Stag Night

You can’t go on a stag do and not suitably dress the Groom-to-Be in something embarrassing, humiliating, downright hilarious or all of the above. No matter whether you’re celebrating in your local town with all of the lads, or sinking gallons of beer in some far flung corner of the globe, you can’t let the occasion pass without getting yourselves kitted out in an awesome stag do costumes. Our massive range of stag do costumes is the biggest in the entire UK, with over 180 different costumes and thousands of stag do accessories to boot.

Whether you get your mate a stand out (read: mortifying) fancy dress to highlight him from the group, or decide to get some sort of unifying themed fancy dress for all of you to wear, you’re sure to find it here. We’ve got the likes of the priest costume, the escaped convict, Bavarians, leprechauns, the big baby costumes and the ‘carry me’ animals, which are always popular sellers throughout the year. Although in our eyes, when it comes to a stag do costume, the ruder the better. This is why some of our ultimate top sellers ever are the gimp, the big pink vagina, the human size penis and the ninja sanitary towel costume – complete with tampon nunchucks for good measure.

We’ve also got a huge range of differently coloured, attention-grabbing morphsuits(which you can have personalised), if you want the stag do truly bare all – without getting arrested. We even offer tuxedo style morphsuits, which look fantastic when worn by the stag and even more impressive when worn by all members of the group. Our stag do costumes start at just £2.49, so whatever you decide on, make sure it’s a knock out fancy dress costume he’ll never live down – it’s what stag dos are all about, after all.



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