Top 10 Stag Party

Like it or not, your best mate is planning your last night of freedom – so expect costumes, and humiliating ones at that. You can’t get away with celebrating your stag do in a Ralph Lauren polo and a new pair of chinos; you are going to be dressed as a woman. Be warned… here are our most popular stag party costumes.

01. T-Shirts

Close up of two male models wearing personalised T-Shirts

Personalised T-shirts have long been our most popular accessories – a staple of, pretty much, every stag weekend. We’re telling you now, there will be T-shirts, and you will have a nickname that you pray the wife (or even mum) will ever find out, on the back of it. You can pray to the stag do Gods that your mates aren’t going to offend your new ‘home’ for the weekend with what is on your T-shirt, but it is going to happen. Be prepared.

02. Penis Costume

A close up of a male model wearing a penis costume and posing

Celebrate the stags impending nuptials by forcing him into a real-life, human sized penis costume. It may be childish (not really), but penis jokes are the best kind of jokes (yes they are) – and the Groom has to be the ‘head’ of all jokes this weekend. This quality dick, made from only the finest material, is the ultimate stag weekend costume. Watch him squirm his way out of this one on the night…

03. Gimp Suit

Three images of a male model posing and wearing a Gimp suit

Sometimes, a huge penis, or a vagina, just won’t do a good enough job of humiliating the Groom-to-Be – you have to delve a little deeper and darker. All the way to a Gimp suit. This 100%, top quality polyester costume will put you in the Best Man Hall of Fame – he’ll never live this down. If he chooses to have a drink, he’ll have to unzip the hood and reveal all. It’s a win win situation. Bonus points if you get him in handcuffs and leg shackles.

04. Big Pink Vagina

Three images of a male model wearing the Big Pink Vagina costume

Call us immature if you will, but there’s nothing funnier than a man dressed as a giant pink vagina. A. Giant. Pink. Vagina. He’ll never live this down, and that’s the beauty of this costume – it has endless possibilities. It might be a struggle getting him into bars, but it’s worth it - this will always be funny.

05. Fox Hunter

Four men in Fox Hunter costumes and a man in a fox costumes

Get regal on your stag do in our Fox Hunter costume. It’ll be your most impressive entrance into a club, dressed as noble horsemen with the fox (the stag) lagging behind. This is also one of the greatest opportunities to chase the stag around your new city – a punishment that can only get better with the jockey’s riding crop. Bloody spiffing.

06. Male Bride

Three tiled images of a man in a short, white lace wedding dress, against a white backdrop

Man dressed as woman = classic. We’re not ones to argue with tradition (neither are our stags, by the looks of it), and it’s a rite of passage to put the stag in the dress. A wedding dress, to be exact. This lace trim dress flatters all shapes, with an additional belt, headpiece and veil to put the cherry on the stag’s humiliating cake. Cue evil grins.

07. Willy Man

Two images of a man wearing the Willy Man costume, as well as a close up of the mask

The world needs a superhero, and we’ve got just the one in mind. Willy Man – the forgotten superhero. This guy has a huge heart and an even bigger… smile. This outfit comes with a cape, Velcro-fastening pants and ‘the main package’; a huge penis that will come down to his knees. Let him unleash (not like that) his power and save the world – or watch as he makes a fool of himself.

08. French Maid

Three tiled images of a man in a French Maid costume, against a white backdrop

Is there anything sexier than a French maid? No. Is there anything sexier than a man dressed as a French maid? Thought not. We don’t draw the line at a bog-standard dress, we like to go one better… you’ve got a dress, apron, headpiece, garter and cuffs to help embody the look. Oooh la la.

09. Carry Me Costumes

A group of men in Carry Me costumes

Carry Me costumes – the new craze to sweep the stag do costume world. Basically, little gnomes/horses/monkeys/teddy’s and chickens hoist you up on their shoulders (not really) and carry you home, using optical trickery (fake legs).

10. Alan Hangover

A close up two tiled images of a man in an Alan Hangover costume

This outfit was designed with stag dos in mind. The Hangover is one of those films that you hope never happens to you, but most likely will – and you’re halfway there with this get-up. This costume is a stroke of genius. We all know women love babies, and you’ve got one (albeit a fake one – Health and Safety would be all over that) strapped to your chest. You’ve also got a fake beard… women love that too, you know.

Last Updated - 15/01/2016