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A catamaran in the sea

Catamaran Cruise & Unlimited Drinks

Two people holding onto a Fly Fish boat

Flying Fish

A man heading into the distance on a quad bike

Quad Biking - Forest Tour

Three go karts racing against each other on an outdoor track

Outdoor Karting

Two people racing in red go karts

Outdoor Karting - 23 Laps

A girl on a quad bike in the sun

Quad Biking - Mount Teide Tour

People playing in pink and blue zorbs on a pitch

Bubble Football

A man on a Jet-Lev in the sea


Split image of a man on a Jet-Lev, and a Jet Ski on the shore of a beach

Flyboard & Jetski

Split image of a man on a Jet-Lev, and a man cable skiing

Flyboard & Wakeboard

A line of people sat on a banana boat, being pulled by a white boat in the sea

Banana Boat

Someone parasailing against a blue sky


Two men on a Jet Ski, with another Jet Ski in the background

Jet Skis

A split image of someone parasailing and riding a speed boat

Parascending, Fly Fish & Jet Ski

Ocean Blue boat in the sea

Ocean Blue Private Boat

A bird's eye view of a yacht on the sea

Private Boat Cruise - 3 Hours

A huge yacht on the ocean

Private Yacht Hire

A man surfing a huge wave


A man's hand pouring a cocktail through a shaker and into a martini glass, with utensils and ingredients on the side

Cocktail Workshop

A woman receiving a back massage

Spa Day

A woman having a green facemask put on

Spa Day Inc 30 Minute Treatment

A woman wearing a white robe and holding a glass of champagne

Luxury Spa Day

A line of spirit bottles on a bar top

Saturday Night Group Bar Crawl

Two women in underwear posing on a seat

2 Female Strippers

A waiter in a pinstriped waistcoat, holding a tray of drinks

Guided Bar Crawl

A woman dancing in a circle-style cage in a club, with people dancing around her

Tramps Guestlist Entry

Three men in a bar, holding pints and celebrating

Sports Bar Reserved Area & Free Bar

A plane facing into an empty departure lounge

Return Airport Transfers

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LNOF Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife is the undisputed King of the Canary Islands.

The biggest and best of the Canary Isles is a force to be reckoned with – packing lobster-red Brits in footy shirts, massive clubs and an unbeatable strip into one mighty punch. The large resort is so popular, it attracts around 10 million visitors a year – surprising as it sits alongside one of the world’s largest, and still active, volcanoes. But, don’t let that put you off; you can even drive up the volcano on a powerful quad bike if the urge takes you…

This is an island of sun, sea, sand and Super Bock. The sun is shining all year round and the bars are cheap, cheerful and crazy (to put it politely). The lively Playa de las Americas is where you’ll spend the majority of your time, and you’d struggle to spend it anywhere else. This is the big name on the nightlife scene, centred around the world-famous Veronicas, Starcos and The Patch. The streets are strewn with neon signs, with gorgeous women luring you into the bars with the promise of shots – it’s enough to make you pack your bags and move out. This island is also home to the OG of the infamous Linekers bars and pints at a mere €2. What’s that? You’re already on the plane? Good lads.

La Laguna rarely gets a mention when it comes to Tenerife, living in the shadow of its older brother, but it’s a metropolis of eclectic bars and students. The area’s triangle of streets doesn’t often see many tourists, but it has a mean live music scene and a bar that welcomes those with beards, with open arms. Need we say more…? And, not forgetting Los Cristianos – an authentic district dedicated to all things traditional.

Although it may be loud, proud and just a little bit mental – Tenerife boasts some of the best attractions in Spain. The Carnaval de Santa Cruz is second only in the world to the famous Rio Carnival. People from all over the globe descend on the island for street parties, traditional music, parades, dancing and insane costumes. Even bigger and better than the carnival (and that’s a struggle) is the legendary volcano, Mount Teide. The 3,718 metre summit is the highest point in Spain, the highest point above sea level in the Atlantic and makes Tenerife the tenth highest island in the world (that’s a lot of height). And, as mentioned above – you can trek to the top. Tenerife is going to blow (pun intended) your minds.