off-road buggy driving round a corner on a dirt track

Dirt Buggies

A man aiming a shotgun into the sky with an instructor looking over his shoulder

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 50 Clays

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask aiming a paintball marker from behind a tree

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Session inc. 400 Balls

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask aiming a paintball marker from behind a tree

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Session inc. 400 Balls

Arrows with a large target visible in the background


A double barrelled shotgun cracked open, containing one green shotgun shell

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 25 Clays

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask skidding across the ground and aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A crossbow laying on a table with two targets visible in the background

Crossbow Shooting

A scoped rifle resting on a surface next to rounds of ammunition

Rifle Shooting

A man aiming a shotgun into the sky, with an orange clay visible

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 25 Clays

A number of laser tag guns lying on a wooden surface

Outdoor Laser Tag

A number of laser tag guns lying on a wooden surface

Laser Clays

A man wearing a paintball mask and a pink bib with a target on crouching next to a wooden fence and holding a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A split image of a shotgun lying on grass near orange clays and a person aiming a bow and arrow

Archery & Laser Clays

A split image of knives stuck in a wooden log and a person aiming a bow and arrow

The Hunter Games

A split image of a woman covered in soap suds and a quad bike being driven down a grass track

It's A Knockout & Quad Biking

A split image of an archery target with arrows in it and a person jumping through a large tyre

Archery, Assault Course & Rifle Shooting

A split image of a man climbing over a net and a person aiming a rifle at a target

Archery, Assault Course, Crossbows & Rifle Shooting

A split image of an archery target with arrows in and an off-road buggy driving on a dirt track

Archery, Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A split image of a quad bike and an off-road buggy being driven

Quad Biking & Dirt Buggies

A split image of a Land Rover driving over grass and a quad bike driving through a wet field

4x4 Off-Road Driving & Quad Biking

A split image of a Land Rover driving over grass and an off-road buggy on a dirt track

4x4 Off-Road Driving & Dirt Buggies

A split image of arrows with targets in the background and a view down the side of a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle being aimed

Air Rifles, Archery & Cobra Slingshot Shooting

A split image of an archery target with arrows in and a shotgun lying on grass next to orange clays

Archery, Laser Clays & Laser Tag

A man wearing an orange cap and jacket, firing a gun

Air Rifle Shooting

One man and a helper firing a gun into the sky

Laser Clay Shooting

Split image of Messi stood next to a blue inflatable zorb, and a group of men playing archery tag

Battle Zone Archery & Bubble Football

A group of people playing goggle football with an orange football

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

A pair of legs sticking out of the top of a blue inflatable bubble

Bubble Football & Old School Sports Day

A group of people riding segways through a forest

Forest Segway

The back of a man kicking a ball at a footdart board


Split image of the back of a man running to a footdart board, and people playing in inflatable balls on a field

Footdarts & Bubble Football

A group of people playing bubble football in red and blue inflatables

Bubble Football Session

A group of people playing human table football inside a large inflatable pitch

Human Table Football

A woman in a white vest top and cap posing with a football and showing a red card

Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee

A split image of people playing human table football and bubble football

Bubble Football, Human Table Football & Penalty Shoot-out

A person following through after hitting a golf ball from a golf course

Golf - 18 Hole

Two people wrestling in large 'sumo' suits and hats

Sumo Wrestling

A person riding a segway with just their legs and wheels visible

Off-Road Segways

A split image of knives stuck in a wooden log and tomahawk axes stuck in a wooden log

Knife & Tomahawk Throwing

A group of people stood around an obstacle filled with water, in the jungle

Jungle Challenge

A man lying on his front and holding an inflatable surrounded by water

It's A Knockout

A long white pleasure boat with glass windows

Saturday Party Boat & Buffet

A woman dancing on a grey floor in front of a white wall

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

Whiskey being poured through a sieve and into a tumbler, over ice

Whiskey Tasting

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

Three glasses with brandy, lined up on a wooden table to a dark backdrop

Bourbon Tasting

A man's hand holding a shot of vodka, with three other shots in the foreground

Vodka Tasting

Three shots of tequila on a wooden board, surrounded by slices of lime

Tequila Tasting

A man's hand holding a crystal glass stem, with rum in

Rum Tasting

Multiple red cocktails containing strawberries and mint

Yates - Cocktail Workshop

A row of three different cocktails in front of a pile of crushed ice

Slug & Lettuce Cocktail Workshop

A pale cocktail in an ornate rocks glass, garnished with mint and blueberries

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

A person spreading tomato sauce on a pizza base on a table covered in flour

Pizza Making Class

A close up of a pizza with toppings and rocket

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

Bierkeller - Bavarian Snacks & Drink

Multiple red cocktails containing strawberries and mint

Yates - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

A red cocktail in a martini glass with a cherry garnish

Yates - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A pale cocktail being poured into a coupe glass from a metal cocktail shaker

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A dark red cocktail being strained into a coupe glass, with other drinks nearby

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

A steak and chips meal on a white plate with a fork

Yates - Steak Meal & Drink

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

A top-down view of a salad

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a pizza and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 3 Course Meal with Prosecco

The Belgo Bar and Restaurant logo over an image of a bowl of mussels

Belgo Restaurant - 2 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over an image of a pizza

Zizzi - 2 Course Meal

A top-down view of multiple plates of Latin American food

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal with Cava & Cocktails

A chicken pasta meal with shavings of Parmesan and a bottle of wine lying on its side in the background

Bella Italia - 2 Course Meal

A slice of pizza, topped with black olives, being removed from the full pizza, served up on a table

Bella Italia - 3 Course Meal

Belgo Bar and Restaurant logo over a person eating from a plate of food

Belgo Restaurant - 3 Course Meal

A burger in a bun with an egg on top

Yates - Brunch and Bottomless Prosecco

White Ask Italian logo over a table of Italian food

Ask Italian - 3 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of food and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 4 Course Meal with Prosecco & Wine

A large burger on a piece of paper with chips and sauce

Yates - Beer & Burger

Multiple large platters of food including chicken and burgers

Yates - 2 Course Meal

Multiple small chocolate desserts on a dark grey surface

Yates - 3 Course Meal

A top down view of various large bowls of food

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

A waffle covered in fruit on a white plate with a fork

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

A steak and chips meal on a plate on a wooden table

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

A slice of tart and a ball of ice cream on a plate on a wooden table

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

A top-down view of a pizza on a square plate, dough balls and the corner of another pizza

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

A number of tables at a modern restaurant, under purple light

The Balti House - Indian Banquet Meal

A man with a microphone in front of a large 'Glee' logo

Glee Comedy Club Entry, Food & Drink

A view over an audience in front of a stage containing a large 'Glee' logo and a standing man

