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LNOF Guide to Wroclaw

Wroclaw is an authentic hidden gem in the heart of party Poland

First things first, it’s pronounced ‘Vrot-swav’. You can get away with ‘Vrot-slav’, but in Polish the l has a little line through it making it a ‘w’ sound, and we know you’ll be desperate to impress the locals (and your mates) with your pronunciation.

For those who prefer the blossoming reputation of a city fresh on the stag radar, and might be looking for that hidden gem, standing at the crossroads of Central Europe is the delightfully cool Wroclaw. Packed with character, this gorgeous HQ of commerce and weekend fun was only returned to Polish rule after WW2. Previous to that it experienced something of a pass-the-parcel existence, counting the former Czechoslovakia, Austria, Prussia and Germany amongst its landlords before finally coming back home and beginning the slow, restorative climb to full health.

The large student population plays a hefty role in turning the various basement bars, cobbled courtyards and pleasant restaurants of the old Market Square on the River Odra’s south side into one big buzzing party, perfect for a stag weekend, its revellers flowing between packed pubs of Guinness, girls and cosy booths to lovely lounges of deep sofas and house music. One visit and you can understand why the Germans took so long in giving it back.

With an increasing number of air connections from the UK, a growing list of organised daytime activities, a turbulent history, landmarks coming out of its ears and that all-important word-of-mouth factor when it comes to commending a foreign city, it’s a good bet that Wroclaw stag weekends are here to stay. Take a walk along Grunwaldzki Bridge, a pint in the Highlander or a bite in the unfortunately-named Kalitoris restaurant (we still don't know how we found it!) and tell us we’re wrong.

Of course, Krakow and Warsaw are the better known Polish options for most back home - Wroclaw is not dissimilar in size or style to Krakow in many respects – but, for an extra touch of Polish authenticity, coupled with that look-what-I’ve-discovered factor we like to pretend doesn’t matter (but it does), there is nowhere better right now for delivering in those key areas of beer, nightlife and culture. And yes, we only included culture to try and sound mature – the same as you will when you tell your partner where you’re going.

Customer Reviews for Wroclaw

Our average stag feedback score for Wroclaw is 4.92

Average Rating from 53 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
10 stars


“Just wanted to say thank you very much for helping organise a great stag do. We had a wonderful time in Wroclaw! Magda was an absolute star - the perfect guide - always there when we needed her and generally great company throughout. The group felt that she wasn't only a guide but a friend as well by the end of the weekend.”

10 stars


“We stayed at Sofitel old town which was excellent. We did the shooting package and go-karting and both activities were excellent and well organised.

8 stars


We had a excellent weekend, thank you. Your guide was fun and informative. Shooting was very well done, everyone enjoyed that. Accommodation was more than adequate and the location was superb.

8 stars


We had a great weekend in Wroclaw and Last Night of Freedom made things really easy. Accommodation was ideally located and to a good standard. The activities were well organised and good fun. The staff in Poland were great and they gave us a good selection of local bars to check out. I would definitely use them again; thanks a lot for a great weekend guys :-)”

9 stars


An excellent city for a stag do, all 17 of us had a great weekend, with special thanks to our guide Basia, who was on hand over the weekend to make sure everything went smoothly.”

8 stars


A good weekend in a nice city; a city that has not yet got stag fatigue! The tram ride was a fun way to start the weekend and our guide Adrian took good care of us. The nightlife was good with plenty of bars to choose from. ”

8 stars


“Wroclaw is a great location, friendly people, good night life; I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to enjoy a great stag weekend off the "commercial radar"”

8 stars


Weekend was really good fun just a shame the activities needed a larger group as, we could have done with another one.”

10 stars


Awesome weekend, Last Night of Freedoms services were superb. No hitches at all. Beer was cheap at 6-8 zloty a pint pretty much everywhere (including the strip club) Dances 100 zloty. (definitely worth it) Wroclaw is just a brilliant place. Locals seemed to love us, especially the women, who were VERY attractive. It was so good, we're looking at going again later in the year.”

9 stars


Wroclaw was truly fantastic. Having recently been to Bratislava, I was concerned the polish locals would be fed up of stag dos. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone seemed really friendly with plenty of people chatting to us and taking pictures with our stag in his fancy dress.”

