3rd - 6th August 2018

It’s no coincidence that we know so much about accommodation, nightlife and activities in Budapest. In fact, we’d go as far as saying we're experts when it comes to this Eastern European city – and that's all because we’ve thoroughly tested out all of the very best activities, bars and nightclubs the Hungarian city has to offer.

Why not take a look at what we got up to on our Budapest recce? We take our 'research' very seriously, as you’ll soon see…

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Arrival: Strip Limo

Fri AM

You can’t sell Budapest stag and hen weekends without testing out the full package first hand, so our transfer from the airport to our accommodation had to be the strip limo. You’ll soon see the common theme in Budapest is to take a normal activity and throw a couple of strippers in… not that we’re complaining.

The lads in our group got some seriously erotic lap dances on the journey (just what you want in front of your MD) and the girls got treated to some incredible moves from a gorgeous male stripper. Accompanied by as much bubbly as we could drink, this really set the bar for what was to follow on our bar crawl – and probably explains why we can’t remember much of it.

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Party Cruise

Fri PM

We went straight to the Krisco Apartments to drop our bags off and then headed out onto the Budapest tiles with our lovely local guides, Paul and Josey. We then took to the waters for a party cruise to remember, which was the ideal way to kick off the weekend. With a backdrop of the picturesque Danube, as well as an open bar and some additional strippers thrown in for good measure (see what we mean about the stripper glut), we all had the time of our lives before heading back to dry land.

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Pub Crawl

Fri PM

We bar crawled (some of us literally) around some of the Jewish Quarter’s best ruin bars until the early hours of the morning. Luckily for us, drinks prices in Budapest are one of the cheapest in Europe, with pints and most shots costing less than a quid – so forgive us if our memories of the night are a little hazy. The night ended in the incredible 4Play Lounge, we know that much. If you want to know more info about these bars, including location, opening hours and fancy dress policy, check out our in-depth guide to Budapest.

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Sat AM

The gun laws in Eastern Europe are pretty loose to say the least; in fact, you don’t need to have a licence or any training to take part in a bit of shooting target practice – which is exactly what we did. It turns out that there’s nothing quite like getting your hands on some deadly weapons to clear the cobwebs from the night before. Comparing targets afterwards, it was clear that some of us might as well hand in our notices now and become MI5 agents, although others should really stick to the day job...

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Sat AM

Lunch was in Kaltenberg beerhall, because we're proper culture vultures, who have been producing beers in the traditional way that they have been brewed for 700 years.

Next on the action-packed agenda was combat archery, where, again, we got chance to hone our accuracy skills and our land arrows in the various targets. The weather was scorching, making for an excellent photo op for the LNOF lads (prepare to drool, ladies).

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Bubble Football

Sat AM

To round off Saturday’s daytime activities, we were strapped into inflated zorbs and attempted to play a match of bubble football, which, as you can imagine, was great for our fragile states. If you’ve never played bubble football before, it's a hybrid of football, dodgems and zorbing – what could possibly go wrong?

Our friendly instructors prepped us for what we were letting ourselves in for, and got us all strapped into our zorbs and let loose on the pitch. First we practiced rolling over and getting back up in one piece (impossible not to look like an upturned turtle), attempted dribbling around cones, hitting targets and shooting penalties, then had an actual footie match. After an hour of running, sweating and smashing into each other, we were ready for a strong drink. Those Buda bars were calling – well, it’d be rude not to…

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Bar Crawl

Sat PM

Saturday evening we hit it even harder than the night before, starting at a wine cellar for food, then to 360 Bar, for fancy drinks overlooking the stunning Budapest skyline. Once we were well on our merry way, the party bus picked us up, supplied us with extra booze and strippers, and took us slap-bang into the heart of the Jewish Quarter. We hit all manner of ruin bars, including our personal favourite, Szimpla Kert, known as the ‘Mecca’ of all ruin bars in the city and not just because we can make the ‘Szimply the best’ line. This former factory has been transformed into an open-air cinema, extensive bar, a live music and theatre events space and even a bike market, and the seats are sawn-off Trabant cars. It’s like the ultimate day dream you’ll never want to wake up from – especially if you’re anticipating a hangover like ours…

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Thermal Baths

Sun AM

Sunday morning involved exactly what the doctor ordered – a relaxing time in Europe’s largest medicinal bath, Szechenyi Thermal Baths. There’s everything from swimming and adventure pools, to whirlpools and massage areas here, amidst thousands of litres of hot healing water, bubbling from thermal springs deep underground.

This did us the power of good, and we were ready to line the stomachs before one final blow-out. And where better for lunch than the extremely fancy 5-star Aria Hotel Bar, with ridiculously Instagrammable views of Budapest. It was at this point of the trip that we thought maybe events were about to take a turn, with more luxury and less strippers, but how wrong we were…

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Mud Wrestling

Sun PM

Have you ever seen your boss mud wrestle (read: be beaten up) by two Eastern European strippers? If the answer’s no, you’re one of the lucky ones, and you clearly don’t work for LNOF. The 4Play lounge is Budapest’s most prestigious and exclusive strip club, with some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful women on its books – but you can’t let the stag have it all, can you? Which is where a spot of mud wrestling comes in, and at this point, we think it’s best to leave the photos to tell the story. Whilst all of this was going on, the rest of us tucked into some delicious pizzas and sat back to watch the entertainment. Ideal.

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Two strippers with a man in a mud wrestling ring

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If seeing our MD in a mud bath with two strippers and a mamel toe hasn’t made you want to jump on the next plane to Budapest, 1) what's wrong with you? and 2) why not see our Budapest stag and hen weekends pages for more inspiration for your wild weekend.

Or if you’re after an in-depth, expert insight into stag dos in Budapest, including information about the top 10 bars, top 10 activities and accommodation options in the city, see our Stag’s Guide to Budapest.

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