Stag Arrest Amsterdam

Stag Arrest

  • Police woman stripper
  • Stag 'arrest'
  • Hot striptease show in a private room after the arrest

A stag do without banter, beautiful women and a massive stitch up is no stag do at all - which is why this package is an absolute must on any stag weekend in the mighty ‘Dam.

You’ll just be enjoying drinks in a snazzy bar, minding your own business with your unsuspecting Groom-to-Be best mate - when suddenly our actor dressed as a policeman will burst in, accuse the stag of a crime, and subsequently arrest him. You can all sit back and watch the action, and the sheer panic on his face – until he’s taken into an adjacent room, where a gorgeous stripper will reward him for being pranked. He’ll thank you later.

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