Glee Comedy Club Entry & Food

A bowling ball scattering 10-pin bowling pins


The inside of a large party bus with purple lights and benches

Private Party Bus -16 Seater

The interior of a large party bus

Private Party Bus - 32 Seater

Three greyhounds racing beside each other across a sandy surface

Night at the Dogs & 3 Course Meal

Six greyhounds racing around a corner on a sandy track

Night at the Dogs

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A roulette wheel and table, surrounded by people

Casino Entry & Complimentary Bet

A group of people dancing under falling multicoloured confetti

Rock City Guestlist Entry - Friday

The interior of a large bar with booths, raised seating and modern lighting

Revolution Guestlist Entry

A metal ice bucket with two bottles of wine in, in front of a lounge-style seating area

Pryzm - Celebration Booth Package

A black and white image of a large dance floor filled with people

Pryzm Silver Booth Package

A view over a large dance floor filled with people

Pryzm Gold Booth Package

A red sofa and chairs around two tables, one with multiple black glasses on

Pryzm Booth Package

Three people clinking white flute glasses behind two bottles of champagne with sparklers attached

Pryzm VIP Booth

A group of women clinking glasses of champagne together

Yates Guestlist Entry

The exterior of a Slug and Lettuce bar, with outdoor seating and purple awnings

Slug & Lettuce Bar Entry

A roll of brown paper alongside a frame and paintbrushes

Nude Life Drawing

A woman wearing towels around her body and hair lying face-up, with a pair of hands cupped around her face

Spa Day Inc Treatment

Three half full champagne flutes lined up in front of each other

Champagne Tasting Session

A fake skull at crazy golf in Nottingham

18 Hole Adventure Golf

A wooden box containing bread, crudites and dips

Slug & Lettuce - Finger Food & Prosecco

A woman wearing towels around her body and hair lying face-up, with a pair of hands cupped around her face

Village Nottingham - Spa Day Inc 2 Treatments & Light Lunch

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LNOF Guide to Nottingham

Grab your bow and arrow (tights optional).

Think of Nottingham and images of men in silly hats roving the forests are probably the first things to come to mind. But there’s more to Nottingham than Robin Hood; whilst it’s true that the residents are very proud of their local hero, this is a city that is alive with buzzing nightlife, cultural attractions and a thriving music scene.

Nottingham is an ancient city, founded in the 800s, and certainly has plenty to show for it. You and your group could stop for a couple of jars at England’s (alleged) oldest watering hole, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Supposedly a favoured haunt of crusading knights, this pub is carved into the living stone at the foot of Castle Rock. It contains within its ancient walls, amongst other things, a cursed model galleon and a chair that makes women fall pregnant...

If you’re feeling a bit more ‘party animal’ than ‘quiet pint’, then there are plenty more modern nightlife options to be found all around the city. From the swanky Lace Market, with its swathes of upmarket bars and restaurants, to the recently refurbished mega-club, Pryzm, and everything in between – you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Nottingham’s thriving nightlife scene. Fans of live music or slightly more alternative nights can head to Rock City, Nottingham’s legendary independent music venue and nightclub.

By day, explore the city’s historic monuments, or perhaps get out into the mythical Sherwood Forest for some adventure activities including, you guessed it, archery. You could even get a bit gruesome with the ghoulish Ghost Walk or the grisly Galleries of Justice, as well as check out the city’s extensive network of underground caves.

If you fancy something a little more light-hearted, be sure to see whether there are any festivals happening during your visit. Throughout the year, you could catch, amongst others, Splendour Festival, the Goose Fair, the Caribbean Carnival and the Robin Hood Beer Festival.

So, whether you're swapping anecdotes across a crowded eatery, trying to convince your mate that you could definitely shoot an apple off his head with an arrow or having it large in the Lace Market, Nottingham is the perfect place to do it. Don’t worry – we won’t tell the Sheriff.

Customer Reviews for Nottingham

Our average stag feedback score for Nottingham is 4.86

Average Rating from 187 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
9 stars


Brilliant weekend, great location and made so much easier organising through lnof. ”

10 stars


The weekend in total was faultless, the staff at the activities were brilliant, they advised is to do the karting instead of the assault course as it is quite strenuous, so we all just paid an extra £8.50 on the day and we got our money's worth for the day, the hotel staff at park plaza were polite and very helpful, my best man was ill on the Saturday morning and they gave me 100% confidence in their ability, the beer babes bar crawl was amazing, we went to bars we had never thought of going into due to the size of the city and thought it was a bargain, we all paid £40 each for the kitty and it was money well spent and we even had money left over, couldn't have wished for a better stag do and as for LNOF they were helpful and gave plenty of prompts when approaching a deadline, they made the process very smooth and enjoyable”

10 stars


Nottingham was brilliant for the stag do! The nightlife was next level. Everything went really smoothly with little to no organisation needed from us. Thanks for the help last night of freedom!”

9 stars


“Everything went smoothly and a great time was had by all. So grateful for the organisation from LNOF.

9 stars


Good time doing rifle shoot and rage buggies before heading out on the town and stumbling back to the hotel in the early hours. Good breakfast at the Jury's too!”

10 stars


“Great weekend!! Laser tag was great fun, set us up for the night, hotel was good with a decent breakfast ”

9 stars



8 stars


Hooters was good. The quality of the food good and the service ok. The girls made it good fun with a few competitions and drinking games. The Pryzm nightclub is great. As it has multiple rooms people can get a variety of music.”

10 stars


Superb stag do in Nottingham and great value for money. Would definitely use Last Night of Freedom again. ”

10 stars


It was amazing weekend & your company did everything you said & we didn't have one problem.”

10 stars


“Everything was brilliant, LNOF were very helpful throughout

10 stars


Awesome weekend, everything was arranged as in the travel pack very pleased how it went. Many thanks for sorting everything out as stress free a weekend as you can get!

9 stars


“As a group off 8 lads we started on the Friday water rafting just outside Nottingham didn't really know wot to expect, but could not rate this more highly! If you fancie doing something different do this! Then we moved on to our hotel park plaza in the heart off Nottingham (very good) then out for drinks loads off great bars and places to eat right on the doorstep off the hotel! ”

9 stars


Absolutely superb, took a lot of the organisational stress away so we could enjoy the Stag itself. Any issue that did surface were dealt with in an instant, would highly recommend, and will 100% be using again should the situation come about.

