Top 10 Stag Party

Like it or not, your best mate is planning your last night of freedom – so expect costumes, and humiliating ones at that. You can’t get away with celebrating your send-off into married life wearing a Ralph Lauren polo and a new pair of chinos; you are going to be dressed as a woman. Be warned… here are our most popular stag party costumes.

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01. T-Shirts

Close up of two male models wearing personalised T-Shirts

Personalised T-shirts have long been our most popular accessories – and they are a staple of pretty much every stag weekend. There will definitely be T-shirts and you will have a nickname that you don’t ever want your mum to find out about (or the wife), on the back of it. And, you can pray to the stag do Gods that your mates aren’t going to offend everyone in the city with what’s written on your T-shirt, but it is going to happen. Be prepared.

02. Gimp Suit

Three images of a male model posing and wearing a Gimp suit

Sometimes a huge penis, or a vagina, just won’t do a good enough job of humiliating the Groom-to-Be – so you have to delve a little deeper and darker. And, sometimes, only a Gimp suit will do the job. This 100% polyester Gimp suit is a fantastic way to ensure the stag never (we repeat, NEVER) lives down his last night of freedom. He can’t even hide behind the suit, as when he chooses to have a drink, he’s going to have to unzip the hood and reveal all (well, just his red face). Bonus points if you get him in handcuffs and leg shackles whilst in the presence of gorgeous girls – it’ll be carnage.

03. Big Pink Vagina

Three images of a male model wearing the Big Pink Vagina costume

Call us immature if you will, but there’s nothing funnier than a man dressed as a giant pink vagina. A. Giant. Pink. Vagina. He’ll never live this down and that’s the beauty of this costume – it has so many possibilities. It might be a struggle getting him into bars, but, by God, it’ll be worth it after seeing the priceless faces of the drop-dead gorgeous women in the clubs. Picture it: a giant vagina attempting to twerk to Miley Cyrus amongst a sea of beauties; it will always be funny. It’s a win win.

04. Penis Costume

A close up of a male model wearing a penis costume and posing

What better way to celebrate the stags impending nuptials than by forcing him to become a real-life, human sized penis. And, if that’s not a motto to live your life by, we don’t know what is. It may be childish, but penis jokes are the best kind of jokes – and, on a stag weekend, it’s only right that the Groom-to-Be is at the head of all jokes. This quality dick, made from only the finest material, is the ultimate stag weekend costume – so get him in this outfit and watch him squirm his way out of this one on the night.

05. Rocky Horror

Three tiled images of a male model wearing a Rocky Horror costume

This epic Rocky Horror costume is the quintessential stag costume. Is there anything in the world better than forcing the stag to wear a corset, suspenders and lace gloves whilst in the company of women folk? No, there isn’t. In fact, this Rocky Horror might just top the list of humiliating costumes – but it’s a stag weekend, and that’s what this is all about; ensuring he never, ever lives this down and then has to explain it to the Grandkids. There are four sizes available for this outfit – so the excuse of him carrying a little holiday weight will not wash with anyone.

06. Opposuits

Five men wearing Opposuits

Forget sporting a regular old suit for your suave stag weekend – you need an Opposuit. These suits scream ‘babe magnet’ and, with a tagline of ‘100% polyester, 200% awesome’, you know you’re going to look good. From the colourful Tulips of Amsterdam, to the flash Cashanova, to the seriously sophisticated Mr Lover Lover (our personal favourite) – there’s an Opposuit for any and every occasion. The women are going to go wild.

07. Alan Hangover Costume

Two images of a male model wearing the Alan Hangover costume

This outfit was actually designed with stag dos in mind. The Hangover is one of those films that you hope never happens to you, but you kind of do – and you’re halfway there with this get-up. In fact, this costume is a stroke of genius, because not only will you attract the fairer sex with the fake baby / weird teddy thing – but you’ve got a beard, wig and sunglasses on as well, so if you end up in an embarrassing position (get your minds out of the gutter) at the end of the night, you’ve got a nifty little disguise. No one will ever know.

08. Mr Miss World

Three tiled images of a male model wearing the Mr Miss World costume

There’s just something about dressing a bloke as Miss World that never fails to make us laugh. The pink dress, the luscious wig, the sash – he’s going to be the hottest woman in the room, and that’s all down to you (and we love you for it). And, for a few flourishing touches, make sure you do his makeup whilst p*ssed and add a pair of sky high heels that the stag cannot possibly walk in. He’s going to look a picture the morning after.

09. Willy Man

Two images of a man wearing the Willy Man costume, as well as a close up of the mask

Willy manthe forgotten superhero. We all love a superhero with a big, errr, heart - and, as the Groom-to-Be is the man of the hour, it’s only right that he fights crime and saves damsels in distress. This outfit comes complete with a cape, Velcro-fastening pants and ‘the main package’; basically, a huge penis that comes down to your knees. Let him unleash his special power and watch as he makes a complete fool of himself – it’s going to be an unforgettable night.

10. Inflatable Cock Fighting

Two images of male models wearing the inflatable cock fighting accessories and fighting

If you are looking for a better game than our inflatable cock fighting, you are going to be looking for a long time, son. This hilarious game does basically what it says on the tin (there’s no hidden layers with us) – you strap on an inflatable cock, and fight. Hard. And, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more attractive to the ladies than a cock fight. Simply blow them up and whack your opponents cock off. Job’s a good ‘un.