10 stars


“Great location, Eva was a great host. cheers ”

8 stars


“Eva was excellent - couldn't have asked for a better guide. Thanks”

9 stars


Wroclaw as a stag destination was awesome - cheap beer, gorgeous women and a fantastic nightlife. Highly recommend firing a few rounds with an AK-47 before going out on the lash. LNOF provided a fantastic service - wish I had booked the whole stag through them and not just the activity.”

9 stars


We had a top weekend from start to finish..the hotel was spot on and the staff were great. kassia our rep was top notch and made sure we were picked up and dropped off safely, she was a great laugh and gave as good as she got from the lads.

Wroclaw was superb, very cheap drink and grub and the polish people were sound aswell.. we'll definatley be going back next year for another impending stag do. ”

9 stars


Excellent city for this type of weekend and not over the top on stags unlike Amsterdam for example. Locals very friendly -Prices of course a major factor Great atmosphere on the square and seemed to be trouble free”

9 stars


All 13 of us really enjoyed Wroclaw, none of us had ever been before and it was a great place to go for a stag. plenty of good bars and beer gardens, plenty of nice restaurants although naturally McDonalds and KFC were the food of choice.

The beer could be used to run the space programme it is so strong , it is also dirt cheap , roughly £2 per litre. We had the weather for it as well which was a bonus. Eva our rep was brilliant and was there should we need her, would definitely recommend the trip , we will all be going back soon without a doubt.”

10 stars


“Weekend was an absolute ball from start to finish....would recommend Wroclaw to anyone.”

10 stars



The guys all came back saying it was the best weekend of their life! The city was beautiful, our 4* hotel was awesome-minibar and free slippers,the location was next to the river overlooking the park.

We didnt book any daytime activities all you need is the good weather we had and some chilled beers in the day and you can reminice from the nite before. 1st day we got there we had a bottle of vodka on arrival which was gone in 5mins the we hit the city square and found some bars to hangout in.6pm we had our strip dinner, we paid her a little extra and she added in a couple of extras - top bird!!

We checked out a couple of clubs, i only remember one though as i was taken home one night! Awesome club with loads of students and good tunes. At the end of the night there is a casino which some how whenever i entered it drunk i won :-) If u go casino on a saturday daytime u help urself to free tyskie beer,yep free beer! If u want an awesome city, hot chicks, strong nice beer, good vodka,good clubs then go prefer u didnt though coz our legendary status might get overturned.”

8 stars


“The daytime activities changed at the last minute due to All Saints Day in Poland. We perhaps could have been told earlier but LNOF & PolVenture made every effort to provide alternatives / compensate.

Nite life was a good vibe although stippers could have been better. Go Karts was good & accomodation excellent. ”

10 stars


A great venue for a stag weekend. Plenty of bars and nightlife. Wroclaw is trouble free and needs to be kept that way. We went in a group of 20 and had no hassle, show a bit of respect to the guys who live and work there and you will be made welcome.”

8 stars


“The weekend went down very well with the whole group and I, as best man, received many thanks for how well it was organised. Needless to say I took all the credit, since no-one was going to buy LNOF a drink anyway and I like beer.

Kasia (our guide) was very helpful and patient. The karting was rather more physically stressful than expected and came as a rude shock to our hangovers but our evening out at the strip club was sufficiently soothing. And the strip limo on arrival was a must.

Wroclaw was fairly friendly in general, though was not quite as easy to move around as expected. Some Polish is very helpful, as the guide is not with you all the time, plus you don't look so rude. All in all, a fantastic experience - thanks for making me look good, LNOF.”

8 stars


Our travel guides were absolutely fantastic! Nothing was too much trouble and they were so friendly and curtious and I cannot thank them enough for their help. The location was also wonderful and the hotel staff were very good.

Paintballing was terrific fun although I might be bruised for some time. The only thing that was an issue was the bus driver having no idea where to take us for paintball and we ended up a little late. This aside it was an amazing weekend and we are already planning our next trip back.”

9 stars


We couldn't have picked a better location. The market square is excellent as a starting point and regrouping point, with some excellent drinking spots and everything else is more than walkable from there. The clubs were excellent, bars were excellent, people were helpful and friendly, it doesn't feel touristy either.

On the saturday we met our guide Ewelina, who was brilliant in making sure the saturday went without any hiccups or wasted time looking for places to go, then went on to nearly kill ourselves go karting in 30 degree heat. The karting's recommended, excellent fun and really competitive. We then went on to the stag dinner, which surpassed expectations and then some more bars and clubs as recommended by our guide.

All in all an excellent weekend with hardly any sleep and yet we probably only scratched the surface of the nightlife on offer.”