9 stars


“This was my first time as a best man planning a stag do. The team at Last Night of Freedom were so friendly and made it so easywhile understanding all my enquiries and planning. Everything was perfect including the hotel which was lovely and probably deserves more than 3*. There was 14 of us lads with a big range of ages from 20's to 3 60 year olds and they all said what an amazing weekend.I thought you might like to know that we have another stag do later on this year and will definitely be using Last Night of Freedom again.

10 stars


Brilliant weekend, 4 days later and my voice still hasn't come back! Never laughed so much.”

9 stars


Fantastic stag weekend, easy to organise and well situated with activities and hotel. Really enjoyable experience all round.”

9 stars


“Great weekend, very well organised by LNOF - all aspects were superb. ”

9 stars


Class weekend .. perfect location right in the middle of the town, would do it again for sure, highly recommend LNOF. ”

10 stars


Excellent company. Everything went as planned and the company dealt with all my problems. Great company. Would recommend to anyone wanting to book a stag or hen do!!!

10 stars


Absolutely outstanding

9 stars


Cracking weekend, hotel 10/10, great staff & location. I would definitely recommend. ”

9 stars



10 stars


“Due to the stag having sustained injury on the wednesday before the stag weekend we only did the activity due to distance of night clubs. This was out of yours and our control, the hotel was in a great area/location and would have been brill in normal circumstanes. ”

8 stars


Had a cracking weekend, thanks guys.

10 stars


“I'd warn others that you can struggle in some places for fancy dress. If it wasn't for being on the list for Revolution we wouldn't have got in and it was only the stag dressed up. Would definitely recommend Karting. Would use LNoF again even if it's not for a stag do and just for weekend away with the lads. It was a quality weekend.

8 stars


We had a great weekend. The accommodation was top notch with great facilities. We went to the F1 Go Karting Centre on the Saturday afternoon and although it is a fair way outside of Nottingham, it was a great activity and brought out a competitive edge in everyone! Nottingham City centre has loads of cafe bars but not many drink only establishments but enough to have a great night. The Oceana night club is a fantastic venue with different rooms to sample. The atmosphere in here was great all night. I would recommend Nottingham for a stag or hen weekend.

10 stars


“Fantastic for value of money. Will definitely use again.

10 stars


To all Stags, Best men or groomsmen, make sure you book with these guys. Second time we have used them. First in Budapest and it was absolutely top notch. We put our trust back in them for a second time to Nottingham this weekend and what a weekend. It could not have ran any smoother. Bubble football, Hooters and bar crawls all expecting and welcoming. booking procedure simple and when ever you need help they are at the end of the phone. Stop trawling the net and use these guys, they really won't let you down.

9 stars


“Excellent stag do made easy by the LNOF Team. Great weekend - excellent value for money. Thank you very much.”

9 stars


“Top day out and even better night to go with it.”

9 stars


Last Night of Freedom were brilliant, they arranged everything for us and were quick, helpful and efficient when a few issues arose on our part near the big kick off. Nottingham was great, the hotel chosen by LNOF was brilliantly central, and the night life was superb. We all had a great weekend of drinking, and fun. We did Clay Pigeon Shooting as part of the weekend and would recommend it to anybody. The instructor was great, informative and often times hilarious and the shooting was cracking fun, even throwing a contest in at the end which the stag won! Overall, 10/10 for LNOF for the arrangements and entertainment on offer.”

8 stars


“Incorrect time given for Activities which meant waiting round for 45 minutes. Rage buggies better than Quads. Good hotel, Good location, Bars fairly good. ”

8 stars


“Great weekend , but the LNOF team were superb throughout the whole process , great team of people , would always recommend the LNOF , big thanks! ”

9 stars


“Pre-night club venue was excellent, Paintball and off road buggies brilliant. Everybody on the stag do says they would go back to Nottingham .”

8 stars


“Last Night of Freedom were professional and polite throughout the experience and deliver great value for money. This is the second time I've used them and should I be responsible for organising a 3rd stag do, I'll definitely use them again!!!

9 stars


The hole process of arranging my stag do was made so easy with the help of LNOF staff who couldn't of been more helpful and informative.

The stag do its self is highly recommended Nottingham was so full of life and people, there was 8 of us lads with no sign of trouble anyway. the hotel couldn't of been better and was in the heart of the action. Rafting was incredible and something we all plan to do again,the only thing i wouldn't give 10/10 would be the dog racing only because it was a little slow paced for us.

All in all everyone had an unforgettable weekend we are still laughing about! It couldn't of been done without the LNOF Team! So thanks! Big thanks to Julie who help me with deciding what an were, and Sean as i imagine i wasn't his easiest customer!! Thanks Guys!!”

8 stars


The Hotel in Nottingham was great. The staff couldn't have been more helpful and the food for our Friday night meal was excellent. Sunday morning breakfast where all the stag and hen parties descended on the restaurant at 10am, they just couldn't cope!

The Restaurant was fabulous. They really looked after us and the food was very good.

Had a great time!

8 stars


Have had a really good experience booking up with Last Night of Freedom. was really easy and the payment system is great so you don’t have to worry about forking all the money out yourself. We done it’s a Knock Out in Nottingham as a activity which was brilliant(but freezing haha...should of chose a nicer day), we then got to the hotel which was amazing, was a good hotel and the place was more than what we needed.
We had a great night out, the only disappointing part of it was we had to still pay to get into the club which we had guest entry into as part as the package, not happy about that but overall a great weekend...the stag was happy(and very ill the next day haha) ”

9 stars


“It was very good weekend nice hotel and activities class.”

7 stars


Had a great weekend, no complaints. ”

8 stars


Went to Nottingham and it was brilliant. The water rafting in feb was the perfect hangover cure. If ever best man will be using u lot again very impressed. Thanks very much for ur help”

9 stars


Overall a great experience... One small hiccup over a taxi who didn't recognise our booking but it all worked out in the end. Apart from getting lost... A map would have been handy as apple chose that weekend to get rid of Google maps. Everybody really enjoyed the weekend and the craic was had. Thanks”

9 stars


Nottingham is a great city to visit with lots of good places to eat and drink and very easy to get around. We had a great night in Jongleurs comedy club and the quad biking was good fun and would do it again, the tank driving was pretty straight forward, they are surprisingly easy to drive but fun was had nonetheless.

I wouldn't bother booking nightclubs as there are so many of them it's easy to find good bars and clubs. We stayed a decent hotel which was really nice and comfortable and pretty central but no free wifi. We had a great weekend and would not hesitate to go back and would definitely use Last Night of Freedom again. ”

8 stars


“Had a really enjoyable weekend. Atmosphere around the City was excellent and the activities were well run and enjoyable. Only tiny issue was the distance out to the Clay Pigeon Shooting, it was a little further out of town than anticipated, but it was a very minor issue. Everyone in the party had a great time, and would definitely recommend Nottingham as a place for other stags.”

