Don't let COVID-19 put you off booking your hen or stag. We know there is uncertainty surrounding travel at the moment so we have answered some of your most commonly asked questions in hope this provides some clarity and confidence.

If your trip is directly affected by COVID19**

  • We will offer you an alternative trip.*
  • We can postpone your trip for up to 18 months.*
  • We can offer you a travel and accessories voucher valid for 18 months.
  • If all else fails, we can offer you a full refund.

If you've already booked with Last Night of Freedom

Bookings directly affected by COVID19:

All group leaders for bookings directly affected by COVID-19 restrictions have now been contacted.

Bookings that haven't yet been affected by COVID19:

If you are a group lead and are concerned that your booking may be affected by COVID19 e.g group members may no longer be able to attend or if the wedding has been cancelled etc then please get in touch with us via MyLNOF and we can go through your options with you.


If you haven't booked yet

We offer industry leading flexibility on your booking. We have low deposits, total flexibility to change almost everything on the trip up to 6 weeks before the event and a range of options should COVID restrictions end up affecting travel.

Total Flexibility

Your final balance is due 6 weeks prior to the event. Up until this point you can:

  • Change your location free of charge*
  • Change activities free of charge*
  • Postpone your trip free of charge*
  • Add or remove group members as much as you like (subject to loss of deposit)
  • Group members can drop out at this point and only lose their deposit.

If your booking is directly affected by COVID19 travel restrictions**

We can offer you the following options:

LNOF COVID19 Promise Shield – Alternative Trip

Option 1

We will offer you an alternative

How would this work?

Let's say you were due to go to Amsterdam in a week's time and the FCO changed its advice to only allow essential travel to the Netherlands then we would offer you an alternate package, most likely in a UK destination. We would try to match this as similarly as possible to the package you had booked (you would be under no obligation to accept the alternative).

Have LNOF done this before?

This is something we did with great success in the early part of the March COVID lockdown when some destinations closed their borders, we managed to switch lots of groups to UK destinations so their weekend could still go ahead. It's also something we have done constantly over the years whenever flights have been cancelled at the last minute and it's a process we're very familiar with.

LNOF COVID19 Promise Shield – Postpone Trip

Option 2

We could postpone your whole trip for up to 18 months.

How would this work?

We put everything on ice and rearrange your trip for dates that suit you better. We would double check if there were any pricing or availability discrepancies and then, subject to your approval, get the whole thing re-booked.

Have LNOF done this before?

This has been a particularly popular option for groups whose weekends were affected by Covid in 2020. Quite often the wedding had been delayed too so we just wait until the group lead has new dates and switch everything over.

LNOF COVID19 Promise Shield – Voucher

Option 3

We can offer you a voucher.

How would this work?

We switch the value of monies already paid in to the form of a voucher. This can be redeemed against travel or accessories up to 18 months from the original departure date.

Have LNOF done this before?

This is the most popular choice amongst groups whose weekends were affected by COVID and weren't sure when things were going to get back on track. This means that the funds already paid are ready to be used against travel to any of our 69 destinations and can be redeemed up to 18 months from the original departure date giving you plenty of time to get things back on track.

LNOF COVID19 Promise Shield – Refund

Option 4

You can have a full refund

It's not our favourite option but if you do definitely decide that none of the above are suitable then we will give you a full refund.

Have LNOF done this before?

We had over 800 bookings directly affected by COVID. Whilst the vast majority either postponed or took credit vouchers we have, to date, issued over £450,000 in refunds.

We currently have no refunds outstanding to clients - sadly, this is not the case for all stag and hen companies and that is something worth considering when choosing which company to book with.

* Subject to availability and price discrepancies.

** a trip is directly affected by COVID19 when your group are due for imminent travel to a destination that the FCO advices against "all but essential travel" to, or your bookings has element(s) that are unable to proceed due to COVID restrictions implemented by the UK government.

Genuine Customer Feedback: With roughly 500,000 new reviews being posted each month, Trustpilot is the number one review platform, where you can read feedback about customers' experiences. At LNOF, we’ve achieved 5-star Trustpilot status and have over 1,400 genuine reviews to our name, from real customers who’ve booked their stag or hen weekends through us, or who’ve bought costumes and accessories from our shop.

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Travel With Confidence: ABTA is the UK’s largest travel association, representing travel agents and tour operators that sell £32 billion of holidays and travel arrangements each year. Our Membership of ABTA ensures we adhere to a strict code of conduct, leading to high standards and added financial security for your booking. Make sure you don't take any chances and book with a company that isn't ABTA protected – it is here for your security.

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How Have  Dealt with COVID so far

Icon - Close the Office and Work from Home

Close the Office and Work from Home

Many staff were furloughed but we kept a core team working from home.

Like many offices up and down the country we closed our doors on 23rd March.

Icon - Over 800 groups affected

Over 800 groups affected

We had over 800 groups directly affected. As you can imagine that lead to a lot of e-mails and phone calls from frustrated clients.

It took a few weeks but eventually we got on top of our task list and response times came back to normal.

Customer funds are kept safe

Customer funds are kept safe

We keep all client funds in a separate account until after the event date. In the event that client trips are affected by Covid** we know that ultimately we're always in a position to be able to refund clients if absolutely necessary.

Icon - Issued £450,000 in refunds

Issued £450,000 in refunds

It hasn't been much fun but where clients were unable to rearrange or postpone their trips we have refunded them. This has totalled over £450,000 and we currently have no outstanding customer refunds. If you are considering one of our competitors please ask them if they can say the same.

Icon - CBILs Loan - Financially Secure

CBILs Loan - Financially Secure

Because we've always been careful financially we've been eligible for a CBILS loan. This has helped strengthen our cash position on top of an already strong balance sheet and further increased our financial stability

Icon - Minimal negative reviews

Minimal negative reviews

Throughout this whole of COVID process we've only had 6 negative TrustPilot reviews. In all of these cases the clients have now been refunded. Please weigh these up against our competitors. It’s also worth noting that we never spike our feedback with fake positive reviews.

Icon - Renewed our ABTA membership

Renewed our ABTA membership

We’re fully up to date with our ABTA membership and bonding requirements. You can be sure that your package is fully financially secure.

Icon - Continue to work remotely for now

Continue to work remotely for now

We've started bringing many of our staff back from furlough (at least part-time) and, for now, everyone is working remotely. We're looking forward to being back in the office once it's safe to do so.

Icon - Products innovation

Products innovation

We've used this lockdown period to continue to innovate our range of products and accessories. We now have a fully virtual hen night offering as well as a snazzy range of face masks for your last night of freedom.

Icon - 2021 filling up fast

2021 filling up fast

We're pleased to say that 2021 is selling well and filling up fast. As you can see, we've put in place all the protections required so you can feel safe making your booking. Hope to hear from you soon.

Build Your Own Stag Do

Customise your Stag do by choosing your own activites and accommodation.

Build Your Own Hen Do

Customise your Hen do by choosing your own activites and accommodation.

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