9 stars


“I gave nines becuse I don't believe anything is perfect ... and the guide's a pretty lady too! Altogether a smashing weekend.”

7 stars


Hotel was great, with clean rooms,friendly staff and an intresting breakfast. Service in restaurants was slow. Definitley make time to visit The Mexican bar just off the square for some comedy over sized margheritas.”

8 stars


“An excellent weekend. It went like clockwork from start to finish. Our guide was fantastic and really patient. Guiding 16 morons round your home town can not be easy. thanks again”

9 stars


Great location and service

10 stars


“An excellent trip, but we actually went to Krakow where we were taken care of by Agnes, who proved to be a knowledgeable & extremely pleasant young tour guide. Even when our flights were cancelled for a second time out transfer transport was promptly & professionally re-organised.

Recommend Krakow for a great weekend...Absolutley Recommend Last Night of Freedom to arrange it.....Absolutely. Recommend Agnes to look after you.....Absolutely”

8 stars


Well organised and Hania kept surprisingly good control of 29 blokes. Great bar crawl, apart from I was conned into giving my phone to a bouncer's mate at club P1 and he stole it. Obviously the bouncer wasn't very helpful about it! My eyes are welling-up now.

Go-karting was worst activity we could have picked with our hang-overs, but still fun. Had my best lap-dance ever, and I've had a few... strange though...£25 a lapdance is more expensive than England?!

On the whole a great weekend had by all, no injuries, all home safely, well done Last Night of Freedom... fantastic. ”

8 stars


Brilliant destination for a stag do, karting was superb and well organised. City was large enough to have some variety but not large enough to lose members of the group. Top notch.”

7 stars


“We booked Go-Karting through LNoF, which was very well organised and we were picked up promptly and generaly my experience was very good with LNoF. Would go back to Wroclaw for a stag in a minute!!! ”

8 stars


Excellently organised by LNOF and their appointed reps in Wroclaw. Both companies were extremely helpful, and would definitely recommend LNOF to prospective organisers of stag parties.”

7 stars


Our rep Hania was great, location was very good, hotel wasn't great.”

9 stars


18 of us went to Wroclaw and we could not have hoped for a better stag do - the activities were superbly organised, and the rep, Cashka, was incredibly patient while we were messing about. We had an absolutely top experience and I would thoroughly recomend Wroclaw to any other stag group because the local people we met were very accommodating and there is plenty of pub/club action to be had. The 4x4 outing that we did was good value and the perfect remedy to a stinking hangover. The drinks cost pretty much the same as you would expect to pay in the UK. Dances at the lapdancing club were very expensive however - roughly £25 each! All in all though, one of the messiest and best weekends that we've ever had!

8 stars


Absolutely fantastic weekend had by all! we couldn't of asked for a better stag do if we wanted! start to finish everything ran smoothly and wroclaw being a beautiful city made it even better. ”

8 stars


“From start to finish we all ended up ridiculously blootert on the cheap Polish lager which was appropriately named "PIAST". The locals were all friendly and spoke very good English, most of them better than some of our full Scottish squad. One of the best things about the square in Wroclaw is that you are only ever about 50 yards until your next boozer, apart from that though the memory is a bit hazy!”

9 stars


Have just recovered from a great stag. We all had a great time in Wroclaw sampling the local brew amongst other things.”

10 stars


Very good service throughout - especially by Kasia the guide who was excellent from start to finish.”

7 stars


“Tour guide, Kasia, was excellent. Organised, prompt and appeared to enjoy her work. City had numerous bars and clubs, a beautiful centre and was an ideal destination for our trip!

8 stars


We had a great time everyone really enjoyed themselves. Our guide Kasia was very friendly and kept the whole weekend moving in a friendly and firm manner. Cannot speak highly enough of her. It was a lovely town and just right for the time we spent there. The shooting activity was great fun and professionally directed and all venues welcoming. The party tram was excellent fun but I would suggest if it was modified with its bar and fridge different seating arrangements, music system plus a small toilet it would be a really fantastic event and an even better highlight. Thanks Andrew”

8 stars


We were met at the airport by a very nice girl (cashar)and taken stright to the hotel to drop off our bags .we were pointed in the right direction and arranged to met her later as we walked to the town center which was only around 5 minutes away. after the day finding our feet we met back up with our rep and she took us to some good clubs ,it was all very easy going which was ideal. we all had a good night . the next day we were picked up and taken to the go-karting which was great fun, we were surprised how long we all got and it gave us all somthing to talk about in the bar after. We didn't get much sleep that night-needless to say another good night was had by all.”