8 stars


Our first activity was Clay Pigeon shooting and this was great fun and well organised but I would say that as its 9 miles outside Nottingham factor in the cost of transport to and from the centre. Also we went well over the hour allocated so if you are tight for time for next activity watch out.

The second activity was the VIP Greyhound Racing with 4 course dinner and betting service. This was also well organised and good fun.

Our nightclub entry was obviously for a very popular venue as even though on the guest list we were refused entry at first as it was full...this was before 11 o’clock! We did make it in and was a good choice for a bit but mega hot and crammed in there.

Hotel was ideally located, close to Station and Hooters. Rooms a very good standard for a 3star and had all the shower gel, shampoo etc you may need so ok to travel light. All in all, Last night of Freedom made organising the stag very easy for me and I would certainly recommend it. ”

8 stars


“We all had an absolutely fantastic weekend. The karting sorted the hangover from the friday so we were ready to get on it again afterwards. Hooters was awesome, we were expecting cheap plastic cups of beer but it was bottles of stella. The food was very nice and there was so much even we couldn't eat it all! Cheers Last Night of Freedom apart from free club!”

7 stars


“I liked the boat trip, but there wasn't enough food for the number of people on there. We were at the back of the queue and had very little to eat. ”

9 stars


Awesome weekend, well planned by the LNOF staff all activities knew we were coming and were ready for us. Great value for what we did.”

9 stars


“Everything was great, all the boy's had fun. Would highly recommend using Last Night of Freedom.”

8 stars


“Great city and location, hotel was really good too, comedy club was so so.”

9 stars


“We a tremendous time. Loved the group email function - saved me a lot of ball ache. The hotel was mint and the activities amazing. One naughty little thing - they had no idea who you were at the casino. But we were so drunk by then we didn't care. Thanks.”

10 stars


“I had a great time, it was good.”

9 stars


“Great weekend, brilliant city, nice hotel.”

9 stars


Great weekend, plenty of bars night life White water rafting awesome! Hotel accommodation pretty good breakfast little poor but over all a great weekend!”

10 stars


“Excellent weekend all round...........”

9 stars


“Mad weekend!!! All the lads loved it, and the stag got it!! Paintballing on a hangover is not the best thing to do but it was quality! The clubs were top!.....Stay away from the strippers if you haven’t got much money!!! Over all a TOP WEEKEND!!”

6 stars


“All the clubs and bars we had a pass in to were very accommodating. However the bus was an hour and a half late and the organiser was very sparing with conversation and advice.”

8 stars


It's a knockout was a great way to get rid of your hangover!!!”

10 stars


Had a really great weekend, the hotel was located in a great position, for the night life and train station, also local taxi services were great. The activities were really fun, and my brother who was the stag had a top time, so thank you!”

8 stars


“I thought it was all good, but the only criticism for me was the curry. It was all a bit basic and not very good.”

8 stars


The hotel was excellent. The food was very good, the staff were friendly and the rooms were spacious and contemporary. It was also very central.

The go-karting was a bit far away but very well organised and a good track.

The bars in Nottingham were good and varied and it was a nice city. The worst bit about the package was the Indian restaurant that we went to. The food was absolutely terrible. ”

9 stars


The best weekend I have had for a while due to the great group of lads that were with me but the organisers played their part!! It’s a Knockout was a great laugh as were all the other events so all in all well organised and well put together.”

7 stars


Everyone on the stag had a great time in Nottingham & last night of freedom made it so easy for us! We just turned up at the night club we reserved with u & all 28 of us got in no problem. U did what you said on the tin ! We will definitely use you again. Cheers Alan from Dublin.”

9 stars


“Nottingham is a great place would tell everybody that is the place to go for a stag party thanks to Last Night of Freedom.”

8 stars


“A painless process. Accommodation was better than expected which included a very good buffet breakfast. Overall, £100 for 2 nights offered excellent value for money. Let last night of freedom take the weight, simples!”

8 stars


“Recently went away for my stag do in Nottingham and had a blast from what I can remember, Everything was easy to find and arranged so we didn’t have to worry about anything, would definitely recommend this to anyone.”

7 stars


“Generally a reasonable deal but was missing some of the small things like transportation to the rafting venue.”

8 stars


Fantastic weekend away. Good hotel, great choice of bars and places to eat. Well recommended!”

9 stars


“The stag do wasn't booked through myself so I didn't really know what to expect, but the stag weekend in Nottingham was absolutely awesome!

The activities we picked were great and ran by really friendly people who took that extra step to make sure we had a good time. The hotel was also clean & tidy and the breakfast was always nice.

I've not a bad word to say about my experience! ”

10 stars


“From the first call to LNOF to checking out hotel after stag do everything ran smoothly, great value for money! I would recommend LNOF to anyone who is looking to book a stag do. BIG thanks to all the team.”

9 stars


“Excellent weekend, the stag and all his friends including me had a great time.”

7 stars


Very well organised once again by you guys, only issue was the hotel which although clean and tidy the room was extremely small and we had to share a bathroom/toilet with other rooms. Also the hotels location is quite away out from the city centre, we know u can't expect too much for a hotel on a stag do but a toilet in your room is a huge plus point.

Thanks again for a great stag do. (-:p ”

7 stars


“Overall it was a very enjoyable weekend, however the hotel we stayed at was quite far from the town centre.”

8 stars


We had a great time thanks. I would say that 90%+ of the advice that I got was spot on and I felt looked after during the booking process.

So much so that I have to organise another stag later this year and I will be giving Sean a buzz once I know more detail. I have also passed on Sean's details to a colleague of mine who is organising something for Amsterdam later this year. ”

8 stars


Had a great weekend in Nottingham! Everything was really good and all the activities were great. The only down side was the Indian that was booked for us as the food was not great, and they over charged our table and decided to take 20 mins to sort it out even though they knew they made a cock-up! Apart from that the paintball, mud-buggies, club entry, hotel etc etc was fantastic. The bouncers had no issues letting 14 lads through due to the voucher we had and this helped the night as a few of the lads thought we wouldn’t get in. So that was great!

Overall, it was a great success and I have got plenty of compliments from the lads for the weekend so I would like to say thanks to Last Night of Freedom for organising some great venues and hotel for a ridiculously great price! I tried working out how much it would be without them doing it and it must have saved us at least £100 each! Bargain.”

