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Oxford isn’t all about academic excellence and impressive architecture, you know. Despite its rep, it’s posh but unpretentious - the restaurants and pubs have the slow pace that drives you to start drinking early, and the bars and clubs will keep you out way past your bed time. Oxford gets an A* from us.

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Studies show that Oxford stag weekends consistently get the job done.

When a city’s reputation is built on this much history, beauty and academic excellence - you just know it’s going to kick some buttock when it comes to stag weekends too, don’t you? After all, even geniuses have to blow off steam from time to time, like everyone else. And, when they do, they’re likely to do it in style.

So it isn’t all about bridges, colleges and second hand book stores in Oxford - though, admittedly, having such an agreeably tranquil setting in which to spend your early evenings, either getting slowly drunk, or swapping embarrassing stories about the Groom-to-Be over a meal, is very welcome. But for everyone who thinks stuffy or boring when they hear the word ‘Oxford’, we urge you to consider updating your perception of Inspector Morse’s favourite location.

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We had a right laugh paintballing on my mate's stag do. He was in the bad books with the missus when he came back covered in bruises a week before the wedding, though. Legend.

Liam RossSenior Graphic Designer

Let us help you plan your stag weekend in Oxford and you can experience just the right blend of cracking aesthetics, memorable events and uninhibited nightlife. There are more than enough splendid bars and restaurants in the funky area of Cowley alone to keep you and the boys ticking over, though you will also find plenty of laughs and the odd slice of irresistible ambience in and around George Street or Jericho too.

To believe that Oxford is as quiet as one of its many libraries when the sun goes down would be a mistake. This is an extremely cool city with a high percentage of inviting and attractive pubs (you could describe much of the female student body in the same terms), an eclectic population (much like Cambridge) - including students and tourists, but not exclusively so – and a winning combination of the sophisticated and the unpretentious. Oxford stag weekends – they pass with distinction.

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