8 stars


The value of the package can not be doubted. Our guide was excellent and coped with a rowdy crowd of guys really well. The food was fantastic. A couple of niggly things though. There was no alcohol in one of the limos taking us to the hotel thought there was supposed to be some champagne. The hotel rooms were small as were the beds. The lap dancing club was nothing like i imagined and was expensive even more than our local one. Otherwise the activities were good and a good time was had by all.”

8 stars


Hotel staff top rate and went out off there way to help, the guide was nice but it was her first night so she lacked some knowledge on bars and club. The shooting was top rate and the instructor's english was good for explaining it all. In hind sight the flight back early sunday should be avoided if at all possible. ”

8 stars


We had a gr8 time 16 lad's that like drink just the place to go. people were frendly drink was cheap and all the top brands food was nice as well and a nice part of the world to go and the tour guides were gr8 help and fun they even got us tables book to watch the rugby. LNOF were a gr8 help

9 stars


Our weekend was great & went without hitch. We were collected & looked after from the minute we got off the plane and promptly supplied with alcohol. We did have a few hitches like getting lost etc ... but these were all down to being pissed. Overall a first class weekend, I will not hesitate to use LNOF again in the future !!

8 stars


A great weekend. Our rep Hania was superb. She managed to keep the 30 of us under some sort of control! The hotel was very basic - but on a stag trip you really just need a bed, a shower, and a roof over your head. Thankfully the stag and best mans room was the best of the ones we had. The shooting activity was very good. It was well organised, and very controlled. Something we enjoyed as we wouldn't get a chance to do in Scotland. The nightlife was different to our usual nights out. Some of the pubs aren't quite what we are used to, but the clubs were defintely worth a visit. Wroclaw itself appears to be nice in parts, but we didn't really do much sightseeing!! Overall, a good experience.”

8 stars


The tour rep was excellent. I think she really put in a lot of effort, going that extra mile. We even bought her flowers as a parting gift.”

9 stars


“It was a great venue and we had a great time, definitely recommend it.”

8 stars


From the moment I started dealing with LNOF I knew the trip was going to be awesome. The advice was honest and straightforward. It wouldv'e worked a little cheaper if I had decided to book the hotel on my own but the complete service was the best option. The guide Magda who met us at the airport was friendly and hot. It was a cool idea having a guide show us the best spots on the first night as it saved us having to make decisions. We only had to concentrate on the beutiful women and the beer!! The activities were great especially the shooting, a must. I would recommend Wroclaw as it is not 'staggee' and the locals are friendly and the beer and food is cheap. We were there for 3 nights and It was difficult to spend our money. The hotel was central if a little basic, but who cares about power showers on a stag do! Thanks very much for the service you offered both in the UK and Poland. Please pass on my thanks to all involved. In the minefield that is stag companies I am pleased we went with you guys. Thanks again.”

8 stars


“Location was very good, every person without fault agreed that it was by far the best stag location visited. People were freindly and welcoming, value for money superb. Our guide was very good and kept us all in line and on time for events etc. Local females amongst the most attractive we had ever encountered and all in one place. There was not a single complaint from any of the stag party members and the stag had a first class time to mark his passing over to married life. I would say that the time to visit is the summer a I can imagine any other season may detract from the event.”

9 stars


“Hi All, My stag party and i had a great time in Wroclaw, the city of a hundred bridges, and double that in bars and clubs!!!! Everything about the weekend was spot on and very well organised by all at Last Night of Freedom both in the UK and their partner company in Poland. The city never stops and the city never sleeps and neither did we!! The final expert touch was when the well crafted CDof the weekend turned up in the post. It perfectly captured, in photo's set to Oasis and mobile phone film, the fun we had and the atmosphere we revelled in!! I would recommend, and have already, Wroclaw as a stag destination and Last Night of Freedom as the company to book it with. Kind Regards ”

8 stars


From arrival to departure we were well looked after. The venue Wroclaw was a good mix of a historical city and some great night life. The shooting activity gave us the opportunity to shoot guns not available to us in the UK.

8 stars


We had a great time although the stag did peak a bit early on the first night - I blame the vodka on the welcome coach and his determination to finish the bottle! The hosts / guides were very good, extremely knowledgable and very friendly. I would definitely use Last Night of Freedom again if I was to be a best man in the future.

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