8 stars


“Trying to contact anyone was difficult. Weekend though was really enjoyable, hotel was good, Quad biking good. We did not use the nightclub tickets as Nottinghams old pubs, rock pubs and Rock City are amazing.”

8 stars


Well organised and really nice hotel. Only disappointing thing was that we had to wait ages for the quad bike centre to fill their bikes with petrol and we had to travel about 45 mins from the quad bike centre to the karting only to find that the karting centre also had a quad bike centre. otherwise all good.”

7 stars


“Hotel really good, activities excellent.”

9 stars


“A great weekend that was aided by a wonderful support team. Many thanks especially to Steve Telford for arranging the weekend!!! A great time was had by all. ”

8 stars


“Good times.”

8 stars


The sphereing was fantastic fun and something that I highly recommend however please make sure that you are not too hung-over as the washing machine effect is not pleasant on a stomach full of booze! Had one of the best weekends of my life!!”

10 stars


“We all had a brilliant stag do in Nottingham which was all arranged through Last Night of Freedom. By using this company it made the whole process of organising a large group very easy, epically by giving each person access to their website to make their payment saving me a lot of time and hassle of collecting money. We took part in 'It's a knockout', 'Hooters' and the comedy club, of which I would thoroughly recommend any of these event's.”

10 stars


“I got stitched up a treat by my mates but I still had an awesome stag do that I will never forget! We're all still talking about it and I’m sure we will continue to do so for many years!”

7 stars


“Brilliant, best Last Night of Freedom ever!”

9 stars


“The perfect stag weekend.”

8 stars


The hotel was brilliant and very tolerant! We went to the comedy club on the 1st night, which was amazing, the security staff out did themselves making us feel welcome and we had a good time throughout. Following this we went to the club, which wasn't bad.

On Saturday we nursed our hangovers and had an awesome time. In the evening we went to the lap club which was a little disappointing. Although the dancers and staff were all friendly and a good laugh, it is in a tiny room and all the dances happen in private upstairs, there isn’t much of a stage show. From there we went to the 80’s bar, which was good, we got a free bag of stuff and had a good laugh in there before finishing the night off at Rock City..... This was something we did on our own and it was brilliant, I know it’s not for everyone, but would seriously recommend this club, to add to your list. ”

9 stars


“We had a fantastic weekend, Nottingham is a really good night out and the club was excellent. The activities, Clay Pigion Shooting and Go-Karting, were also fantastic, if a little far from the city centre. Everyone had a fantastic time and we were all in need of some TLC when we came home.”

8 stars


“Weekend was good, Nottingham had a great nightlife and made for a really good stag do. We had a problem with the go karting though, it seemed like they double booked our time slot.”

9 stars


“From the hotel, to the nightlife to the activities we did, the entire weekend was a great laugh! At the hotel, all of our group had their own double room, the food was excellent and the pool and spa facilities spot on for getting rid of a bad head the next morning!

The nightlife was very good with bars, pubs and clubs all over the city so you were spoilt for choice. Also it was good having 24hr McDonalds and Greggs whilst you were out! The comedy club is well worth a visit. Great comedians and the atmosphere was good.

Best part of the weekend was the rage buggies, quad biking and laser clay. It was dirty so take old clothes but well worth a go! ”

7 stars


“Nottingham is a fantastic location for a stag do, however the hotel was well below standard. This aside we had a great time and i would highly recommend the comedy club, paintballing and dirt buggies package which was excellent value for money and fun.”

10 stars


I was very surprised at the quality of the Hotel allocated, I had expected somewhere more down market and the facilities were of a high standard. The Paintball and Quad Bike activities were spot on.

Plenty of choice of bars and clubs in Nottingham centre. VIP entry to Nightclub worked well, but the Club itself was basic and other clubs were much better. I would recommend this package to anyone considering a stag do with varying ages in the party. It should be noted that the paintballing is quite a distance away with an early start so be careful about driving after the first night. ”

9 stars


We all had a brilliant time in Nottingham, I would definitely recommend it to friends. I was really happy with the effort you guys went through ie hotel, nightclub tickets etc. It was so easy and we had no hassle (well it got a bit hairy on Sunday when England went out of the world cup, English supporters are absolutely mad), definitely recommend the nightclub we had the best night ever in that club. Thanks a lot guys for everything and i’m sure you will be hearing from me again.”

10 stars


Had a great time from start to finish, everything run smoothly and was very enjoyable. Even the British transport system was good to us!

The dog racing was a superb night out. Good quality food and excellent staff. We all had a win and were buzzing by the time we left. All nightclubs were good and we had no problems getting in, pretty impressive for a group of 16 drunken males.

The only let down was Robert Green, but as a west ham fan I can overlook that. As for the hotel, perfect, nice and close to town, good breakfasts and very helpful staff. The bar was permanently open too, very handy.

Thanks for all your help Last Night of Freedom, somebody else needs to get married now so we can go again! ”

8 stars


The functionality for everyone to pay for themselves via the website took a lot of the strain away. Planning the Stag Do was quick, easy and painless and making last minute amendments was not a problem. It was a little difficult to get through to someone at times, but that was a minor irritation.”

8 stars


“Awesome weekend, loads to do no matter what age the party was. Nottingham is an excellent destination which I'd recommend to any stag party.”

8 stars


“Nottingham is a great location. We stayed in a new hotel and the accommodation is fantastic. The staff are attentive and the rooms are of a very high standard. The hotel is a short cab journey (or 10 minute walk to the town). It is also only a 2 minute walk from Hooters...this is well worth a visit!

Activity wise, It's a Knock Out was great and the reverse steer driving really stood out as well. Nottingham has lots of clubs and restaurants and great night life. ”

10 stars


“Just to say really that we all had a fantastic weekend, the hotel was in an ideal location, the paintballing and quad biking was superb!

Hooters was just what the boys were after, and the comedy club was spot on!

Fancy Dress on Saturday went down a treat with the group and with the locals! We would recommend both Nottingham and Last Night of Freedom to anybody.

Only negatives - the post code that we received for the comedy club was wrong and cost us £40 (per taxi). The club that we had tickets for on the Saturday was lame, wouldn't send people there! But the one that we had tickets for on the Friday is awesome! ”

8 stars


We all had a fantastic time in Nottingham. I was supported and helped until the very last second by Last Night of Freedom. I am pleased I chose this route as it lifted a lot of the hassle from my shoulders allowing me to enjoy the weekend too.”

9 stars


Sean Palmer was excellent, very helpful and always willing with suggestions.”

8 stars


We had a great weekend and the accommodation was fantastic. Good activities although despite asking for a midday slot for Go Karting we ended up with 9:30am which was a struggle. First nightclub was good but the second was poor and we ended up going back to the first one. Using Last Night of Freedom took away the hassle of finding stag friendly venues.”

10 stars


Nottingham is an excellent venue, loads of bars, clubs were excellent and all within walking distance of each other.”

10 stars


Excellent weekend. We had a problem with lunch at the paint ball site, a bit of confusion at the start but rectified after some negotiating. I will recommend this service to others. ”

9 stars


“Excellent weekend, great hotel and the paintball/quad biking was worth the trip alone. The first nightclub was really enjoyable, but the night club on the last night was a bit of a disappointment.”

10 stars


It was superb, really went well, all the guys commented on how good the trip was value to money. Accommodation was excellent.

The only thing in Nottingham to watch out for was taxi fares. If you agreed costs before they were better rates. ”

8 stars


Nottingham was really good, the nightlife was buzzing. The activities we did were wicked, especially paintballing. I thought Natalie sorted us out well and help us, as we booked it only 2 months before we had the stag, thank you for all your help. ”

7 stars


“Overall it was excellent although the original club going bust meant that the main night out was spent in a different one which is not anything special and a bit of a let down. however the hotel was perfect and the paintballing was great too. cheers.”

9 stars


Excellent weekend would recomend booking via you company”

9 stars


“What a weekend, at least what I remember!”

7 stars


“A good time was had by all - no complaints.”

8 stars


“Superb weekend. The place and people were very friendly.”

9 stars


“Brilliant - can't praise highly enough”

8 stars


I would recommend using Last Night of Freedom to anyone organising a stag or hen weekend. The arranging hotels, venues, collecting money, etc can be a daunting experience - Last Night of Freedom takes that away from you and allows you to relax and enjoy yourself.”

9 stars


Very Good packages, everything was brilliant, I was a bit annoyed that 1 venue we booked was shut down but this was rectified quickly.

Overall with the package and the weekend that we made it was one of the best weekends of my life very messy, paintballing was awesom as well. ”

8 stars


“All my mates agreed that the organisation was excellent, very suprised at the cost, one asked me how much he needed to pay towards the meal, when i said it was already paid for he said that's damn good. All said they enjoyed the night and that it was a different way of doing things”

9 stars


“It was an amazing weekend away the hotel was great right in the city centre lots of bars both night clubs we went to were really good, the paint ball was ace the stag got absoultly destroyed after the stag loads of people said it was the best one they had been on!”

9 stars


Great Hotel in a great location. By the Station, Hooters and only a small walk to the city centre.

Its a Knockout - Very well organised and great fun even for a little more "rowdy" lot like us. Staff were all in the right Spirit and we all had a great time.

Casino - Was smaller than we thought. Busy night with not enough tables open and no poker tables available.

Tank Driving - Very good and all enjoyed. Well worth the money and because we arrived early and no other groups doing that day we started early and even got a couple of extra "rides". Staff were great and some of the group even went shooting in the same location.

Overall very good and everyone enjoyed themselves. Good communication especially with the change of location for Its a knockout and friendly staff when booking.”

9 stars


A very enjoyable weekend, Nottingham is great for a stag do! The only problem was that there were no transfers from the hotel to our go karting, so i had to organise a mini bus quickly! I would have paid extra when booking or booked one prior to arriving.”

10 stars


“The boys had a fantastic time and could not believe what they got for their money. Thanks ”

8 stars


A great weekend was had by all. The best part about it was we all knew everything was sorted and we didn't have to worry about anything more than just being there on time.

Hover crafting is a great laugh, but I would recommend taking knee pads.”

6 stars


“Our hotel charged us £55 when we left due to some disruption caused by one of our party. Whilst I'm not disputing this charge, or that the person in charge was guilty of excessive noise, I feel as though the hotel could have handled the situation better.

All in all, the weekend was fine, ”

9 stars


Tank driving was excellent. Hooters was great as always. Already looking for another excuse to go back to Nottingham.”

8 stars


Had a great weekend with the lads. Played Beer Pong at the Hostel in our down time(in between activities) and karting was class beating the nob who brough his own helmet.

Dissapointed with the fact we had to pay again to enter the nightclub as we were slightly late.”

8 stars


“Mad weekend, definately worth the money. ”

9 stars


Excellent location for hotel and activities were well booked with the best of the best. So thank you, I've heard a lot from people who have booked with other companies and have been disappointed with the venues not being very good. But not us, it was a great weekend because all the venues were top notch!”

9 stars


Stag weekend was great. Nightlife was superb and the organisation was brilliant. We'll never forget it!!!!”

9 stars


Everyone had a fantastic time and not a single person complained (except for being hungover!). Great accomodation, fantastic paintball site and well organised.

All that as well as it being a very good price for what we got! Thumbs up for all! Thanks LNOF, I will be recommending you to anyone who is getting married!”

10 stars


An excellent time was had by all. Bournemouth is a fantastic place to go for a good time so was perfect for our party.

The surrounding areas also have much to offer in terms of activity! The hotel was basic but had everything 13 blokes could need and the staff were great.

I would definately recommend Bournemouth as a stag destination or even just a regular weekend away!!”

7 stars


“The Hotel was Excellent. Notingham in General was a graet place to have a stag do. We were a little disappointed with the 5 a side football venue. ”

10 stars


Absolutely fantastic weekend! Tank driving and clay pigeon shooting very professionally organised.”

8 stars


Both the events I booked were on the same site which was ideal as this meant no lengthly journeys between events.The comments I received from my party were overy good as the tank driving was unusual.

The location of the event was a good spot with plenty of open country side to view.”

8 stars


“All went really smoothly, last night of freedom could not have been more helpful. Although clearer directions to activities would have been useful. The hotel was very accomodating to all of our needs although nothing special was just what we needed.

Paintballing was good fun although not much scope for our own ideas and paintballs were a bit pricey.

All in a good weekend”

8 stars


Fantastic weekend, brilliantly coordinated, really helped reduce the stress factor of organising.

Nottingham was better than we could have expected, the clubs were less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel, the whole weekend couldn't have gone off any better!”

9 stars


“Great weekend, everything fell into place. ”

8 stars


“Nottingham was a wicked venue for my mates stag do. Plenty of bars and night life!

White water rafting was awesome! Dirt buggies not as good but still loads of fun. ”

9 stars


The hotel, service, breakfast etc. was excellent. The location was ideal. The club tickets were described The mud buggies and staff were also tops & their set up well organised. If I was to be super critical, a few more minutes on the track would have been preferred but on the whole terrific. Overall a tremendous weekend. ”

9 stars


The weekend was great and have nothing negative to say realy maybe only that the TAXI drivers up there are clueless and could not find there way out of a wet paper bag, The paintball was good but not great after a heavy night :-)

You guy's done a great job thanks very much.

10 stars


“Everything went well, all the events were great fun and in each event they expected use and the timings where spot on.”

8 stars


“Nottingham was great weekend, nightlife excellent, plenty going on, accomodation great, couldn't ask for anything better. just like to say thanks for excellent service that i recieved. ”

9 stars


Everyone had a fantastic memorable time.

We had quite a few issues trying to organise the people invited. People dropped out, people joined last minute it could of been a total nightmare if it wasn't for Last Night of Fredom staff, who were excellent especially Cheryl.

Thanks Guys!”

7 stars


Had a great weekend despite the snow! we had to have a few things changed due to this but all in all a good week end. Our coach did not turn upto collect us form the activity centre to take us home but i called the office and they sorted it straight out and called me back with in mins.

Good service from you guys and from what i cam remember a good time was had by all. ”

10 stars


“We had arranged 3 activities for the stag doo, archery, hovercraft racing and meal at Hooters.

The archery was a leisurly way to start the day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this event, although most struggled at the beginning, everyone managed a good performance thanks to the patience and expertise of the tutor.

The hovercraft racing was nothing short of superb. Everyone seemed very tentitive at the beginning, but once behind the wheel found it to be enjoyable. Would recommend this activity to anyone. Karting is good, but hovercrafting is better!!

Finally, the meal at Hooters. This delivered what was expected and more. We even managed to get the stag ropped into a drinking competition with other stag's, whilst sporting some quite fetching Hooters boxer shorts and t-shirt.

Overall, a great day!!”

9 stars


“Dog racing was faultless, superb. hotel was the best 3 star I have ever stayed in with a fantastic bar area and brilliant staff. go karting was pretty good, not the best track and we lost some racing time due to track repairs.

The nightclub was a bit young with really loud music, i know i sound old, but generally on stag do's everyone would prefer chat and banter to dancing and they generally have a broader age range than most groups.

overall a fantastic weekend away with no complaints.”

10 stars


The weekend went brilliantly, The highlight for me was the medievil banquet as it is a fantastic idea and everyone has a little part to play in making the banquet extra special. I myself had to take a ride on an invisible horse and have an archery competition after having 4 jugs of beer and cider simultaneously poured down my neck by robin hood himself.

The accomadation was brilliantly situated, right in the heart of the nightlife and 1 min away from the city centre. The Pubs and clubs around nottingham are brilliant. I myself enyoyed the quieter pubs nearer the student hang outs but we did venture the bigger clubs and there was a good atmosphere.

All in all a fantastic wekend and a good package that i wouldnt have been able to put together were in not for the last night of freedom guys. I'm planning my next trip down for my friends birthday in a few months.

ps, archery the day after a night of all you can drink is a fantastic idea, especially if you have money bet on the winner ”

9 stars


The weekend was excellent,all activities were really good. The hotel was excellent and staff were very helpful. all in all a great weekend thanks”

10 stars


We had an amazing time out in Nottingham and the rafting was a great time. It was definitely a diferent time for others to the usual stuff and everyone had a great time. ”

9 stars


The whole weekend was great. What really did help was the position of the hotel. We were right in the centre of Nottingham and could walk to all the places we needed so no need to lose people in taxis.

The hotel was good also with good showers and very friendly and helpful reception staff. Good details were sent to me with all the info I would need with postcodes etc so easy to get everyone there with no confusion.”

9 stars


As the stag i felt the trip was fantastic, the weekend went by so quickly as i was having an unbelievable time!

The activities we took part in were awesome, karting highly recommended!! The accomodation was far better than i couldve asked for, staff were amazing and thoroughly looked after us. all in all i can have no complaints! Fantastic weekend. thank you so much.”

8 stars


Last Night Of Freedom provided our group of lads with a very worthy and highly entertaining stag package for a reasonable price.

The hotel location was excellent with a first class breakfast and the staff, drop dead gorgeous, especially the spanish bar maid who was also very informative about what Nottingham had on offer. The comic club and mud buggies are perfect activities for Ice breaking. Our stag really enjoyed himself as did the rest of the lads.

I would recommend your service again and will be going back to Nottingham in the future. Thanks.”

8 stars


“Good night life, very good places to eat, hotel was nice and most things are in walking distance. go karting was very enjoyable so was paintballing. Lunch that the paintball place give you is rubbish an Nottingham is a nightmare to drive around. All in all a very good weekend enjoyed by all. ”

9 stars


Whole weekend was absolutley brilliant, both comedy club and mud buggying were one of the most enjoyable things i have ever done. Would not hesitate in recommending LNOF to anyone.”

7 stars


Casino night was really good fun, plenty of free drinks and lots of gambling fun, some of the group had never been to a casino before and all enjoyed it a lot.

Go Karting was excellent, very well organised and everyone had a great time. Last Night of Freedom made everything very easy to organise and as the best man I was delighted that everything ran smoothly. ”

7 stars


“Standard of hotel was poor. Breakfast was good & helped to make up for it. Activities were brilliant fun and well organised! (Quads, Dirt Buggies & 4x4). Night life good but VIP tickets not for best locations.

Overall still a great weekend away!”

6 stars


“Thought the service was pretty good. Had some issues with the restaurant, very unprofessional staff. Hotel was good for a bed and bar.”

8 stars


“All was very good except a couple of slight errors with timings etc. Everything (bar the two minor problems mentioned) went really well, clubs were extremely friendly and the bars of nottingham were much more welcoming to a stag do than i'd expected. Thanks a lot for a great weekend (even if i am in a lot of pain now!)”

8 stars


The weekend in Nottingham was great. The hotel was spotless and served an awesome cooked breakfast. Good Nightlife, recommend the pitcher and piano based in a converted church in the lacemarket area of the town. Golf at Oakmere park comes highly recommended as well.”

8 stars


Setting up the stag weekend in Nottingham was made easier with the help of the Last Night of Freedom team. Accommodation was first class as was the paint balling (although the 100 paint balls included in the package is not enough). The hotel was centraly located so getting to the bars was easy. The variety of bars and clubs were good and we had no problems getting a party of 15 in the bars. Overall the weekend was very good. ”

8 stars


The weekend was great over all the buggies were good but all the rules were a little restricitive. Dogs were good value for money. We personally had no complaints. Hope you find this helpful. ”

8 stars


The paintballing and go karting where really good fun. The hotel is located really well for bars and clubs. The only problm we had was getting into bars and clubs in a stag party, we were very limited to where we went. Last Night of Freedom arranged everything well for us and gave us plenty of information.”

8 stars


We had a banging weekend. As best man, I was a bit worried about how it would go. Booking it all up in advance was an excellent move. We met a stag party who didn't book it all up and they were basically trying to tag onto ours. How sad are they!! Everyone really enjoyed the comedy club/Paintball/Medieval Night and Go-Karting. The hotel was spot on in the middle of Nottingham. And the pricing was spot on as well. We all thought we'd got a great deal for what we did. ”

8 stars


Nottingham is one of the best locations ive been to for clubbing and bars, will certainly be going back”

8 stars


It's a Knockout is definatly recommended and extremely funny event get prepared to be cold, wet and semi naked most fun you can have without beer.”

8 stars


Wicked night

10 stars


Great time had by all. However the robin hood tales finished at 1050pm and we were ment to be in the club before 1045. They did let us in but just to let you know for future.”

9 stars


“Amazing weekend. Very well organised buy Last Night of Freedom. We all had a fantastic weekend! ”

7 stars


Excellent night, great city and well organised by Last Night of Freedom. Recommend their friendly approach to all.”

9 stars


Good location. Great activities. Last Night Of Freedom made everything simple and straight forward. And lets face it, you don't want things too complicated on a stag do, do you?!?!?”

7 stars


Comedy club was great. Its a Knockout okay. Medieval Banquet not so good!”

8 stars


Great stag weekend, i felt guilty accepting the commendations from friends as you guys did all the hard work!

10 stars


We had a superb weekend away in Nottingham, everything was very well organised for us so all we had to do was turn up. The hotel was in a great location for the nightlife and the mud buggies, hovercrafts and paintballing was a fantastic experience. I would definately recommend this to anyone for a great weekend to remember. Many thanks to Last Night of Freedom

8 stars


“Had a great time, LNOF delivered everything they promised and I could not be happier with their services. If I have to organise another stag do or social event I would not hesitate to contact LNOF first. Rob Whittingham, Best Man ”

8 stars


“Nottingham town hasn`t enough bars together and the pubs are for old men, and like most towns is filthy. The casino is a fun night and is clean. The karting is good but too far out.....worth it though! Lap dancing, clean and is a night not to be missed! The hotel we were allocated was faultless, HOOTERS bar is only a minutes walk. The nightclub was a s**t hole but all in all an 8/10 weekend. Can`t fault Last Night of Freedom for their service. Thankyou Guys!”

9 stars


“Excellent weekend away. Couldn't have been to a better hotel anywhere. Great activities enjoyed by all who attended. Highly recommended. Thanks”

7 stars


“The restaurant was dissapointing, we had a really stroppy waitress. ”

8 stars


We had a great weekend, the hotel was excellent and the dogs was great value. We had one or two problems with the paintballing, the first being it cost £200 for transport which was more than we were expecting. Secondly the woman marshal at the paintballing didnt seem to like stag parties. Nottingham had a really good nightlife and a few good clubs and is was quite cheap as well.”

9 stars


The weekend went very well, the only problem we had was we arranaged the shooting as our first activity but we found out on arrival that it was now in the afternoon, (second activity) It was ok though. he activities were very good, and the group loved them. ”

7 stars


Weekend was great. However, was not impressed by the fact that could not add on two late paying members of the stag do. Apart from that last night's services were very good, they did exactly what they said they would. Having done quadbiking in Cardiff on a prievious do, was less than impressed that we could not compete in the mud buggies i.e we could not race or overtake and we could not all ride together. It wasn't all a let down as the night life was excellent, but that unfortunately was not handled by last night”

7 stars


Hotel was nice and staff friendly - parking was a pain as hard to find and room a little ran down but overall ok. The events were far away - one was based in leicestershire which is where we were from! 1st event didnt last as long as we expected 2nd event was really good fun but again the time factor was deceiving as he took us around one at a time so each person got about 10-15 minutes and the rest was standing around The evening do was spot on really enjoyed it so no complaints there. Over all the Stag really enjoyed the whole experience which is what counts so thank you. ”

7 stars


Nottingham was a good location to visit, Hotel was excellent. I did however find some of your policies quite rigid and unhelpful when I was trying to organise such a large group.”

6 stars


“We initially went quad biking which was enjoyable though when I have been quad bikiong in the past we were allocated more time on the bikes. Everything was well organised and the service from LNOF ensured the event ran smoothly.”

8 stars


The hotel was excellent, helpful and friendly staff, rooms clean, pool and sauna great. Food (breakfast inparticular) in the hotel fantastic, bar in the hotel a bit expensive. 20 min walk into town centre. Some good pubs, some not so good. Go to the lace market for a pre club drink, the oceana night club was fab, differant dance floors with a wide range of music. The Honda pilots was value for money and wasn`t to far out of Nottingham. We had booked a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe and i can`t fault that either. All in all the stag weekend was a success. Thank you Last Night Of Freedom.

10 stars


Very friendly on the phone when booking and my needs were tailored to well. Good hotel and well placed near to the main town. Only slight issue was that the hotel thought we were paying for breakfast when it was included but this was quickly resolved. Excellent information pack I could then pass on to other members. The nightclub was a great venue and would seem to be the one for this kind of event. All in all we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thank you all for your time and planning.”

9 stars


“24 London blokes taking over Nottingham......what more do I need to say! hah! Great place for a Stag Do. The hotel was really nice. Brand new, really clean, all the bits. Really pleased! Went Go-Karting aswell which was so much fun. Thoroughly enjoyed that, and can't wait to do it again in London soon. Got the bug for it now. Went clubbing Friday and Saturday night, good atmosphere in town, overall really pleased with everything. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the Stag was very grateful, and I was pleased it all went so well. Thank you Last Night of Freedom for organising everything. You all did an excellent job and I would recommend you to everyone, and would definately use you again. Thanks!”

7 stars


“Had a great weekend, everyone in the party enjoyed it, would highly recommend. Thanks all!”

7 stars


It was a wicked weekend but the comedy club was a bit crap due to the compere. Nottingham is a quality place to go out in and everyone had a great time. Cheers”

10 stars


“weekend was great, thanks.”

8 stars


“Fantastic time, Stag really enjoyed himself, our activities were good, especially the clay pidgeon shooting, we also took part in hovercraft driving and although good fun wouldnt recommend it for lots of people, 6 people max. lots of waiting around. but we did have 9 people. We upgraded on the hotel and felt it a very worthwhile thing to do. Your staff were extremely helpfull and very profesional. All in all would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks alot you made a stressful time (for me anyway) much easier.”

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